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  • Paisley Underground Revisited

    It seemed like a pipe dream, one of the impossible variety, something nice in theory but impossible in the real world. But a flurry of emails between members of the Bangles, The Three O'Clock, Rain Parade and those of us in the Dream Syndicate turned into two nights of Paisley Underground revisited fun at the Fillmore in San Francisco and Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood.

    The show was the same lineup of a classic gig at the Music Machine back in the summer of 1982, one that I've always thought of as the live epicenter of the groovy scene we had back then and it was so nice to find that everyone was still making great music, getting along so well and open to whatever it took to make a memorable evening for both the fans who attended and the various bands as well.

    I'm glad that so many of you were able to attend the shows and, for the rest of you, here is our entire set from the Fonda as well as a clip from the all-star jam encores. Paisley Underground Lives!


    Los Angeles, California

    The Dream Syndicate

    Full Show

    The Dream Syndicate

    Encore Velvets cover

    posted: 2013-12-10

  • Dream Syndicate in the news

    The Dream Syndicate

    The Plain Dealer in Cleveland recently printed an interview with Steve:

    "I'm really proud of the Dream Syndicate and our role in music history," he says. "It makes me think it's a shame if someone hadn't seen us. But it would also a shame is someone would see us and say 'What was the fuss all about?'

    "We did something at the time that almost nobody was doing, doing music with a guitar was kind of a radical crazy thing . ... The nice thing about the reunion is that in the '80s we were trying to evolve and get new fans. We don't care about that anymore. We just want to make ourselves happy, and our fans happy. We are what we were."

    The Chicago Tribune also featured an interview:

    "When we started the band, Kendra and I had this thing where we either wanted to be loved or hated, with nothing in between," he says. "We wanted to make polarizing music, be aggressive and even confrontational. Sometimes we'd try to see how long we could do a song — 40 minutes, 50 minutes — just to amuse ourselves. Or we'd do ridiculous covers of then-current radio songs. It was just bratty behavior by people who were 22 at the time. We were kids."

    SentinelSource featured:.

    “When Lou Reed died (on Oct. 27), I was depressed and stunned,” Wynn says. “I spent the first year of my musical life being compared to him, and fighting that, but I realized later it was an honor. It meant a lot that people were getting that spirit out of a new band.”

    posted: 2013-11-23

  • Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3 at the Bowery

    Steve at the Bowery

    Check out details and some great images of this show at The Bowery Electric over at Now I've Heard Eveything.

    posted: 2013-11-11

  • 1976

    The Baseball Project - 1976 (Live on KEXP)

    posted: 2013-11-11

  • The Baseball Project Scores Two

    The Baseball Project

    SB Nation recently named the 10 Best songs about baseball players which included two songs from The Baseball Project.

    At number 7 on their list is Panda and the Freak.

    Coming in at number 1 is Ichiro Goes to the Moon:

    "I originally had this song lower on the list, but the more I listened, the more I realized it might just be the catchiest baseball song ever, excepting maybe "Take Me Out to the Ballgame.""

    Click here to check out the full article at SB Nation.

    posted: 2013-10-18

  • Behind the Scenes with The Baseball Project

    posted: 2013-09-18

  • Memories of Maxwell's

    I'm sad anytime a great club with a great history closes its doors for good. And there aren't any clubs with a longer or more illustrious history than Maxwell's. Even though I have played about 20 shows there since the first time back in 1983, it seems like I had been reading about the club for years even before THAT first show as a kid poring over issues of New York Rocker at the magazine racks of Los Angeles. I marveled at this mystical epicenter of the Hoboken scene where favorite bands like the dB's and the Feelies and the Bongos were plying their trade and expanding their sound. By the time I played there on the first Dream Syndicate tour I felt like I was entering hallowed ground, maybe even more than the first time I played CBGB's. And what times I had there over the years! I played the first Gutterball club show there, had many gigs with the Dream Syndicate, my solo bands and the Baseball Project. I saw great shows by Yo La Tengo, the Psychedelic Furs, Wilco, Rocket From the Tombs, the aforementioned Feelies and so many other great bands, packed in with others in that tiny room. Oh, and did I mention that I met my wife Linda there in 1992 when her band Zuzu's Petals opened for me (thanks for that booking, Todd!). Yes, I'll certainly miss Maxwell's and cherish all of the memories but the end of one club means the time to find another new great club to start building a new history. And the road goes on and on.

    Here's a very lo-fi but very rocking video of me playing Maxwell's in 1996, the first of many shows I played there with Linda.

    Memories of Maxwell covered in The Hollywood Reporter.

    posted: 2013-07-31

  • Steve talks Dream Syndicate with Prefix Magazine

    The Dream Syndicate

    Interview Excerpt:

    I knew Dennis (Duck, original drummer) had been into the idea, I knew Mark (Walton, bass player) had been into the idea, and Jason Victor, who's been playing with me in The Miracle Three for the last fifteen years, he's played all these songs. He plays them great; he embodies the spirit of what we do. Let's just do this. Let's go over to Spain and play the show. If it doesn't feel right, if the music isn't right, if the audience doesn't like it we'll say it was a fun adventure and that's the end of that and we'll book nothing beyond that. So we went and played the show and it was great. We played five shows in Spain and they were all great. The people loved it, the music was good and we had a good time. It felt like a continuation of what we were doing in the '80s.

    I think our thing now is, keep doing little things and see how long we're having fun. So, the European tour, that was a blast. We did this, this was a blast. Now we're taking things as they come along.

    To read the full interview, please click here.

    posted: 2013-07-31

  • Steve Discusses The Days of Wine and Roses

    Steve Wynn and Sound & Vision's Mike Mettler discuss vinyl and The Days of Wine and Roses

    posted: 2013-05-31

  • The Paisley Underground

    Steve Wynn

    The Guardian has an extension review of The Paisley Underground featuring contributions from Steve, Dan Stuart, Sid Griffin, Matt Piucci and many others:

    The Paisley Underground: Los Angeles's 1980s psychedelic explosion Think of LA in the 1980s, and you think of hair metal. But elsewhere, the Bangles, the Dream Syndicate and a handful of others were reviving the 1960s and briefly becoming rock's hottest scene. Here's the story in the musicians' own words...

    For the full story, click here. There is also a related story here.

    posted: 2013-05-17

  • Dream Syndicate Tour 2013

    Dates for the Dream Syndicate's Tour 2013 are up!

    Also check out a free download of "Tell Me When It's Over" recorded September 2012 at El Sol in Madrid, Spain

    For more, click here.

    posted: 2013-03-19

  • European Tour with Chris Cacavas

    Steve Wynn and Chris Cavacas on Tour

    Over the 30 years that I have been recording and touring, there has been one constant collaborator and that's my good buddy Chris Cacavas. From the earliest days of 1982 when I put out Green On Red's eponymous EP on my Down There label through the two Danny & Dusty records as well as "Here Come The Miracles," "Static Transmission" and on many tours with many lineups, I have often had Chris right there by my side. And with the winter chill upon us, it is time again for Chris and I to take our songs, histories, collaboration and friendship out on the road. Chris and I will be coming to an autobahn/autostrade near you next month.

    Click here for tour dates

    We both have new limited edition CDs with previously unreleased material — Chris' is called "Love's Been re-Discontinued" and mine is "Up There — the Home Recordings 2000 to 2008" and both will be available at the show. Got a song you're just dying to hear? Let us know via either of our Facebook sites. Put on your coat, your glove, your hat and come on down to join us for the musical equivalent of a night by a roaring fire.

    FREE Download of Merrittville

    posted: 2013-01-29

  • Dream Syndicate plays Cleveland

    Steve Wynn, frontman of seminal Los Angeles indie band the Dream Syndicate, has two significant memories of Cleveland from the 1980s."The first time we drove into Cleveland on tour we had this really great experience," says Wynn, calling from his home in New York City. "We had the radio on WMMS and we just happened to hear our song 'That'smore
    posted: 2013-11-19
  • Dream Syndicated interview

    Steve Wynn is bringing the Dream Syndicate back at a time when the band's primary inspiration is being eulogized. "When Lou Reed died (on Oct. 27), I was depressed and stunned," Wynn says. "I spent the first year of my musical life being compared to him, and fighting that, but I realized later it was an honor. It meant amore
    posted: 2013-11-21

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