Tour Reviews

9.13.09: Toronto, ON Canada

Photos from the show are now up on, direct link
Set 1:
1. Twilight Distillery
2. Ted Fucking Williams
3. Broken Man
4. Tonight You're Buying Me A Drink, Bub
5. Love Me Anyway
6. Wait Until You Get to Know Me
7. Out There on the Maroon
8. I’m Not Bitter
9. The Lurking Barrister
10. Vintage Violet
11. Dark Hand of Contagion
12. Waiting Like Mary
13. Tell Me When It's Over
14. Let The Good Times Crawl
15. Lies of the Living Dead
16. Amphetamine

Set 2:
1. Dirty Water
2. The Days of Wine and Booze
3. That's What You Always Say
4. Past Time
5. Gratitude (For Curt Flood)
6. The Death Of Big Ed Delahanty
7. Harvey Haddix
8. I Still Miss Someone
9. Cigarettes Coffee and Booze
10. Ambulance Dancehall
11. Trial Separation Blues
12. Medicine Show
13. Revolution Blues
14. Days Of Wine And Roses
15. Aw Shit Man

Encore 1:
1. Fernando
2. Strychnine

Encore 2:
1. Hang On Sloopy
2. Teenage Head
3. The Ballad of John And Yoko
4. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White

9.12.09: Clark, NJ United States

Arriving from Newark Airport to the Union County Musicfest stage in a police squad car, the members of the Minus 5/Baseball Project/Steve Wynn IV today crafted a set built on the momentum of their arrival in Clark, NJ. The Baseball Project’s “Past Time” opened the show loudly and on solid footing even though the at-times soaking rain and surrounding mist limited the attendance at the Fest. The set included a nice balance of songs from the members’ musical experiences. Baseball Project, Minus 5, Fine Fresh Fellows, and Dream Syndicate tunes comprised the mix. I hope I’m not forgetting any more. The band is definitely benefiting from time together on the road and playing together every night. Scott and Steve traded leads throughout and this process made for a nice flow and ebb. Peter kept the rhythm on bass throughout and one can’t say enough about Linda Pitmon. After finishing her red bull right before the show’s start, she rocked her kit full tilt (I even scored a broken drum stick in the shape of a “T”) and provided complementary backing vocals. Although this was a shortened set because of the festival time format and stage shifting for alternating bands, the band reached its peak for the last five songs. Scott’s crunching guitar solos on his green beauty and Steve’s guitar gems on his Fender Jaguar lifted the show to a really tight, loud, and rocking crescendo. Songs included in the full set were “The Closer,” “Let the Good Times Crawl,” “Ted Fucking Williams,” “Yankee Flipper,” “Ambulance Dance Hall,” and “Dark Hand of Contagion.” Scott told the crowd to give him the finger during future "Yankee Flipper" versions. “Harvey Haddix” included an updated bridge and vocal shout out to include the recent perfect game thrown by the White Sox’s Mark Buehrle, and Scott gave a creeper intro to every musician’s nightmare for “The Lurking Barrister.” But perhaps the show highlight for this reviewer was the band’s version of the Dream Syndicate’s “That’s What You Always Say.” I was also hoping for DS’s “Tell Me When It’s Over” since I saw of great version of it on You Tube from the band’s recent free show in Portland. But I’ll have to wait, maybe, for it in Philly on Tuesday. The Minus 5 closed with a fierce“Aw Shit Man” and that summed up my feelings on it being the end since the band just started to get heated. I did try to get Scott’s set list but was denied by a Fest stagehand, so the below track listing is incomplete and not in order. But each band member’s congeniality in meeting fans immediately after the show put this reviewer in a wet good mood…photo op with Mr. Buck…CD signed by Ms. Pitmon and Mr. Wynn…and nice conversation. Can’t wait for the COMPLETE show at the World Café Live on Tuesday. Schuylkill Expressway, I will stare you down like an effective closer, which the Philadelphia Phillies desperately need right now. I’m feeling that The Baseball Project will deliver in Philly!
Not complete and not in order. I was denied Scott's set list by a Festival stagehand. Damn!

7.19.09: Freehold, NJ United States

This show was played in an intimate studio setting provided by hosts Mark & Elaine as part of their "Concerts In The Studio" series. Bassist Dave DeCastro couldn't make the show due to logistical reasons, so for one afternoon the Miracle 3 became the "Miracle 2". This may be the last time "Harvey Haddix" was played in it's current lyrical form - four days later White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle became the 18th pitcher in MLB history to throw a perfect game.
DISC ONE (79:08):
01. Nothing But The Shell
02. Death Valley Rain
03. Cindy, It Was Always You
04. Bullet With My Name On It
05. Harvey Haddix
06. Bruises
07. Southern California Line
08. What Comes After
09. Strange New World
10. Crawling Misanthropic Blues
11. Kerosene Man
12. For Your Love (30 second teaser)
13. Merrittville
14. Why
15. There Will Come A Day
16. Halloween

DISC TWO (21:13)
01. Amphetamine
02. The Days Of Wine And Roses

03. Wait Until You Get To Know Me

6.27.09: Brooklyn United States

A great show celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Dream Syndicate's Medicine Show. The performance of John Coltrane Stereo Blues was probably the best I've heard. Steve Espinola joined the Miracle 3 on keyboards for the Medicine Show tracks.
01. Still Holding On To You
02. Daddy's Girl
03. Burn
04. Armed With An Empty Gun
05. Bullet With My Name On It
06. The Medicine Show
07. John Coltrane Stereo Blues
08. Merrittville
09. Definitely Clean
10. That's What You Always Say
11. The Days Of Wine And Roses
12. Bruises
13. Brave New World
14. Amphetamine

2.03.09: Madrid Spain

90 minutes of fun, good music and some jokes
I hope you come back soon

Slovenian Rhapsody I
Bring the magic
Manhattan fault line
God doesn´t like it
Tears won´t help
The deep end
I dont deserve this
Punching holes in the sky
She came
Wait until you get to know me
That´s what you allways says
Love me anyway
the medicine show
Slovenian Rhapsody II