Tour Reviews

10.11.08: Odense Denmark

10.02.08: Brussels Belgium

woaaawwww what a concert thanks for being steve!!!!one of worlds 'secrets grat performance from chris ckman also!!
concert can be seen on site

10.07.08: Oslo Norway

Steve ended the show with When you smile. Great show, John Coltrane with Rodrigo on violin, wow!!

10.07.08: Oslo Norway

Just a quick note to confirm that Steve and band played an extremely good gig in Oslo too. This was my second gig with Steve and the first full band gig, so I'm by no means an expert on his career.

But here's my opinion anyway. Steve's songs are literate and tell a story worth listening to. When you package this with one of the best rythm sections I've heard it must be good. And good it was.

The highlight of the evening for me was The Deep End. It felt like some kind of catharsis. Pure beauty. Better than the recorded versions.

Mid gig just Steve and Rodrigo repackaged Boston in a way that suited this gem perfectly.

A couple of songs, one of them Carolyn, was done with the full band in the middle of the audience. The audience (and me) responded very well to this with a nice singalong.

Other highlights for me: I Don't Deserve This, The Medicine Show, John Coltrane Stereo Blues, My Midnight, Wait Until You Get To Know Me.

Not so good: The Dragon Bridge record is good, but not worth 8-10 songs. Knowing how good Steve's back catalog is, he could have exchanged some of them for better, older songs. I must also admit to missing Jason Victor on some songs. The gig ended somewhat abruptly, maybe the band was tired or maybe I wasn't paying attention.

I can't believe there wasn't more than 100-200 people attending, it was a marvellous gig.
The set list was quite similar to the others reported on this tour with 8-10 songs from the Dragon Bridge album. Steve and Rodrigo did a very good version of Boston for us, they did Carolyn and the last full band song was a wild version of John Coltrane Stereo Blues. The show ended with Steve doing a solo electric version of a song I can't remember the name of (Anyone?).

9.30.08: Dortmund Germany

I’ve seen quite a few Steve Wynn shows and I almost always feel like the last one was his best show. Saw the Steve Wynn Acoustic Trio (with Erik van Loo & Robert Lloyd) presenting the songs of “Crossing Dragon Bridge” earlier this year and really enjoyed them but this time I didn’t know what to expect: Rodrigo D’Erasmo (violin), Chris Cacavas (keyboard), Chris Eckman (guitar) added around the core players Steve, Linda & Erik van Loo.

They started off with the slow opener of Crossing Dragon Bridge: “Slovenian Rhapsody I”, beautiful violin, well sung. The second song was “Bring The Magic” and it was like the band brought the MAGIC into the venue: what an amazing sound and atmosphere these guys produced, an awesome dramaturgy with the rocking songs of Crossing Dragon Bridge, some slower songs (“Tears Won’t Help”, “The Deep End”, “My Midnight”, …) and the beautiful ballad “She Came” (just Steve with acoustic guitar & Rodrigo on violin) as the turning point, then back to the rockers before the band jumped into the audience and did an unplugged version of “Slovenian Rhapsody II”, walked out of the room, came back into the room a minute later to finish that song and did another unplugged in-audience song (“Wait Until You Get To Know Me” on request). Then back on stage and ending this phenomenal show with “Medicine Show” and “Amphetamine”. An unbelievable event that was worth each and every cent.

Chris Cacavas did a great job, Chris Eckman’s guitar playing style was so different from Jason Victor’s but great anyway and Rodrigo D’Erasmo is a sun of a gun on violin. Erik van Loo is such a versatile and amazing bass player and Linda Pitmon – the goddess of rock drums – demonstrated that she can perfectly add to the ballads.

Steve? Indescribable.

The best Steve Wynn show I ever saw? Well, I guess so …

Don’t miss them…

9.28.08: Vienna Austria

Photos of the show are on my Myspace profile:

And the show was recorded and it's available on Dime:

And Chris Eckman's support is here:

Take care,

9.30.08: Dortmund Germany

Great Gig Steve, nice to meet you on RECORD COUNTER with you Dutch Baseman. This is Chef, if you remember! Never seen you before. I´m very happy to see you on stage and inbetween us. Never saw a concert where actors went downstairs to PACKFOL0K.

If you are next to, i will invite you for best Spare ribs around the World. BELIEVE!!!!

Kind regards,

Schäääääfffff (Chris)

9.29.08: Nuremberg Germany

hey, someone like steve - and his marvellous band mates, of course - they SHOULD have 5.000 spectators on a night in nuremberg. ok, just dreaming - but at least 500 would be appropriate ...
well, actually there were 50 who showed up at the K4 festsaal ... they saw a tremendous concert, vibrating and soulful, electric and acoustic - thanxxx for this well fitting encore!!! - mindblowing ... what a great mixture of old songs in new clothes and vibrating versions of those newe 'dragon' songs!
this italian/brazilian violinist is a true artist ... and the whole thing ROCKS!
thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen, for another great evening with steve & compadres!

9.28.08: Vienna Austria

REVIEW – STEVE WYNN & THE DRAGON BRIDGE ORCHESTRA – Vienna (Chelsea) – 28.09.2008-09-30

The “Chelsea” is a typically punk rock club, which is located under the Vienna tube line U6. So, if it’s silent enough, you can hear the wagons when they are gliding over your heads. In the club there are two rooms – one for the barflies, who can also watch football on the big screens and the second one for the concerts. Very small and intimate – so is also the stage! It was obvious, that “Steve Wynn & The Dragon Brigde Orchestra feat. Chris Eckman” (like it was written on the tickets) have to watch their steps. But finally, all five musicians found their place.

Before Steve Wynn started the concert, Chris Eckman from the amazing Walkabouts opened the show with a wonderful acoustic set, which featured songs from his brandnew album “The Last Side Of The Mountain”. And this one is completely dedicated to the work of the Slovenian poet Dane Zajc. Chris Eckman wrote English language songs of Zajc’s poems. And this turned out really brilliant! I was really speechless, when he played his new songs “Down down”, “Hours”, “Stranger”, “Ransom” and “Eyes”. The last track of his set was “Healing Waters of the Flood”, which is on his solo album “The Black Field” from 2004. Apart from an idiot, who was yelling “Passion, man!” after the song “Eyes”, I do think everybody enjoyed the performance. A loud “Shut up!” followed shortly after this stupid call and someone excused this person with “This is his only sentence in English!”. So Chris answered politely with a grin: “So maybe he has to learn another one.” After this wonderful show it was clear, that I have to buy Chris Eckman’s new album “The Last Side Of The Mountain” at the merchandising stand.

Then, after approximately 15 minutes, Steve Wynn and his band entered the stage. He welcomed us friendly and in an obvious very good mood: “Good to see you all! Thank you for coming out at the election night. Another election nights in the states, you know, I stay at home and get drunk or something like that.” “We need some comfort!”, was the answer and Steve laughed and said: “Okay, we do our best!” And of course they did!

The beautiful “Slovenian Rhapsody I” opened the show (Steve on guitar and vocals and Rodrigo D'Erasmo on violin), which featured almost all songs of the current release “Crossing Dragon Bridge”, recorded in Slovenia and produced by Chris Eckman. Then drummer Linda Pitmon lead into the next song “Bring the Magic” and also the rest of the band joined: Eric van Loo on the bass, Chris Cacavas on keyboards and Chris Eckman on the second guitar. Although it was at least the second concert for this new band constellation, the sound was really amazing and you can feel and see, that they were in an excellent mood. Also the audience (approximately between 70 and 80 people found finally the way into the room) was perfect for this night. “Manhattan Fault Line” came next. Also a new song which Steve played already, when he toured Europe in February 2008. “God doesn’t like it” followed, in which the band started to rock a little bit more. Before starting with an old one (from Steve’s first solo release “Kerosene Man” 1990) he joked:
“Man, it’s all the Gospel songs today, I don’t know what’s up! The Dragon Bridge Gospel Choir today”. Then the surprise “Here on Earth as well” with the wonderful violin sound gave me the creeps. Another classic ensured, that this feeling continued - “Tears won’t help” also from Steve’s solo debut. A short band introduction followed, before the beautiful “The Deep End” filled the room. With “This one’s for Gene Hackman” Steve introduced the new “I don’t deserve this” – without any doubt another highlight of the show. Then he changed the guitar and some acoustic songs followed. “This is another song of the ‘Crossing Dragon Bridge’. On the record it’s just me and the acoustic guitar and this eight string violin section from Prague. Tonight Rodrigo will play the part of all eight violins at one time”, Steve told us witty as always and the amazing “Punching Holes in the Sky” gave me the creeps again. While Rodrigo and Steve played the song, the rest of the band made a break. Linda fetched her a glass of wine, Chris smoked a cigarette, while Chris Eckman and Eric sat down on the right corner of the stage and drank some beer. “That’s why I’m all so dressed up”, explained Steve after the song. “If you’ve got a violin, you got to be dressed up”, said the sharped dressed man in the suit with tie! With “She came” Steve, Rodrigo and Chris Cacavas played a song written by the Slovenian musician Tomas Pengov. Then the full band joined for “My Midnight” from the album of the same name. It was obvious again, that the audience was happy to hear another classic of Steve’s career. “Love me anyway”, another new one included an excellent duel with guitars, proved one more time, that this new band have found completely together. Chris Cacavas lead on the Keyboard to a trip in the musical past: The Dream Syndicate classic from 1982 “That’s what you always say” hit me with full force. And this time again, the violin playing of Rodrigo D'Erasmo fit perfectly! And Steve sang the line “’cause ever since that time I told you it’s so. Something gets my mind, and I don’t let go” with full intensity and emotion. And the history lesson about Steve’s famous band went on: “The Medicine Show”, in which the audience joined Steve’s singing. For the wonderful “Slovenian Rhapsody II” Linda came from behind to the edge of the stage and played on a drum. Chris Cacavas on the accordion, the rest of the band and also the audience sang along. “You all were wonderful, take care and good night” said Steve, before leaving the stage for the first time. After a short encore break Mr. Wynn and Rodrigo came back for an outstanding version of the Dream Syndicate evergreen “Boston”. Linda Pitmon climbed back to her drums and joined for the last two minutes on percussion. I was really speechless and my eyes became wet – I never heard such a beautiful version of this amazing song! After a small discussion (Linda looked questioning to Steve) the new “Wait until you get to know me” showed again a band in an excellent mood, which had a lot of fun on the stage. For this track, Rodrigo also played pizzicato on his violin. “Carolyn” transferred my thoughts back into the year 1990 and with “405” a personal favorite came next. Unfortunately the sound was all of sudden very noisy and I can’t hear Steve’s voice anymore that was always clean at this night. Anyway – I was in Heaven by hearing this rarity (very heavy with a lot of feedbacks!) live! As I looked on Steve’s setlist I saw “Anthem” listed as the last song, but he changed his mind! “Amphetamine” was THE PERFECT close for this awesome show. The audience went nuts and cried, cheered, clapped, danced and sang while the band rocked with full force. After the last tone was played I found myself happy, thankful and full of sweat at the “Chelsea”.

Live in Vienna, Chelsea (28.09.2008)

CD 1:

1. Intro/Slovenian Rhapsody I
2. Bring the Magic
3. Manhattan Fault Line
4. God doesn't like it
5. Intro/Here on Earth as well
6. Tears won't help
7. Band Introduction/The Deep End
8. I don't deserve this
9. Punching Holes in the Sky
10. She came
11. My Midnight
12. Love me anyway
13. That's what you always say
14. The Medicine Show
15. Slovenian Rhapsody II
16. Encore Break

CD 2:

1. Boston
2. Wait until you get to know me
3. Carolyn
4. 405
5. Amphetamin

The Band:
Steve Wynn - guitar, vocals
Eric van Loo - bass, upright bass
Chris Eckmann - guitar
Chris Cacavas - keyboards
Linda Pitmon - drums
Rodrigo D'Erasmo - violin

9.27.08: Hartberg Austria

Looking forward to see & hear you here in HARTBERG, Steve! Also great having CHRIS ECKMAN here again!!

See you,

9.13.08: Bovina United States

It hasn't happened yet but I am really happy you are playing this very fun festival. who would believe it? crap.

10.02.08: Brussels Belgium

It will be the first time I will go to your concert ! Looking forward !
Big hugs from a huge Belgian fan ! Just bought ur lasts 2 cds, great man !

6.14.08: Philadelphia USA

Steve Wynn showcased songs from his three 2008 releases ("Live In Bremen", "Crossing Dragon Bridge", and The Baseball Project's "Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails") at WCL in Philly. He was accompanied by Miracle 3 guitarist Jason Victor, with help from various members of the opening band Teenage Prayers along the way.
01. Introduction
02. Nothing But The Shell
03. Maria
04. Sweetness And Light
05. Past Time
06. Fernando
07. Harvey Haddix
08. Maybe Tomorrow
09. Definitely Clean
10. Love Me Anyway
11. Wait Until You Get To Know Me
12. God Doesn't Like It
13. Manhattan Fault Line
14. Amphetamine

3.08.08: Bedford UK

Good to have Steve and Co. back at this nice small venue in Bedford. Great reinterpretations of lots of favourite songs and of course new album. Robert Lloyd was great on guitar.
Not written on poppadoms

3.18.08: Berlin Germany

oh, what a beautyful evening that was.
great ambience, very friendly crowd and a wonderful setlist.

steve played on an alhambra guitar from the store because his own guitar was "very tired" after all this touring.
it was - as always at this place - a very intimate event, just like a house concert with a bunch of friends.

i guess he liked it as much as we did that night and really hope he will come back.

DISC ONE: (Set 1)
01 Introduction by Leonard 0:55
02 The Medicine Show 4:10
03 Shades Of Blue 3:24
04 talk: my guitar is very tired 1:21
05 Love Me Anyway 2:31
06 God Doesn't Like It 4:36
07 talk: about songwriting 1:38
08 Wait Until You Get To Know Me 2:24
09 talk: about getting married 1:03
10 When We Talk About Forever 3:58
11 Candy Machine 3:03
12 If My Live Was An Open Book 4:06
13 Boston 5:35

DISC TWO: (Set 2 & Encores)
01 Merritville 5:48
02 When You Make Up Your Mind 3:19
03 The Days Of Wine And Roses 3:55
04 Closer 4:15
05 Follow Me 3:13
06 talk: about records & earthquakes 2:06
07 Manhattan Fault Line 4:08
08 Lawyers, Guns & Money (Warren Zevon) 3:19
09 Halloween 3:06
10 Wild Mercury 3:59
11 See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Blind Lemon Jefferson) 5:57
12 Sweetness And Light 3:50
13 talk: about Danny & Dusty 1:06
14 Baby We All Gotta Go Down 4:49
15 Shelly's Blues #2 4:14
16 There Will Come A Day * 5:17

3.21.08: Arta Greece

It was a great show! Steve and Robert, "educating" the audience, were the first american rock artists in Arta ever! Thank you!

3.18.08: Berlin Germany

Could someone please fill the blanks
01. Introduction
02. The Medicine Show
03. Shades Of Blue ?
04. Love Me Anyway
05. God Doesn't Like It
06. Wait Until You Get To Know Me
07. When We Talk About Forever
08. Candy Machine
09. Open Book
10. Boston

Disc 2: (set 2 & encores) (62:17)
01. ?
02. When You Make Up Your Mind ?
03. The Days Of Wine And Roses
04. ?
05. Follow Me ?
06. Manhattan Fault Line
07. Lawyers, Guns And Money(Warren Zevon cover)
08. Halloween
09. Wild Mercury
10. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
= encores =
11. Sweetness And Light
12. Baby We All Gotta Go Down
13. Shelly's Blues pt.2
14. There Will Come A Day *

3.07.08: York UK

My first visit to the intimate surroundings of the Basement and what a treat. Took five guests, none of whom had heard Steve before and all had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.
Thanks Steve, come back soon.
As I remember it

Nothing But The Shell
Tell Me When Its Over
Love Me Anyway
Punching Holes In The Sky
Medicine Show
Southern California Line
Wild Mercury
Wait Until You Get To Know Me
What Comes After
Deep End
Days Of Wine And Roses

See That My Grave Is Kept Clean

3.19.08: Belgrade Serbia

Steve, thank u for one more night of wine and roses! The gig in Belgrade was wonderful, as ususal. Say hi to Linda!

3.19.08: Belgrade Serbia

great show!!Thanks again Steve

3.16.08: Dortmund Germany

Hi,that was great time in subrosa, listening the willard wynn conspiracy syndicate. Hope to see you back soon with the miracle3 in dortmund

3.19.08: Belgrade Serbia

By the way, if you want to see Steve playing Tell Me When It's Over in Belgrade, click here: is one of the key web sites in Serbia.

3.19.08: Belgrade Serbia

Another great one in Belgrade. Over 100 minutes of good singing and good playing with usually warm chat with crowd inbetween the songs. What can I say? I got my 3rd live shot of Wynnmania. And those new songs seem nice to me. I can't wait to hear them on "Crossing Dragon Bridge".
And thanks, Steve, for interview you gave me after the show.
1. Merritville (1984 - The Dream Syndicate)
2. Sweetness And Light (1997 - Steve Wynn)
3. Shelley's Blues pt.2 (1996 - Steve Wynn)
4. Tell Me When It's Over (1982 - The Dream Syndicate)
5. Daddy's Girl (1984 - The Dream Syndicate)
6. What Comes After (2003 - Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3)
7. Love Me Anyway* (2008 - Steve Wynn)
8. God Doesn't Like It* (2008 - Steve Wynn)
9. When We Talk About Forever (2008 - Steve Wynn)
10. Baby We All Gotta Go Down (1985 - Danny And Dusty)
11. Wild Mercury (2005 - Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3)
12. Sustain (2001 - Steve Wynn)
13. One By One (1993 - Gutterball)
14. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (1988 - The Dream Syndicate/Blind Lemon Jefferson)
15. Halloween (1982 - The Dream Syndicate)
16. Boston (1986 - The Dream Syndicate)
17. Amphetamine (2003 - Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3)

Encore #1

18. Collision Course (1994 - Steve Wynn)
19. There Will Come A Day (2001 - Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3)
20. The Medicine Show (1984 - The Dream Syndicate)

Encore #2

21. Follow Me (1994 - Steve Wynn)
22. The Days Of Wine And Roses (1982 - The Dream Syndicate)

* - songs from forthcoming "Crossing Dragon Bridge@ CD.

3.18.08: Berlin Germany

The concert in Berlin was fine und intimate. It took place in a music shop with loads of guitars hanging on every side of the room. Steve played acoustic versions of old an new songs from the forthcoming album. The audience reacted enthusiastic to the songs. Obviously, Steve enjoyed the evening as well.
Isabel & Gerald from Berlin

3.15.08: Reggio Emilia Italy

Last time at Fuori Orario was in 1996 with Thalia Zedek, Chris Brokaw and Dennis Duck. And it was a great night, one of the best. And yesterday we were happy again. A special acoustic night: good audience, great setlist, fast trains, cold beers...
tears won't help - southern california line - folsom prison blues - baby we all gotta go down - tell me when it's over - when the curtain falls - carolyn - medicine show - love me anyway - boston - burn - merritville - candy machine - there will come day - days of wine and roses - keosene man - see that my grave is kept clean - amphetamine

3.15.08: Reggio Emilia Italy

300 km to arrive to Reggio Emilia with my girlfriend but it was a great concert! A lot of people! I sang all the time and Steve at the and of the concert made me an autograph and wrote "To Raffo: he knows the words!" Very Fun. He promised me to play my request James River Incident next time. Great Steve! We wnt you in Italy again soon!

3.15.08: Reggio Emilia Italy

It was a great concert last night in Reggio Emilia.
Only 1 song from new album that will be released on 18 april and many many classics. Tonight Steve will play in germany, so Steve and the crew after
the concert and the autographs started a 20 hours car travel to

Steve Wynn: acoustic guitar, vocals
Robert Loyd: electric guitar, mandolin, keyboards
Eric Van Loo: cello

Songs not in the right order:

Tears won't help
southern california line
medicine show
days of wine and roses
tell me when it's over
baby we all gotta go down
candy machine
kerosene man
there will come a day
merrittville (encore)
carolyn (encore)
when the curtain falls (by request)
see that my grave is kept clean
love me anyway (nuova)

e probably I forget something.

A stupid DJ just after the 1st encore started to play music; otherway
maybe steve would have play another couple of songs.
the crowd was very hot and happy... and steve too.
After the concert Steve told me that probably will come back in Italy in october with the full band


3.06.08: Newcastle UK

An absolute terrific set by Steve Wynn, who played a long and superb set.
Sound was very good, and Highlights included "Collision Course", which Steve said he hardly played on tour before.
Peter Case was also fantastic, and it was quite a privilege to watch two of my heroes on the same bill!

3.05.08: Leicester UK

Great to see Steve back in the UK - would have been nice to see a few more faces in the audience, but a fine set and great performance nonetheless.

The performance of 'Lester Young' developed out of Steve introducing One by One as a Gutterball song, and after discussing it with a guy in the audience, said that although they had never played Leicester, they had sung a song about Lester.....

One song never to be repeated..wish I had some taping gear...:-(

This may not be exactly right, because my bloody pen broke!

Out Of The Grey - Never Ending Rain (request) - Still Holding On To You – Crawling Misanthropic Blues – ‘Lester' Young (geddit?) - One By One – Boston – with Eric – Tell Me When It's Over - Love Me Anyway - Punching Holes In The Sky - Manhattan Fault Line – Wild Mercury – The Deep End – DOWAR - Amphetamine

3.01.08: Dudelange Luxembourg


Considering that the Atelier had two sold out shows on that same day, the Queens Of The Stone Age at their own location, and the Stereophonics at the Kulturfabrik, the people of the new cultural centre opderschmelz in Dudelange can still be happy to have attracted 100 people with this Steve Wynn show. I met only one person who admitted being here because QOTSA was sold out, the remaining audience consisted mostly of elderly people (most well beyond their thirties) who either have some vague nostalgic memories of Dream Syndicate of Wynn's solo material, or just were there because they are diehard Dudelangers who never go to a show outside their hometown.
Like many people tonight, this was my first show at this location, although I visited their movie theatre already a few weeks ago, and I still feel awed by the Communist architecture of the place. The gigantic concrete box has a certain self-ironic flair which suits well the self-assured Socialist atmosphere of the Forge du Sud.
The concert took place in a concert room like venue, with comfortable chairs, a pretty stage and an exquisite sound system. Steve Wynn played the acoustic guitar, and was accompanied during the first set by an intermittently coughing Robert Lloyd (why did no one bring him a glass of water?) on mandolin, electric guitar and grand piano. The latter to the pleasure of the musicians, as it's a requisite of the CNA building which can be called out of a hole in the floor. So much for state and commune subsidised art! Steve Wynn, founder of the seminal Dream Syndicate, and now nearly fifty years old, emanates true presence, and played the acoustic guitar, while his voice was narrating gloomy stories that often left room for a peculiar sense of humour. Starting the evening with a moving version of "Tears Won't Help", one of the few songs I am familiar with (from a Belgian live CD), he made his way through twenty-five years of music. In the second half, they were joined by Erik van Loo on upright bass. His jazzy playing complemented Wynn and Lloyd perfectly. The warm sound of the grand piano added even more texture to the evening. After eighty minutes, the band left for a first time, came back for an encore of two songs, and then finally Steve Wynn played two further songs by himself on his acoustic guitar, and then the evening was over, after a good one hundred minutes. Highlights included of course the Dream Syndicate classic "The Days Of Wine And Roses", as well as the fast "Amphetamine" which showed that unplugged music can also kick some serious ass.
Steve Wynn played already in Luxembourg nearly ten years ago, back then at the Atelier (if memory serves me right), and it is somewhat ironic that it is that very same Atelier which this night prevented more people to see Steve Wynn tonight, but the audience was still more than satisfied. Let's hope he will make it back again soon, with an electric band next time, to see how well he can still rock.

2.23.08: Roding Germany

hi steve, robert, erik
thank you for the realy good music, the best I heared for a long time... and so a great, yeah perfect sound! I wish you the best for the rest of the tour. a big fan from bavaria

2.28.08: Essen Germany

It was a great show. A wonderful evening. Many thanks !!!

2.19.08: Norderstedt Germany

what a show!!!!. So far I saw Steve three times in Norderstedt and I always went nuts!!!!!!! Outstanding. A special place and my favourite artist, can I ask for more?

3.14.08: Rome Italy

damn another time you will play in Rome I'll be out of town !! and this is happen not so often ...

2.23.08: Roding Germany

Wonderful night. If Steve is coming to a town near you a killer show is granted be it in front of 10 people or a 1000. The Gramophone in Roding is a nice place despite being not your ordinary concert hall. Steve and the guys put on one hell of a show. The arrangements of the song worked surprisingly well with Erik van Loo on urpight bass and Robert Lloyd on mandolin and electric guitar giving the songs a more bluesy heartfelt edge. Wish you all the best for the rest of the tour. Have a good one guys.
To stoned to remember everything. But definitely outstanding.

2.23.08: Roding Germany

What a great evening in a small town. took us 166 km from munich but every kilometre was worth it
Manuela Villi Rudy Chris

2.20.08: Solingen Germany

another great show and an extraordinary long set-list !
tears won t help
wait until you get to know me
carry a torch
your secret
wedding bells
southern california line
tell me when it s over
love me anyway
punching holes
manhattan fault line
under the weather
wild mercury
deep end
days of wine
boston encore 1
candy machine
follow me encore 2
maybe tommorow encore 3
make up your mind encore 4
kerosene man

2.17.08: Ottersum Netherlands

Well I didn't snatch the list but got the songs from my recordings.
I promised Steve to put it on the net, so here it is:

Jens Jakob

2.15.08: Diksmuide Belgium

Hi Steve,

Well you played an amazing set, I think I have been already six times to one of your gigs but it was the first time I've seen you doing an acoustic set so for me to hear all those wonderful songs in the acoustic way was really great. Thanks for the wonderful evening and hope to see you again before too long.
Geert Vandekerckhove

2.17.08: Ottersum Netherlands

A very special concert again at the Roepaen, Ottersum (see the review 2006-05-21). Be sure to go to one of the acoustic shows of this tour!
With Robert Lloyd on (grand) piano, unflappable (I think this is the right description, look it up) playing on piano, mandolin and guitar, and with Eric van Loo on acoustic bass, and finally with Yuko Murata on the piano and Robert on electric guitar and in the end with Jaap Boots joining them on 500 Girl Mornings. Last but not least, a very good sound in the now called ‘nightclub' of Roepaen. You hear all the small additions the musicians make!
Thanks for the special acoustic versions of classic songs like: Burn, the days of wine and roses and the medicine show, and as new classic I would propose 'the deep end'.
The first time at Roepaen I thought I can take my young girls with me! So we were with four now, the young folks taking the front seats, of course.

Thanks to Jens Jacob who snatched the setlist, I believe. Well, I grabbed the poster.

By the way, I also liked Jaap Boots as sidekick and Tiny Vipers as support act.

1. Never Ending Rain
2. Tears Won't Help
3. Daddy's Girl
4. Top Of The Hill
5. Whatever You Please
6. Burn
7. Tell Me When It's Over
8. Love Me Anyway
9. Punching Holes In The Sky
10. Wait Until You Get To Know Me
11. Manhattan Fault Line
12. The Days Of Wine And Roses
13. There Will Come A Day
14. Amphetamine

15. The Deep End
16. The Medicine Show
17. 500 Girl Mornings

Steve Wynn - vocal & Guitar
Robert Lloyd - grand piano, mandolin & guitar
Erik van Loo - bass (track 7-17)
Yuko Murata - grand piano (track 13-14, 16-17)
Jaap Boots - guitar, harmonica (track 17)

3.14.08: Rome Italy

Will the show be by Steve solo, Steve with the Miracle 3, Steve with another group?

3.19.08: Belgrade Serbia

Venue for the Steve's gig will be Living Room@Student Culture Centre.
Take care