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11.18.06: Cleveland, Oh USA

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Definitely Clean / Boston /
Bruises / Cindy, It Was Always You / The Ambassador Of Soul / Shelley's Blues, Pt 2 / Death Valley Rain / Hollywood / Medicine Show / Strange New World / No Tomorrow / Wired / Deep End / Killing Me / That's What You Always Say / Amphetamine // Melting In The Dark / Younger / John Coltrane Stereo Blues (w/ Marianne Friend on Saxophone) // When You Smile

11.17.06: Buffalo, Ny USA

Photos from show:
Killing Me
Cindy, It Was Always You
Strange New World
When You Smile
Death Valley Rain
Shades Of Blue
No Tomorrow
Then She Remembers
The Deep End
There Will Come A Day
That's What You Always Say

The Calvary Cross (Richard Thompson)
The Days Of Wine & Roses

2.10.06: Baltimore USA

I was there too, most impressed by Steve's very friendly and approachable manner. I went over to the cd selling table, looked over what was on offer, then became aware of someone standing next to me. I looked up and started asking questions about the cd's and realized it was Steve Wynn himself, first time I saw him in person. Wow, just hanging out and selling his stuff, no big deal rock-start attitude at all. I let him try my new camera, he took a few shots, it was fun.

BTW-no one mentioned that the heat was not working at the bowling alley that cold Feb night, it was maybe 45-50 degrees during the show. I had my winter coat, gloves and hat on for the whole show. They still played hard.

8.31.06: Los Angeles, Ca USA

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7.28.06: Los Angeles USA

The show at Mc Cabe's-Santa Monica, CA was played in two sets.Steve took the stage alone with his guitar and played a great version of "Anthem" then "Tuesday" and "Wild Mercury".Then the highlight of the first set was a duet with Robert Fisher of Willard Grant Conspiracy. Then Steve Played "If My Life Was An Open Book'' "Baby, We All Gotta Go down" and "Trial Separation Blues" in Tribute to Bryan Harvey.After that Kirk Swan and Duane Jarvis were introduced. Kirk played electric guitar and Duane played mandolin and acoustic slide guitar.The songs were "There Will Come A Day" "Freakstar" "The Deep End" "Carolyn" and "Amphetamine".
After a 20 minute break the Dream Syndicate took the stage.Steve played electrified Martin guitar, Paul played spanish guitar ,Mark Played vintage fender precision bass and Dennis on small drum kit.
They played very well. There were smiles, jokes and storytelling.The songs were:
My Old Haunts, The Side I'll Never Show, Burn, Tell Me When It's Over, Now I Ride Alone, Boston, Merrittville,
Still Holding On To You, Weathered And Torn, Somplace Better Than This, Days Of Wine And Roses, and an encore of John Coltrane Stereo Blues.There were some "problems" with the last song but the band finished to a rousing standing ovation. It was one of the best Steve Wynn Shows I have seen......steve price

7.22.06: Philadelphia USA

This was supposed to be an outdoor show on the Camden, NJ waterfront at Wiggins Park in front of a few thousand people. Due to a powerful storm that swept through the area at about 4PM the outdoor festival was canceled for the day. They made the cancellation announcement shortly after 5PM, and slowly word got out that a few of the performers agreed to stick around and play indoors at World Café Live in Philadelphia across the Delaware River. Since WCL only holds about 700 people, everyone was scrambling to get across the bridge into Philly. Steve was one of those performers who stayed, and he closed out the night. He hit the stage about 11PM with WXPN DJ David Dye's intro: "And now, it's time to rock!"

Cindy, It Was Always You
California Style
What Comes After
Freak Star
Death Valley Rain
The Deep End
That's What You Always Say
The Days Of Wine And Roses
Halloween (Encore)

5.31.06: London UK

Just wanted to thank Steve&the miracle3 for a wonderful gig, and all the nice people(Simon&Plummy etc etc) that we met this phantaboulus night....
Foggy the next morning though
CHEERS Joe&maite

5.26.06: Paris France

SORRY,a bit late,but im always late, I'll be late for my own funeral....
Just wanted to say that this was a FANTASTIC night....

5.25.06: Leffinge Belgium

Fast, rigid show. Unfortunately, the show didn't get the magic of the gig in Ancienne Belgique a few months back (december 2005) because of the bad soundmix (Steve's voice and Jason's guitar were much to low in the mix). After the encore with M3, Steve came back solo and played 3 more songs. I especialy mention 'When You make up your mind', my favourite Gutterball song, played in memory of Brian Harvey. Beautifull.

5.31.06: London UK

Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 @ The Borderline 31.5.6
With Stray's Don't Sleep and The Bedsit Poets.

Yes Steve Wynn back again with yet another album
to promote this time the 2cd one DVD Live Tick
recorded last November in Germany.
But first as I got in the Bedsit Poets were
already on and to be honest didn't make much of
an impression other than being very mellow,
probably too mellow for a rock club, they needed
to be surrounded by candles in a smoky Parisiene
basement. Still there were many of the regular
Wynn heads to talk to and a few new ones.
Next up were Strays Don't Sleep who were at the
end of there European tour, mostly supporting
Josh Rouse, there guitarist was playing with a
broken arm and were pretty decent band with a
seeming obssession with Liverpool bands like The
Mighty Wah and the La's or the Coral, with a
good dose of The Waterboys thrown in for good
Then with The Borderline packed out it was time
for the Miracle 3 once more they opened with
Bruises that sounded fine out front were I was
but at the end Steve told us his Amp wasn't
working so that while Jason Victor and Eric Van
Loo sorted out finding the spare amp round the
back and plugging it in Steve gave us an almost
solo version of Then She Remembers, which he
almost never plays anymore, that he played using
Jason's guitar with Jason eventually adding a
few licks towards the end, then problem sorted
it was time to get down to business and a rip
roaring set to give us everything from the
raging brute force of Killing Me through to the
almost ballad like Cindy it was Always You, over
for a good freak out on Freak Star and that full
on rush of Amphetamine. By the time Steve dug
Melting In the Dark out it was certainly another
classic show that also had another awesome
version of the Days of Wine and Roses and an
encore that included Bonnie And Clyde from a
band that just keep on getting better.

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5.31.06: London UK

Steve Wynn at the Borderline...mothing could be more perfect! A fantastic night, a real cathartic experience as SWM3 plundered most of 'tick...tick...tick', an album which is yet another classic addition to Steve's catalogue. I was too fuelled by alchohol to recall the exact set-list. What the hell...this was a night in memory of Kiwi Gary who first got me into the brilliance of Steve Wynn and who sadly passed away last year. Cheers, mate.

5.27.06: Leuven Belgium

Just woke up from a coma after the show in Leuven. Steve and the band were in great shape (they catched up on some sleep I suppose) and together with the show in Leffinge two nights earlier this concert was probably the best I've ever seen of SW&TM3 (oh, and the Ancienne Belgique show last december of course). It was a very long show (even by Steve's standards), 28 songs and the whole show was raw and furious rollercoaster ride. The setlist speaks for itself.
Bruises - Cindy it was always you - Sustain - What comes after - Southern California Line - Tell me when it's over - Smooth - Freak star - Merritville - California style - Turning of the tide - No tomorrow - Wild mercury - The deep end - Killing me - That's what you always you - Trial separation blues - Amphetamine - (encores 1) Bonnie and Clyde - Good and bad - Halloween - Nothing but the shell - Days of wine and roses - (encores 2 : Steve solo) Boston - When you make up your mind - The side I'll never show - Tangled up in blue - When you smile

5.31.06: London UK

It was the first time I have ever seen Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 playing live and I am ready to do it again and again and again! I "tripped" into his latest Tick...tick...tick... not a long ago and before that I knew the tracks were happily playing inside my head. Last night, in front of a packed Borderline, Steve's band created such a great and warm atmosphere making everybody dance to the notes of his last record. On stage only two guitars for the two guitarists, few basic pedals, drums and bass guitar for a genuine alternative rock, no shit added (all you indy-clone supercool looking "the-something" bands, with teleporting-pedals-devices, give us a break and come to some good show sometime!) The uptempo tracks "Killing me" and "Wild Mercury" woke me definitely up from my 2 days deep hangover as well as all the amazing crossed guitar solo by Steve and Jason Victor, it sounded like they have been playing together for ages. I totally loved when the band was silent just to leave Steve's voice wandering alone all around, and anyway, I melt down like butter in Ecuador when I hear that New York accent! Such a great night, looking forward to the next one.

5.21.06: Ottersum Holland

A lazy Sunday afternoon, sitting in a chair 1.5 m. from stage and watching Steve and the Miracle 1,2 & 3. A unique show because of Steve playing in a former monastery. Unique also because of the cosy and relaxed atmosphere and because Steve played acoustic while it was announced as a concert with the whole band (Steve with Jason 25% of the show, Steve with Jason and Erik 40%, Steve with Jason, Erik and Linda 35%), because Linda couldn't play the drums and you could watch her watching, because of the kids in the audience and the audience being completely sober and because for me it was the third time to see them within a half year, Steve saying thrice ‘good night' around 5 PM, a unique set of songs played in the ‘kitchen café' of the monastery. A very special concert, completely different from the last time I saw them in December in the AB, Brussels and different from all the other shows I've seen since 1984. A camera recorded it all, can I have a copy of this special edition? I already have Live Tick...
They couldn't do better in this place with the songs 'Maria' and 'There will come a day' (more handclapping would have been nice), 'How can you live in the Northeast' (Paul Simon) and 'The ship song' (Nick Cave), ‘Carelessly', 'The deep end' and 'Wild mercury' and many more but I didn't write them down.

5.26.06: Paris France

A small but enthusiastic crowd gathered on the Batofar to hear a blistering set from Steve & the Miracles. One highlight was Bonnie & Clyde which went down well with the French crowd. Erik was rocking so hard at the end that he broke a string and he jumping off the stage and into the audience for a while. Linda was on fire as usual, the hand seems to be fine now luckily. Roll on London...
Death Valley Rain, Cindy It Was Always You, California Style, Southern California Line, Medicine Show, Carolyn, Bruises, Turning of the Tide, Wired, No Tomorrow, There Will Come a Day, The Deep End, Killing Me, That's What You Always Say, Amphetamine, Halloween, Bonnie & Clyde, Melting in the Dark, Days of Wine & Roses, When You Smile (Steve Solo)

5.25.06: Leffinge Belgium

1. no tomorrow
2. bruises
3. turning of the tide
4. wired
5. under the weather
6. the medicine show
7. death valley rain
8. caroline
9. merritville
10.cindy, it was always you
11.freak star
12.that's what you alawys say
13.the deep end
14.killing me
encore 1
16.bonnie and clyde
17.melting in the dark !!
19.the days of wine and roses
encore 2 (steve solo)
20.follow me
21.when you make up your mind
22.when you smile

5.24.06: Stuttgart Germany

Hi Steve and the band......we are happy to see(and hear)you this night at the LAB! Stuttgart Rocks....!! Christoph and Ingrid

5.09.06: London UK

It's always a trip down memory lane going to
Dingwalls, I spent so much time there in the
80's it was practically my second home, even
more so when it's 18 years since I saw Steve
Wynn last play there with the Dream Syndicate on
the Ghost Stories tour in 1988, back then they
were giving out fliers with a competiton to
write sleeve notes for a forthcoming single!!
But nothing like that tonight.
Instead after getting in there I ran into Jason
Victor who was playing in both bands tonight and
he introduced me to his father the legendary
Jack Victor which was way cool. (Don't know who
he is got to and search his name.)
Also ran into loads of other Wynn nuts I know,
his shows have more and more of a fmaily
atmosphere these days, which is kind of strange.
Still Steve was on first and played a mainly
acoustic set with his Ever Expanding Mellow
Fellows, Steve opened the set solo on his
acoustic guitar singing Days Of Wine And Roses
after explaining that he had played the song
here on his first European show ever back
in '84, this was a powerfully percussive guitar
sound he got as he strummed for all he was
worth, for the second song of the set the band
started to expand as Jason Victor picked up his
acoustic guitar and they duelled there way
through Merritville in the mellowest version of
It I can remember. Then with the addition of the
next mellow Fellow Erik Van Loo on double Bass
it was time for a radical reworking of Wild
Mercury from Tick tick tick, then up stepped
Yuko Murata to the keyboards in time for the
deep end and Carolyn that worked brilliantly in
this quieter format, all that was missing from
the band at this point was a drummer, but who
needs a drummer when you can have Josh Hillman
on violin and then Viola instead!! So now we had
some real California style and a great rush to
go down to the Medicine Show through to
Amphetamine that had misplaced the buzzsaw
guitar heroics for some good scratching Viola
and Bowed Double bass duel and a great Keyboard
sound swirling underneath it all. Damn it was a
great understated opening set by Steve and the
Next on was the Willard Grant Conspiracy whose
line up was the same as the Mellow Fellows but
without Steve Wynn and with the addition of
Robert Fisher as singer and some time guitarist
and Tom King on drums, I had serious
reservations about seeing the Willard Grant
Conspiracy as the last time I saw them on there
first tour here some years ago I hated them,
this time with the new line up featuring Jason
Victor and Erik Van Loos they were a whole lot
better. I don't know many of the song titles,
but now rather than being all slow morbid
depressing anti-folk songs they have a mixture
of those and cracking garage rock numbers that
blew the joint apart, of course once Jason
straps on his Fender you know it's going to be
great he is the star in the bands current
incarnation, While Robert Fisher writes the
songs and sings them he is overshadowed by just
how powerful his band is, the songs from the new
album "Let It Roll" peppered the set and
included a great version of Mary Of Angels and
Dance With Me, we got almost sea shanties next
to storming Garage classics it was a good mix
and only helped when Steve Wynn joined them
onstage for Flying Low a song Robert and Steve
had written together. A real highpoint, but not
quite the best song in the set that was left to
the closer of Let It Roll, which is a new song
and not a cover but it came across as perfect
for a drunken dancehall to get down to, by the
end I enjoyed the Willard Grant Conspiracy
enough to buy the new album and that shows they
have come a very long way since I last saw them
as back then there was no way I would have given
them house room!!

Also posted at as sonic wave and rave number 668.
It will also be on my blog www.myspace/simonovitch shortly.

5.14.06: Haarlem Holland

Good to see Steve Steve as the closing act for such a great festival. Although it was only a 50 minute set and not much has changed since I saw him a few months ago, I had a wonderful time! And what a surprise that the live CD/DVD was sold after the show!!!!
I could have forgotten something, but the setlist was close to this:
Cindy, It Was Always You, Southern California Line, Medicine Show, Bruises, Death Valley Rain, There Will Come A Day, The Deep End, That's What You Always Say, Amphetamine, The Days Of Wine And Roses.

5.23.06: Langenau Germany

How to drive to Langenau/Kapilio when coming from Nuremberg?

5.09.06: London UK

This was a support slot for the Willard Grant Conspiracy in which Steve became a self-styled 'folk singer redux'. After opening with a solo rendition of 'Days of Wine & Roses', Steve was firstly joined on stage by Jason V for 'Merrittville' and then by other members of WGC. By the end the band was coming across as some kind of manic gypsy Velvet Underground with 'Medecine Show' and 'Amphetamine' providing a wild finale. 'There Will Come A Day', 'Carolyn' and 'The Deep End' were other notable highlights of a set which has whet the appetite for Steve's appearance at The Borderline on 31 May. Make sure you get there because it will be his last visit for a while as he returns Stateside to work on a new album.

Although not particularly familiar with WGC, I was intrigued by the fact that they had two thirds of the Miracle 3 in their line-up. There were inevitable shades of SWM3 when WGC showed their 'garage' side and Steve was on stage for one co-written song from their new album.

Much as I liked WGC, it was Steve's set which impressed me more [WGC's obsessions with graves, deep wells and skeletons don't particularly make for an 'enjoyable' night out!].

5.06.06: Glasgow UK

The Rolling Wynn Thunder Revue went down very well - given that Scotland has never been a big part of Steve's touring agenda, it was suprising how well the crowd knew the songs. Both Steve and WGC time-pressured by a strict 22:00 curfew, but the lineup grew from 1 to 5 members as the evening went on, and Steve also joined WGC for a track towards the end of their set (an encore, given that the formalities of going off stage were dispensed with in the interests of fitting in more songs).

Maybe a night in Glasgow could be fitted in to the UK tour? I think the word of mouth will have been good...
Included: Days of Wine & Roses, Merrittville, California Style, Medicine Show, Amphetamine plus at least two others - have lost my list...

5.06.06: Glasgow UK

Great (short)set from Steve. It was a pity it was not longer.
The crowd were right behind him and he got a great reaction on a warm night.
It would be good if he was to play a solo electric set, turn up that guitar.
Haste ye back
Some Old, some new - what do you expect.

5.05.06: Cardiff UK

A well attended show, with Steve's set being very well received, and the WGC with Jason and Eric going down a storm - lot more intense (louder!)than I'd expected, with Jason to the fore. Steve said that as the tour progressed, he was inviting more and more members of WGC to join him as the set developed. I loved the unusual arrangements of familiar songs - highlights for me - acoustic JRI, Deep End and Cal. Style, with Steve on acoustic, Eric 's double bass and Jason on electric - did they really combine Lonnie Donegan skiffle and dreamy Floydian guitar?
When Jason came on stage, Steve introduced Wild Mercury, but the second acoustic wasn't miked up or something, so while JV tried to sort it out (eventually abondoning it for the electric), Steve did a request for Carolyn, and Mercury was dropped.
Days of Wine & Roses - solo
James River Incident - solo
Carolyn - solo
Merrittville - SW & JV
California Style - SW, JV & Erik VL
Turning of the Tide - SW, JV & Erik VL
Deep End - SW, JV, Erik VL & Yuko Murata on elec. piano
Medicine Show - SW, JV, Erik VL, Yuko Murata & Josh Hillman on violin.
Amphetamine - SW, JV, Erik VL, Yuko Murata

5.03.06: Bedford UK

We got a real treat in Bedford last night as Jason and Eric were on hand to provide some accompaniment. Steve played a varied set, throwing in a few DS numbers, a couple of songs from the new album plus the Static Transmission classics "California Style" and "Amphetamine". This was not quite a solo set, but it was far from being a full-on M3 rock show. Definitely one of the most interesting shows I've seen Steve do for a while and not to be missed.
The set list was (I think): Wine & Roses/Tears Won't Help/Merritville/Wild Mercury/California Style/Southern California Line/Deep End/Burn/Amphetamine

4.29.06: Teatro Comunale Italy

I agree with Gago, it was a great night, guys.
Thanks Steve for the show and for your kindness in the after show. At home I saw the DS DVD I bought at the show and I think it's a great witness of the DS music and energy.
As you said, acoustic shows are good for experimenting and change the setlist each night depending on the location, the atmosphere, the audience....
In any case I hope you come back soon in Italy with the band.


6.02.06: Stockholm Sweden

Hi Steve!
If you come to Sweden, would you also come to Helsinki, Finland. Didn't you like to travel with big loveboats?

4.29.06: Teatro Comunale Italy

Another great night, guys. Going to Dozza with my friends in a Ford Fiesta ("what the hell kind of car is that?" said a song), our driving was not so amphetaminic (doing 50 in a
65 zone). New songs, old fabs, a couple of covers, remembering with fans great gigs of the past (Rimini 1990 with Primus, Gattatico 1996). Acoustic set for Steve and electric for the last 4 songs with the italian trio Sea of Cortez (keyboards, percussion,
guitar). After the show we met Steve in the Osteria and we talked, drinking beer, while a waitress (maybe a character in a Warren Zevon story) was entertaining us.
A special night live in Dozza.
See you all in London?
anthem, tuesday, burn, wild mercury, follow me, there will come a day, southern california line, crazy feeling (lou reed), shelley's blues pt.2, waiting like mary, side i'll never show, baby we all gotta go down, boston, amphetamine, carolyn, days of wine and roses/merritville, (with Sea of Cortez)i'm waiting for the man (reed), like a rolling stone (dylan), medley: 500 girl mornings-john coltrane stereo blues

4.27.06: Legnano Italy

Very good show by Steve, brought back memories of seeing him in Mezzago at the Bloom, acoustic in 1994... can't believe 12 years have gone by ! Pity I couldn't stop for a chat as it was quite late by the time the show ended.
Crowd responded nicely, even some background vocals on "Burn", Steve said "I've been practicing with my band to get that singing right forever, and we never made it; *you* made it ! I wish my band were here and listen to that !"
When You Make Up Your Mind dedicated to the memory of Bryan Harvey - several people in the audience clapped respectfully at this and Steve appreciated the acknowledgement.
Superb Merrittville guitar work as final encore.

1. Anthem
2. Tuesday
3. Boston (w/Tupelo Honey line)
4. Wild Mercury
5. If My Life Was An Open Book
6. Burn
7. There Will Come A Day
8. Freak Star
9. Tears Won't Help
10. When You Make Up Your Mind
11. The Side I'll Never Show
12. Amphethamine
13. The Days Of Wine And Roses
/ encore break #1
14. The Deep End
15. Shelley's Blues pt. 2
16. The Medicine Show
17. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
/ encore break #2
18. Merrittville

5.29.06: Norderstedt Germany

It's great that you play my favourite place again! A small venue in the north of Hamburg. This time with the full band.
We saw the SILOS there last Monday and it was packed and a fantastic show.

3.18.06: Austin, Tx USA

Highlight of SXSW! Next time you go to Buffalo, do yourself and ourselves a favour and get your ass up to toronto! TS

3.21.06: Chicago USA

What can I say except, explosion of sound, hard driven by linda on the drums and kicked out by Dave on the Bass(I felt really worked over/assaulted by this attack on the senses, WOW) A dazziling display of guitars by Kirk 'Dumptruck' Swan on lead, and of course the man himself, Steve, front and center. The band was in unbelievable form coming out of SXSW and played a killer set. For the encore, the band was joined by non other than Chicago's finest Rick Rizzo for a "triple guitar gonzo". -livewire97
01 Halloween
02 Bruies
03 Cindy, It Was Always You
04 Wired
05 What Comes After
06 Southern California Line
07 Wild Mercury
08 Your Secret
09 No Tomorrow
10 Death Valley Rain
11 The Deep End
12 There Will Come A Day
13 Thats What You Always Say
14 Amphetamine
15 Cavalry Cross
16 JC Stereo Blues

3.18.06: Austin, Tx USA

It took Steve & M3 exactly five songs to blow away the crowd at the Dog & Duck Saturday. This event was planned for two stages, but rain earlier in the day combined everything onto one stage and left everyone with about 30 minute sets. But the response by the crowd was such that Steve got an encore.
Bruises - Cindy - Death Valley Rain - That's What You Always Say - Amphetimine

Encore - Tell Me When It's Over

3.16.06: Austin, Tx USA

Was lucky enough to catch Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3 yesterday afternoon at Jovita's Tex-Mex restaraunt. I'm a big fan, and this was my first chance ever to see the group live. Awesome show! Jason Victor really wails on guitar and Linda Pitmon worked up a serious sweat pounding the drumsticks. Highlight was Steve walking out onto the outside patio and jammin' right in the middle of the large assembled crowd. What a great day to drink a few cold cervezas, catch some great tunes, and play hookey from work. Only bummer was the short set.

Thanks to the band for playing a non-SXSW gig, as going to SXSW is a real pain in the arse for locals.
Wired, Freak Star, Death Valley Rain, Amphetemine, and a few others.

3.09.06: Los Angeles USA

Great show by Steve and the M3. Watch soon for a recording uploaded to LMA.

3.14.06: Austin, TX USA

Great show, but not as long as I hoped it would be. Started at 9:30 PM and ended at 10:40, which included 1 encore. But they're doing a ton of shows around town the next few days so I'm sure they've got to keep up their energy. Hot set!
Opened with Bruises, and did a lot more from the new album (which I purchased from Steve himself). Amphetimine was in there somewhere, and the 2 DS songs were That's What You Always Say and Days of Wine & Roses.

3.15.06: Austin, Tx USA

Steve & the M-3 came on at 1:25 in the afternoon and rocked a packed house! He & the band had a great time and I could tell they were happy and surpised that so many fans showed up for an early show. Jason was awesome, as usual. Karl who?
1. Bruises
2. The Deep End
3-5. Sorry, had too many beers to remember.

3.14.06: Austin, TX USA


3.09.06: Los Angeles USA

the echo, echo park, LA
the miracle three were there!
steve,linda,dave and kirk swan on lead guitar.the band played great and steve seemed to enjoy the large and appreciative crowd of friends and "fan"attics.
a good time was had by all.
bruises, cindy... d.v. rain,
what comes after, tell me when its over, wild mercury, line, no tomorrow,
your secret, wired, the deep end, carolyn, thats what you allways say, amphetamine.
encore: halloween, days of wine and roses.

3.06.06: San Francisco USA

Ladies and gents, i was there last night when steve and co came to
town (after being snowed in and missing a show on Sun which was
about a mile from my house in the East Bay). Spotted in the crowd.
Scott 'game theory/loud family' Miller, Mark 'Red house Painters' Kozelek, Chuck
'GoR' Prophet III, Pat 'Absolute Grey/Mushroom' Thomas, and Pat Johnson (who was supposed to have supported on
the previous aborted night) was also there i believe. On lead guitar deputising for an absent
jason victor was Curt 'Dumptruck' Swann.
Can you spell ORSUM, I mean AWESOME!! Fantastic set. And to top it off
Mr Prophet strapped on the trusty Tele for triple guitar 10 min run through
Calvary Cross that had the hairs standing up on my neck. run don't
walk to sxsw ....
Plus i picked up the Dream Syndicate Bootleg Vol 1 DVD. Can't wait to
watch it.

3.05.06: Oakland USA

Can the band make up their cancelled show @ The Ivy Room in Oakland? 3 of us traveled an hour to catch the show only to find out Steve & the band had been snowed in in Northern CA.

3.03.06: Seattle USA

Great show. The sound was great and they rocked. It was a treat to hear my four favorite songs from Days of Wine and Roses. And Amphetamine was awesome.
Filling in your ?s
2) Tell Me When Its Over
4) What comes After
8) Nothing But the Shell
They also definitely played Burn at some point.
The encore was Halloween (which I like to think was in response to my request for it), There Will Come a Day, and Days of Wine and Roses.

3.05.06: Oakland USA

Thanks for passing on the bad news. I guess I'll see you at teh Cafe du Nord tomorrow. I hope there's room!

3.05.06: Oakland USA

I just called the Ivy Room and they said the show was cancelled.

"Steve was snowed in"


3.03.06: Seattle USA

All in UK still await first appearance by Transmissionary Six. Steve, maybe bring them for support!! Lovely music.

3.03.06: Seattle USA

Was also at the show and had Steve sign several interesting Dream Syndicate / Steve Wynn artificts. Also got a copy of the setlist (listed below) and had it signed. A couple of the songs are only identified by the first word or two. Can anyone help in filling them in? They are identified by the ? mark. Talked to Steve briefly after the show and he said it was a long set - almost 2 hours.
01. Bruises
02. Tell Me ?
03. Death Valley Rain
04. What Comes?
05. Cindy
06. Wild Mercury
07. Your Secret
08. Shell? / Come Day?
09. No Tomorrow
10. Wired
11. The Deep End
12. Killing Me
13. That's What You Always Say
14. Amphetamine
15. ???? two songs that ran together
16. Days of Wine and Roses

3.03.06: Seattle USA

Fabulous, rockin' show. Kirk Swan is a great Temporary Miracle, and has exemplary taste in footwear. How does Steve play with that much intensity in a suit coat and not drip sweat? Now *that's* a cool guy.

Check out the live set on KEXP too..., select "archived audio" and choose 3 pm PST Friday to start the stream. Five songs, great sound, nice interview.

Not in order, not complete, just a few of the many highlights signed into my brain... Bruises, Death Valley Rain, That's What You Always Say, Wired, Wild Mercury, Amphetamine.

6.02.06: Stockholm Sweden

last time i say you and the miracles was in copenhagen a couple of years ago.. awsome!
that time i brought my wife for the first time.. she eh fell asleep...

will therefore not bring her to the stockholm gig - my old friend and ds fan andreas will join instead.

if you remember, ask him to join you on the stage !!


Looking forward like hell.

2.17.06: Washington DC USA

I had no idea what to expect from a place called Jammin Java having never set foot there before. Man was I pleasantly surprised. Great room to see a a show although the one gripe would be the floor area in front of the stage was all seated instead of open for dancing. Still the sound was awesome and the stage was good sized and the crowd was really into the show despite being in a seated atmosphere. Steve was in top form as was the band all night. They played a great long set with some surprises and almost all the older songs I was hoping for. The Gutterball set near the end was rocking as hell, Johnny Hott was crushing the drums and they sounded like they never missed a beat. What a great set by Steve and the band!!! I am also now an avowed fan of both the opening bands the Echoes and the Pharmacy Prophets. Many times when local bands open for a national performer the results are mixed at best but not at this show. The Pharmacy Prophets were a blast displaying smart songs, unbelievable energy and guitar playing that made my head spin. The Echoes were a sultry funky joy that took over the room and I think both bands made a lot of new fans that night. I joined both their mailing lists and walked out with an armload of t-shirts and CDs. Three great bands and I think the energy in the room definitely had Steve and the Miracle 3 in top form. His voice was in powerful shape and the band was tight as the Hoover dam. What a great night for both the bands and the audience. I will definitely catch more shows at Jammin Java and while I love seeing Steve at Iota I am just as happy to come back to this coffee shop anytime.

2.17.06: Washington DC USA

What a great show! Well worth the 5hr drive up from North Carolina. I think this is the best show I've seen from the M3 yet. Linda's playing was really impressive. Man does she play hard. The rest of the band was equally in top form. One can not say enough about the talents of Jason and Dave. Steve called a couple of audibles that may have deviated from the setlist Tim snagged. Highlights for me was the quieter "Too Little, Too Late" and the fierce take on "Killing Me". The show should be documnented soon on the Live Music Archive. It was great seeing all my Wynn fan friends again.
1. Death Valley Rain
2. Cindy, It Was Always You
3. Southern California Line
4. What Comes After
5. When You Smile
6. Bruises
7. Burn
8. No Tomrrow
9. Wild Mercury
10. The Deep End
11. Killing Me
12. That's What You Always Say
13. Amphetamine
Gutterball Set:
14. Trial Separation Blues
15. Lester Young
16. Motorcycle Boy
17. When You Make Up Your Mind
M3 Encore:
18. Tell Me When It's Over/Definitely Clean
19. Too Little, Too Late
20. Days of Wine and Roses

2.18.06: New York City USA

Extremely good set by Steve and the Miracle 3 last night at a nicely full Mercury Lounge. At midnight the band opened with Death Valley Rain and went through nine of the eleven songs from Tick (omitting only Your Secret and Squares). Also in the set were Burn, When You Smile, What Comes After, There Will Come A Day, That's What You Always Say and Amphetamine. Nothing But the Shell was the encore. The band was better than ever, with Jason and Linda even more inspired than usual.
I didn't keep a set list, but I think I covered everything played. But if I got something wrong, feel free to post a correction.

6.02.06: Stockholm Sweden

Thank you Steve i'am looking forword to see you again

2.17.06: Washington DC USA

In his first visit to Jammin' Java, Steve was welcomed by an acoustically warm room and an eager crowd. The pre-game buzz among the WynnWatchers was that several special guests were expected late in the set. The band, workmanlike, wasted no time setting up following a blistering set by local band, the Echoes, and launched into 'Death Valley Rain.' Typically torrid and musically tight, they roared through set standards such as 'SoCal Line,' 'Burn,' 'What Comes After,''That's What You Always Say,' and sprinkled in ...tick... material, including: 'Cindy, It Was Always You,' 'Brruises' (setlist spelling), 'Killing Me,' and jaw-dropping takes on 'Deep End' and 'No Tomorrow.' After ripping through the set-closing 'Amphetamine,' Steve called up Stephen McCarthy, Johnny Hott, Armistead Welford, and Bob Rupe and Gutterball performed an unspoken tribute to bandmate Bryan Harvey and family. Among the G-Ball tunes played were 'Transparency,' 'Lester Young,' 'Motorcycle Boy,' and 'When You Make Up Your Mind.' For this 40-something WynnWatcher, this set was a rousing reminder that life is short - and precious- and one needs live it, now, and let those you love know it today.
Steve, not done, had the M3 return to the stage for a handful of encores. Among them was 'Definitely Clean' and 'Too Little, Too Late' which seemed to catch the band (pleasantly) off guard. 'The Days of Wine And Roses' put the sonic crown on the evening and, once again, I left the room thinking that, but for the ringing in my ears, I could easily have put up with another couple of hours of this.

Tim from VA
(who, tonight, introduced yet another one of his kids to Steve and crew's magic)

2.10.06: Baltimore USA

I'm posting just to represent B'more, to confirm that the gig actually occurred at all! Steve & The M3's appearance was, for the second consecutive year (and right around the same time of year), hosted by Roots Café @ Seidel's Bowling Center, a working "duckpin"^ bowling alley in the Bel-Air neighborhood of NE Baltimore. If there's a classic "rock ‘n' bowl" setup, this is it: band sets up in the middle four lanes, with bowling all around.

Last year's show delivered more intensity, in my opinion, but Steve and crew still rocked well. Don't know why our city couldn't provide a larger, more enthusiastic crowd this time – it was the best ticket in town that night, and the band got a nice big photo placement in the alternative weekly. Maybe if, in the caption, the paper hadn't gone for obvious and better association – Gutterball – and instead name-checked The Dream Syndicate, we would've roused the faithful.
I'm not the most up-to-date Steve fan, first to admit it. He led, good-sport-ish, with "Tell Me When It's Over." Probably did a good bit from the new one. At least one other "Days of" nugget.

2.11.06: Philadelphia USA

It was a great show last night in the middle of this winter's first snowstorm. The turnout looked pretty good in what is the smaller of the two venues at WCL (the Friday show is in the big room downstairs). This upstairs room has huge windows that line the wall facing Walnut Street, so we could watch the snow come down and the snow plows go by as the music played. I spotted the Philadelphia Inquirer music critic, Dan DeLuca, there and said hello. He's a big Wynn fan, too. I also got to talk to Steve for a few minutes before and after. He said that in addition to the "Live At Noon" concert next Friday which is broadcast live, he is taping a studio segment for World Café at WXPN immediately following. The in-studio segment will air at a later date on World Café (which is syndicated on NPR). So, after the live show at noon and the studio appearance shortly thereafter, they are driving to D.C. for a show that night.
Death Valley Rain
Cindy, It Was Always You
Killing Me
Your Secret
Freak Star
Definitely Clean
What Comes After
No Tomorrow
Turning Of The Tide
Wild Mercury
There Will Come A Day
That's What You Always Say


Nothing But The Shell
The Days Of Wine And Roses

2.09.06: Boston USA

Easily one of the best shows I have seen at the Lizard Lounge - my favorite and most frequented music haunt in the Boston area. Steve & the M3 - so damn good. What an honor to have them play in such a small cozy basement type atmosphere. It was intimate and it was loud - sounded phenomenal. Loved Sister Rosetta Tharpe's gospel tune ala rock-style. Opening band Teenage Prayers blew me away - I was not familiar with them but I will spread the word. This is one rock n' roll memory that will not fade away.

2.09.06: Boston USA

This was a real bonus for me as I was over from the UK on business.

The Lizard Lounge is a really small basement club beneath the Cambridge Common restaurant. Had dinner there - great food and beer and very reasonably priced!

The club was pretty empty when we went downstairs at 915. Just as we were ordering our drinks Steve showed up and I spent the next 15 minutes chatting with him about the Green On Red reunion show in London, reissue problems for The Medicine Show, Dylan and golf. The usual stuff!

Support act Teenage Prayer were good to listen to and they are evry enthusiastic.

Steve's set was absolutely blistering - about 15 songs (sorry no set list) and 2 more for the encore. From memory, lots of Tick Tick Tick and a fair few early Dream Syndicate - but no Boston!

Just wish he had been playing more than one date in the Boston area and that I had fully adjusted to the time difference!

Can't wait for the European shows now.

Cheers, Graham

12.18.05: Brussels Belgium

We all agree that the concert was great. Review on our site Go to:
In Dutch of course. Sorry for the others.
Review of the new Steve Wynn album is to be found on: