Tour Reviews

3.15.08: Reggio Emilia Italy

Very cool to have another tour hitting the road in Italy soon!
BTW the date scheduled for march 14th is in Reggio or in Rome? (or maybe early show in Rome and late in Reggio??)
-->webmaster:The show is on the 15th!

9.13.07: New York City USA

Great energy as usual..although only 1 hour, still drove 3 hours to see it and worth every lick..I was smiling and smiling....
DV Rain
Crawling Mis Blues
Deep End
Def Clean
That What I Always Say

8.04.07: Gribsrød/Halden Norway

As expected Danny & Dusty were outstanding in Halden Saturday and made the rest of the artists look like boring amateurs. Too bad they couldn't play for an hour more!

7.31.07: Zurich Ch

Was great to see some of my old musical heroes back in action. they still were in pretty good shape and made a long lovely gig. felt they really enjoyed themselves being back on tour. nothing was missing. thank you very much, guys! Hope to see you once again.

8.03.07: Venlo NL

I visited the concert in Venlo, Netherlands. A great relief to hear some real honest country music being played. It's a shame for my people that so few in the audience recognized that. Thank you for enjoying us :-)
If more Americans were like you the world would definitely be a better place.

8.02.07: Amsterdam NL

This is the concert of the year. Played with so much pleasure the beautiful songs of Cast Iron Soul and The Lost Weekend.
Cannot wait to see you all again.

4.21.07: Utrecht NL

Great gig, the people enjoyed themselves and sure did dance!
Waiter Jan Donkers did bring a beer for Danny :-)
My pics of the festival are here:

Song 4 Dreamers
Cast iron
Good ol'days
Only ones
Raise roof
Bend road
Baby INE all

4.18.07: Glasgow UK

Well, how good was that? After the support date for Willard Grant Conspiracy Last Year, and Green On Red at King Tut's in the Autumn, the hope must have been for a good turn out, but I guess the word on Danny and Dusty isn't out yet (sorry!). Nonetheless, they turned in a cracking performance for those of us who were there. Danny is back - for those of us who remember his Green On Red performances and audience interaction from 15-20 years ago, good news. Dusty was in a supporting role - weird after the last few tours when he's been so up front! and Stephen McCarthy reminded me of Chuck Prophet in GoR mode in that he was willing to play the sideman role, either with the lap steel or on lead. Chris, Bob and Johnny were absolutely rock solid - if this is the only tour for D&D then it will be a criminal waste of talent. The setlist below is from the stage - sorry Danny, I lifted it just before the encores and nearly got trodden on for my pains!

Does anyone else remember a "nearly" Danny & Dusty gig at the Harlesden Mean Fiddler in the early nineties - Dan came on during the encore of a Steve Wynn quartet gig (with John Wesley Harding?) and sang a couple of songs - one with a pint balanced on his head...

Steve - no tour diary? Is it coming later?

One downside of the ABC - they evicted us straight after the gig, so we never got to say hello... let's hope you come back and then we will.
Word Is Out, Song For The Dreamers, New York City Lullaby, Cast Iron Soul, Miracle Mile, The Good Old Days, Last Of The Only Ones, JD's Blues, Warren Oates, Raise The Roof, Bend In The Road, Let's Hide Away, Down To The Bone, King Of The Losers, Baby We All Gotta Go Down

4.22.07: Hamburg Germany

Great Night, thank you guys to see you once again. It was a very good atmosphere at the Knust.

4.20.07: Dortmund Germany

Fabulous... We were stunned and happy from beginning to the end, and now, two days since, we are still smiling. Keep up the good work and come back to Germany real soon. And yes, like everybody else says, consider some more promotion: you guys could fill much bigger venues, if only you wanted to.

4.20.07: Dortmund Germany

Hi! For the first time I took my son (14) to a rock concert. He enjoyed your show as much as my wife and myself. Great shadow boxing and crowd-scaring attempts,too! The fabulous band lives up to the great new songs on the album. Stephen's guitar work made me dig out the "Long Ryders" albums again. Tell Chris I saw him for the fifth time. He's the new record holder. Runners up: Wynn, Morrison, Dylan. Thanks and cheers from Nachrodt

4.16.07: London UK

Fantastic show, but only to be expected as you have probably been rehearsing for the past 22 years! It was obvious that you, Dan, Stephen and Chris had lost nothing, gained 2 excellent members in Bob and Johnny plus a great bunch of new songs which were obviously not recorded in a Lost Weekend. It was a privilige to be part of a great evening. Thanks.

4.18.07: Glasgow UK

What a great show! You guy's shoulda had the the bigger crowd instead of the Hobbit rock upstairs.Come back real soon.