Tour Reviews

11.25.10: Amsterdam NETHERLANDS


the Paradiso venue says it's with an orchestra:

Is this correct?

11.23.10: London United Kingdom

Brilliant musics from instruments they played
Too many to mention

11.10.10: Trieste Italy

Can't wait for it!!!

11.07.10: Frankfurt Germany

A real rock show! Excellent

2.09.11: Nurnberg Germany

We're very much looking forward to welcome you back in Nuremberg, your
My wishes for the concert:

All the songs from

12.03.10: Vitoria Spain


I have seen 10 Steve´s shows, 7 Steve, 1 Steve and Australian Blonde, 1 Guterball, 1 Dream Syndicate and I am sure that I will never forget the firt and last one, both in Vitoria. I was 21 years old in 1981 when Dream Syndicate arrive to Vitoria and show me the power of rock and now with 45 year in my bag, they take me back to my youth. What a night. I saw in Bilbao a week before and enjoy the new songs and his usual energy but in Vitoria they give us a magical night ended whit four encores full of passion and gratefullness. And as always Steve came down to sign and speak and salute to all of us.

Thannk you. I repeat the same sentence I told you that night: "You always make me happy".

I hope not to wait so long for the next time.
HELL DORADO VITORIA 3 de Diciembre 2010
1- Resolution
2- Daddys Girl
3- Cindy, It was always you
4- Consider The Source
5- Shelley's Blues, pt. 2
6- No One Ever Drowns
7- Strange New World
8- Bullet With My Name On It
9- Colored Lights
10- Death Valley Rain
11- South California Line
12 That's What You Always Say
13- Amphetamine

First Encore

14- Ribbons And Chains
15- The way you punish me
15- Halloween
16 The Days Of Wine And Roses

2nd Encore

17- John Coltrane,s stereo blues

3nd Encore

18- When you smile (Steve solo)

4nd Encore

19- Boston
20- 15 500 Girl Mornings

9.25.09: Arlington, VA United States

Bravo! Baseball Project! Bravo! Yer not e'n here yet, en I can smell the sweat on yer jock straps!

11.21.09: Bordentown, NJ United States

Excellent show from Steve and Jason! Standing room only crowd in this cozy record store. Steve was personable and funny, took lots of requests (for lots of Velvets songs, lol) and played most of them. Kid stumped him by requesting Freak Star. A great evening's entertainment by a super songwriter. It was nice to be able to hear all of Steve's great lyrics.

9.25.10: Tucson, Arizona United States

This will be my first time seeing Steve in 25 years. He is so fn fine mmmm

1.16.09: Asbury Park United States