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  • Head to Head with Ry Cooder in The New Yorker


    "Though it’s hard to pick the best records of the year in today’s highly ramified pop scene, it might be instructive to pit some of the year’s top albums against one another. Some of these matches find wily veterans battling promising newcomers; others feature more unexpected pairings."

    "Ry Cooder vs. Steve Wynn: Cooder, one of the finest rock guitarists alive, has recently returned from Cuban music for a trilogy of albums about California. “I, Flathead,” the last, is the most direct. Wynn, the former leader of the Dream Syndicate, has a long solo career filled with albums of powerfully amplified rock. “Crossing Dragon Bridge,” partly inspired by a stay in Slovenia, is largely acoustic and completely successful."

    Click here for full article

    posted: 2008-12-31

  • PopMatters #1 Singer-Songwriter Album of 2008

    Steve's latest solo release, Crossing Dragon Bridge tops the list on Popmatters best of 2008.


    "an unusually acoustic-leaning and sophisticated sounding release for him. Though he's clearly a talented songcrafter, Wynn tends to funnel his strongest works through a rock setting....Here, however, he channels Leonard Cohen, Jacques Brel, and other great singer-songwriters who have a flair for incorporating European melodies into their tunes and string arrangements into their recordings."

    Click here to see the rest of the picks

    posted: 2008-12-11

  • AllMusic's Top Rock Albums of 2008

    "Far from being a throwaway side project, this unique album is as refreshing as a gapper to right center, providing, of course, it's your team up at the plate. Such is baseball."

    Click here to see the list

    posted: 2008-12-10

  • Steve at WBJB

    Steve recently paid WBJB a return visit where he played a few songs from his album "Crossing Dragon Bridge" and chatted with Jeff Raspe.

    Click here to listen

    posted: 2008-12-04

  • No Depression

    "It's almost certainly his best in fifteen years, if not ever. A spartan folk album with overlays of choirs, string sections and various effects, it's echoey and hallucinatory and displaced-feeling, both kin to and totally unlike anything Wynn has ever done..."

    To read the rest of the article, Click here.

    posted: 2008-11-13

  • World Cafe

    Steve was on World Cafe with David Dye last week.

    Here's a link to the full broadcast: click here to listen.

    posted: 2008-10-29

  • Listen Up

    USA Today included Steve's song, "Punching Holes in the Sky", from his latest release, "Crossing Dragon Bridge".

    In a section titled, "Listen Up", music critic Ken Barnes compiled a playlist to highlight "10 intriguing tracks for your downloading consideration".

    Steve hit the list in the 4 slot accompanied by the following description: "Departure for the underground rocker, a bit like how a lovely, brooding folk tune by the Pet Shop boys might sound."

    Click the little picture to see it bigger, or click here to check out more details about his latest.

    posted: 2008-10-15

  • KEXP Matters

    Steve's song "Manhattan Fault Line" is featured on KEXP's "Music That Matters" podcast volume #119: "Benevolent of the Dandy," in which Kevin Cole chooses some of his favorite new songs. Odes to adolescence, Cracker Jack boxes, and drumming mannequins

    To check out the show, click here, to visit the KEXP Podcast Page.

    posted: 2008-10-13

  • Photos from Take Root

    A gallery of shots from the show at Take Root: Click here.

    posted: 2008-10-09

  • Crossing Dragon Bridge in the USA

    Since its release, Crossing Dragon Bridge, has seen many positive reports in the press. Here's some of the latest recommended reading.

    For more reviews, as well as lyrics and song samples, click here.

    posted: 2008-09-30

  • Caught in the Act

    Steve & the Dragon Bridge Orchestra in Nuremberg:

    Steve & the Dragon Bridge Orchestra in Brussels:

    Archived show: click here | Studio session: click here

    Follow the action:

    Click here to read Steve's Tour Diary.

    Read Reviews: click here | Add Reviews: click here.

    posted: 2008-09-30

  • Wynns on the Q3

    Steve's latest, Crossing Dragon Bridge and his not as latest with The Baseball Project, Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails were both included on AllMusic's Q3 report, "Best of July, August and September".

    Click here to check out the Q3

    posted: 2008-09-26

  • On Tour

    Steve will be hitting the autobahn, ferries, fjords and back roads with the Dragon Bridge Orchestra for a European tour to support "Crossing Dragon Bridge." Chris Eckman will be in the band and also supporting the shows with an acoustic set. Be sure to check this very web site for reports, photos, tour reviews and diaries from the tour.

    For complete dates and band lineup--or even to review one of the shows--click here.

    posted: 2008-09-17

  • Digital Downloads

    Just to note a few of Steve's albums now available digitally right here:

    The whole album is $8.00USD and singles are .75¢

    Click here to visit the Download Store

    posted: 2008-08-28

  • Crossing Dragon Bridge US Release

    The U.S. version of Steve's latest, Crossing Dragon Bridge, is currently available here, and will be released in stores September 9th on Rock Ridge Records.


    Links to a couple great articles about the album listed below.

    Click here to read one at Caught in the Carousel

    Click here for one at All Music

    And more album info here

    posted: 2008-08-28

  • New Features

    The Wynnweb has undergone some tinkering under the hood and a new paint job. We hope you'll enjoy looking around. Some additions to note listed below.

    • Listen: music rarities, interviews and album samples to listen to from the comfort of your own computer.

    • Digital Downloads: Out-of-Print and hard to find CDs now available directly from the site.

    • Flickr Foto Fun: Steve's been busy adding groovy details to photos now archived in a Flickr Photo Gallery.

    • Comments: <- click there for more details. And click the "comment" link just below, if you want to respond to this news post.

    posted: 2008-08-13

  • The Baseball Project on

    The Baseball Project at

    Steve, Linda and Scott visited the studios of to play and talk music and baseball. has an extended interview and songs to watch online.

    Click here for the interview

    And you can click on the song titles below to see the performance:

    Harvey Haddix, Satchel Paige, Past Time

    posted: 2008-06-26

  • The Baseball Project on Letterman

    The Baseball Project comprised of Steve, Linda, Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey were guests on Letterman Friday, June 20th.

    You can see the YouTube version here, or there, and read more about in Steve's latest Diary entry below.

    posted: 2008-06-21

  • Steve Wynn interview in Bugs and CRanks

    Steve Wynn talks about baseball in the just published interview in
    Bugs and Cranks.
    posted: 2008-06-13

  • New Diary Entry

    Remember Steve Wynn ane the Baseball Project will play the Letterman show next Friday. That, and more in Steve's latest diary entry.
    posted: 2008-06-13

  • The Baseball Project to play the Letterman Show

    The Baseball Project will play on the Letterman Show on June 20.
    posted: 2008-05-21

  • The Baseball Project song up on myspace

    A new song from the upcoming "The Baseball Project" is up on MySpace.
    posted: 2008-05-21

  • The Baseball Project

    The Baseball Project is set to release its debut (Volume One: Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails) in early July on Yep Roc Records.
    posted: 2008-05-15

  • "Manhattan Fault Line" download of the day

    Manhattan Fault Line is the download of the day at XPN All about music blog.
    posted: 2008-05-07

  • Willard Grant Conspiracy on tour

    Steve isn't touring this Spring but you can see his good friend Robert Fisher and the Willard Grant Conspiracy in May across Europe.
    posted: 2008-05-03

  • Pre order Crossing Dragon Bridge

    Crossing Dragon Bridge will be released on April 18. You can pre-order it now in the CD store.
    posted: 2008-04-08

  • Live Tick is back (again)

    A few more copies of Live Tick has been located, so in case you missed out, now is your (last) chance to get a copy.
    posted: 2008-04-07

  • Last minute addition to the tour : Arta, Greece

    A last minute addition to the current tour has just come in:

    March 21st, in Arta, Greece at Foggs.
    posted: 2008-03-15

  • 20 Questions for Steve Wynn just published 20 questions for Steve Wynn. Check it our to find out about Steve Wynn hidden talents, and (current) favorite record of all time.
    posted: 2008-03-10

  • Steve Wynn on Total Rock radio...

    This Saturday night Steve+ friends will appear on the radio show House Of Mercy on from midnight to 3am GMT (sunday morning). The whole thing can be streamed from the website.
    posted: 2008-03-07

  • Guestliste interview / Ottersum video

    Check the just released guestliste interview and video from Ottersum here
    posted: 2008-02-26

  • Live Review

    Feel like sharing your experience of one of Steve's live performances, then just go to the tour review section, and post it.
    posted: 2008-02-19

  • On the road again

    Steve Wynnn is on the road again, with Erik van Loo (upright bass) and Robert Lloyd (mandolin, keyboards, guitar).

    And, his diary from the road is update on a daily basis.
    posted: 2008-02-15

  • KEXP interview / The Baseball record

    KEXP posted a interview with Steve about the upcoming baseball record, and the upcoming Crossing Dragon Bridge
    posted: 2008-01-26

  • Danny & Dusty pictures

    Check out pictures of last weekends Danny & Dusty fun at the Bowery Ballroom at The Brink
    posted: 2008-01-16

  • Danny & Dusty interview

    Danny and Dusty appeared yesterday on WFMU in the Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock show. Check out the talking and playing here.
    posted: 2008-01-09

  • Groove.NO

    .. One of the best records ever recorded ....more
    posted: 2003-02-09

    Steve Wynn's latest work, a double disc that will be released soon, has a gorgeous hook-drenched and jangly psych pop tune, "Shades Of Blue." The rest of the 18 songs represent an upbeat and fresh evolution on Steve's Paisley Underground heritage. Few indie pop veterans are capable of this type of talent surge.
    posted: 2001-05-00
  • Sex and Guts Magazine

    It is One Man's California Hell, and it's there's never been a window into those regions that rang true quite like Here Come The Miracles does.more
  • Sex and Guts Magazine

    For all its harsh, bleak imagery, MY MIDNIGHT somehow manages to be fun. With cellos, saxophones, and many crying violins, the album is a gently intoxicating work of art that suggests that Wynn is just going to keep getting better.
  • Scram Magazone

    ...Pure magic ....
    Completely different from hearing it played first time around, but just as great.more
  • OK magazine (Serbian)

    ...With every new album, Steve Wynn is heading to the panteon of the greatest rock and roll heroes...
    Static Transmission" is similar to "Here Come The Miracles", primarily because of sound of it in general and for the equally strong inspiration
    From every word and every tone which Wynn and his crew produce there is evident experience that's coming out of it, which brings innevitable resignation with calm down wisdom also...
    Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan don't have to worry about descendant.more
    posted: 2003-05-00
  • Comes With A Smile

    ...there's also a new breadth to the material here that makes this an addictive and compulsive listen.more
  • AceWeekly

    ...This tension creates a kind of cacophony of conflicting moods reminiscent of both Patti Smith and John Cale-era Velvet Underground.
    posted: 2002-02-14

    The fact that Wynn can sound so fresh and untamed on his 16th album is an accomplishment in itself. "Cats and Dogs" has a particularly magical keyboard fill, courtesy of Joe McGintymore
    posted: 1999-04-08
  • Groove.NO

    My Midnight is somewhat lighter in form than Melting In The Dark, but darker than Kerosene Man.more
    posted: 2000-12-19
  • Magnet

    ...a double-CD masterpiece.
  • Tucson Weekly

    Even with his influences worn on his sleeve, though, Wynn's sound is all his own. Wynn's lyrics center on lost love, and his world view tends to bleakness, but his slide-driven melodies make you want to dance through the tears. more
  • ArgosyNet

    Basically, this album will not make it into the top ten anytime soon, but it still offers a musical experience which is different from most of what you'll see advertised on cheesy HMV comercials. more
  • Stir

    The songs are dark but not oppressive, each offset by pop-like melodies, but nothing like the pop you hear on the radio.more
  • HomeOfRock.DE

    Was gibt's Neues im Sound-Universum des umtriebigen Steve Wynn?Fast alles beim Alten, kommt einem vorschnell über die Lippen. Auf gewohnt hohem Niveau verwöhnt uns Steve auch diesmal wieder mit einem durch die unterschiedlichen Stilarten wandernden Songreigen.Seit zwanzig Jahren versorgt uns der ehemalige DREAM SYNDICATE bzw. GUTTERBALL Gitarrist und SÄnger nun schon mit mehr oder minder guten Songs aus seinem Klangkosmos,more
    posted: 2003-03-20

    Amphetamine plays like only a song called Amphetamine about burning rubber on the highway to possible hell possibly can, slide guitar tearing through the desert with the devil on its tail. It's like Jason and the Scorchers taken to the max.
    posted: 2003-03-11
  • WestNet

    Without a doubt long time Wynn fans will thoroughly enjoy this CD, but Steve Wynn takes enough chances without losing his vision to make any fan of rock and roll want to play My Midnight again and again. more
  • KindMuzik.NET

    I don't remember an album of the ex-Dream Syndicate frontman with so much fine psychedelia in it.more
  • Kindmuzik.NET

    Static Transmission is beslist geen overrompeld meesterwerk, daarvoor vervalt Steve Wynn met weinigzeggende rocksongs als ?Candy Machine? en ?Amphetamine? teveel in de middelmatigheid. more
  • Sunday Times (UK)

    Wynn proves that, far from being spent, he remains a force to
    be reckoned with and cherished. more
    posted: 2003-03-09
  • Q

    ...Less patchy than his previous seven solo albums, Static Transmission
    pleasingly focuses Wynn's talents in a profusion of euphoric chord
    progressions (Maybe Tomorrow), amp-mangling sonics and intriguing narratives
    (One Less Shining Star)....more
    posted: 2003-03-00
  • Amplifier

    From the fuzz-drenched opening chords of the title track, it is apparent
    that Steve Wynn has come to this new album with a fully rocked arsenal. ?it
    may also stand as his most viscerally satisfying. ?a soundtrack that
    alternately blisters and smolders.
  • Politken (Danish)

    If you consider Steve Wynns impressive, even frightening pase, he maintains an unbeleivable quality. This also holds true for 'Static Transmission' which is one of the most sterling/fulfilled albums from the former leader of the desert rockers in Dream Syndicate.more
    posted: 2003-03-07
  • Jyllands Posten (Danish)

    ..mostly it is straight on, flossy and naivistic. There has always been something honest and direct about that man...more
    posted: 2003-02-24
  • Berlingske Tidende

    .. as if Lou Reed had grown up in the country, and not read too much up on the litterature classics....more
    posted: 2003-02-23
  • Aftonbladet (Swedish)

    ...Those who doesn't like the way Lou Reed is sounding these days, will probably find a good deal here, not least in the oustanding opening track "What Comes After"...more
    posted: 2003-02-21
  • KindaMuzik

    posted: 2003-02-21
  • NightLoop (German)

    "Static transmission" is a marvelous plate, fully perfect Songs. An album, which tumbles between gentle Retro-60-ties ("What Comes after"), over dark-oppressing, somewhat tough pieces in the style of Lou Reed of the 70's ("Keep It Clean") up to driving classical skirt ("Amphetamine"), which is not peppered also always with one to importunate shot Retro.more
    posted: 2003-02-21
  • Trondheim Impuls

    ...Steve Wynn returns to his roots, and thereby he sounds completely modern...
    posted: 2003-02-20
  • SupernovaPop

    ...the sound is more personal than ever, in which it reaches an own and absolutely reconocible style ... more
    posted: 2003-02-24
  • Mescalini.IT

    Ogni disco è un mettersi alla prova, a maggior ragione se il precedente ha avuto riscontri positivi. Questo vale per qualunque artista, indipendentemente dal suo successo commerciale, e quindi anche per Steve Wynn, che, con "Here comes the miracle", aveva rilanciato verso l'alto la sua carriera."Static transmission" viene dopo due anni, dopo parecchi concerti, e, soprattutto, dopo i fatti dell'11more
    posted: 2003-02-22
  • Svenska Dagbladet

    Wynn Är en fin sånglyriker, med pregnanta betraktelser om ett liv som ofta Är på vÄg åt ett annat håll. more
    posted: 2001-03-16
  • Village Voice

    Mr. Wynn, who's been bringing his brainy, pop-fueled songcraft to the mini
    masses since his days in the Paisley Underground with Dream Syndicate, has a
    groovy new album out, 'Here Come the Miracles.'
  • Svenska Dagbladet

    Wynn rör sig lika obehindrat mellan Velvet Underground-liknande låtar som klassisk country.more
    posted: 2003-02-20

    ....Als je schoon genoeg hebt van de kou en de winter, koop gewoon deze plaat en de zon gaat schijnen. more
    posted: 2003-02-19
  • Gaffa

    ... with six minute tour de force on Amphetamine with double guitar solo in best Thin Lizzy style, Wynn is sniffing the deep well of Rock. ...
    ...The Ambassador Of Soul, Maybe Tommorow and Charcoal Sunset, shows his format as a songwriter....more
    posted: 2003-02-21
  • Rolling Stone

    On this, his third solo bid, he's singing neofolk alongside John Wesley Harding and Victoria Williams. Stripping down suits his songwriting: "That's Why I Wear Black" sounds almost like a rediscovered Woody Guthrie tune, and "Wedding Bells" seems a country standard.
    (3/5 stars)more
  • Penny Black Music

    ... Steve's managed to create a trulydifferent and startling piece of work from the same raw materialsmore
    posted: 2003-02-13
  • The Independent Weekly

    However, with the release of his double album, Here Come the Miracles, Wynn's reach has finally attained the heights hinted at by his seminal Dream Syndicate slab Days of Wine and Roses.

    B Y C H R I S P A R K E Rmore
  • Whisperin and Hollerin

    Coming to critical prominence under that ever-so nebulous "Paisley Underground" banner in the early-to-mid 80s, Steve Wynn's DREAM SYNDICATE were quite possibly the most potent of all the post-punk LA crew,and that's quite something considering we're also talking about the likes of X,THE GUN CLUB and THE BLASTERS here.more
  • Penny Black Music

    Simply, the best tribute album, ever!more
  • AllMusic.COM

    As the punning title indicates, this welcome document of an early Dream Syndicate show, recorded live-in-studio for Los Angeles' KPFK station in 1982, captures the fierce intensity of the band's first lineup shortly before the release of the actual Days of Wine and Roses album.more
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • AllMusic.COM

    it's clear he was making music for the ages.more
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • Time Out London

    A work of grit and grind and pith and pop, pretty jangle and beauty bomp,
    shifting structure and melodic suss. Great songs, gloriously delivered.
    This is likely Wynn's masterpiece.... just get this, get this, get this.
  • AllMusic.COM

    Steve Wynn is still an exceptional vocal stylist, bringing heart and meaning to every word he writes.more
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • AllMusic.COM

    The Days of Wine and Roses is a grand treatmore
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • AllMusic.COM

    The record wrestles with American roots music in a way college rockers probably weren't familiar with, and thus it was almost universally hated at the time.more
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • AllMusic.COM

    Anyone wanting a crash course in the Dream Syndicate's challenging body of work could hardly do better than to give Tell Me When It's Over a listen.more
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • AllMusic.COM

    The gathering of friends recorded one album in February 1985 over the course of a single, notoriously booze-soaked weekend.more
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • Allmusic.COM

    Maybe not another Days of Wine and Roses, but a solid release all the same.more
    posted: 0000-00-00

    ... and the result is a warm, sincere collection of songs that prevail over their own fragility. more
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • Pitchfork Media

    While not as spectacular as Melting in the Dark, Sweetness and Light is a natural progression for Wynn. May he grow old none too gracefully. Rating: 8.2.more
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • Philadelphia City

    The wide-ranging double CD... surges and sputters like a rattletrap
    speeding through the desert, praying for one more gas station past the last
    chance.'s an exhilarating ride. Just close your eyes, throw your head
    back and smell the dust as it whips through your hair.

    Here Come the Miracles is a brilliant summation of the spirit that has driven Wynn's career, without question one of the best albums of 2001, and, above all, further evidence of the strange power music can hold over us.more
    posted: 2002-01-17
  • Brian McMahon

    ... unarguably one of the best discs released this year. more

    1. Steve Wynn - Here Come The Miracles
    The former Dream Syndicate frontman fired on all cylinders with this one - Shake It Up's Album Of The Year. Here Come The Miracles was a bold and brazen rock and roll journey that covered more territory than Wynn ever has. Backed by an exceptional band, Wynn takes elements of early Tom Waits and Neil Young sounds and created something equally powerful and lasting on this sprawling 2-CD set.
  • Toronto Eye

    1. Steve Wynn, Here Come the Miracles (Down There): For my money, America's
    greatest rock 'n' roller -- like having Dream Syndicate, Neil, Lou and Bob D.
    all in one package. Horseshoe gig was gravity-defying, too.
  • Biloxi Sun-Hearld

    "Here Come the Miracles," Steve Wynn (Blue Rose) - This double CD is the best psychedelic album in years
  • Sound & Vision

    #8--Journeyman songsmith delivers a two-disc career high
  • Boston Herald

    disc has better guitars; tunes don't quite match up.
  • Magnet

    When the flash flood of scotch and gasoline finally
    subsides, a career-defining double album blossoms like a century plant in the
    desert sand.more
  • Los Angeles Times

    The result is a freewheeling yet self-assured balance of Wynn's own voice
    and the influences long associated with him - the darkness of the Velvet
    Underground, the spaciousness of Neil Young and the oblique introspection of
    Bob Dylan.
  • Musicbox Online

    With Sweetness and Light and Take Your Flunky and Dangle, Wynn comes full circle, breathing new life into a music industry that sadly needs it.more
    posted: 1998-12-01
  • CMJ

    His latest effort, Sweetness And Light, has all the markings of a successful AAA album that should appeal to the pop-rock fan in us allmore
    posted: 1997-09-08
  • Metro Active

    Brimming with wit, scratchy rhythms and nifty hooks, these tunes showcase Wynn's sure-handed approach to bash 'n' pop.more
  • CMJ

    On his sixth solo album, Wynn broadens his both songwriting skill and maturity. more
  • Infomusic

    Sicherlich eine Veröffentlichung die im Gewitter der stürmischen Veröffentlichungen vor Jahresfrist Gefahr läuft, übersehen zu werden,zumal die CD nur sehr wenige Läden erreichen wird,da sie hauptsächlich per Versand angeboten wird.more
  • Boston Phoenix

    Wynn may not have been born in the City, but he makes quintessentially
    New York music.more
    posted: 1999-03-01
  • Philadelphia Enquirer

    Steve Wynn's 'Miracles' is an unexpected gift
  • Gaffa (Denmark)

    Steve has made his best album since Kerosene Manmore
  • London Times

    Songwriterly maturity merges with psychedelic power surges. But be
    warned: buy this record and prepare for an expensive outlay on Wynn's back
  • Chicago Tribune impressively consistent 2-CD set that ranks with his very best.
    Rather than forge new ground, Wynn casts a wide-angle spotlight on his
    considerable skills, from his tuneful, classically resonant songwriting to
    his thoughtful arranging to his multifaceted guitar playing. ...'Here Come
    the Miracles' proves that Wynn's a genuine rock renaissance man.
  • NY Press

    Wynn has never abandoned the Neil Young influence, but this album easily
    smokes any Young offering since Freedom...this ambitious offering is
    'atmospheric' enough to keep rebounding in my head all summer long.
  • Cleveland Free Times

    The best record of his solo career.
  • Lucid Culture

    Crossing Dragon Bridge comes in at #12more
    posted: 2008-12-20
  • Lucid Culture

    Crossing Dragon Bridge comes in at #1, #17, #43, #58more
    posted: 2008-12-23

    Steve Wynn Returns: Former Dream Syndicate frontman/paisley underground enabler Steve Wynn has been on a roll lately, releasing a disc with the Baseball Project (his collaboration with Young Fresh Fellow Scott McCaughey and R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, among others) and joining with the Teenaged Prayers in a band called Hazel Motes (named, it's a safe bet, for Flannery O'Connor's Wise Bloodmore
    posted: 2008-11-13
  • Glide Magazine

    Baseball is a slow game with a level of intensity and athleticism that is generally below that of many other sports. Yet there's nothing quite like sitting in the bleachers on a warm summer evening. There's nothing like the 7th inning stretch, nothing like a double play. Even in the days when a roid-ridden bum wears a crown that manymore
    posted: 2008-11-07
  • Phoenix New Times

    After three stellar albums known as the “desert trilogy” because they were made in Tucson, singer/songwriter Steve Wynn set off for a change of scenery for his new disc Crossing Dragon Bridge. Recorded in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, the record is a tasteful mix of Americana and Eastern European sounds, woven tightly together by Wynn's always compelling narratives. He'smore
    posted: 2008-11-11

    Steve Wynn (ex-Dream Syndicate) is on something of an unlikely comeback swing. His last three albums were hailed by critics, and his latest, recorded mostly by himself in Slovenia, was half-a-star shy of the coveted Allmusic Five-Star Guarantee, by which Allmusic guarantees that anybody who doesn’t download it is a total philistine and earns the eternal stony disapproval of Stephenmore
    posted: 2008-10-03

    Why Steve Wynn’s name does not instantly come up in conversation of rock’s great songwriters baffles me. With incredible detail and poetic grace, Wynn weaves tales of love and other personal perils on Crossing Dragon Bridge. “Manhattan Fault Line” is an autobiographical anecdote as well as a tongue in cheek twist on the warnings of LA’s certain earthquake-related demise (“Thismore
    posted: 2008-10-01

    Steve Wynn’s never been a slacker. Since founding L.A.’s neo-psychedelic Dream Syndicate in the early ‘80s and subsequently establishing himself as one of the godfathers of the so-called “Paisley Underground,” he’s been consistently prolific throughout the three decades since. A solo career initiated in 1990 has proved especially intriguing, and while Wynn’s occasionally shifted his stance, he’s rarely repeated himselfmore
    posted: 2008-09-27
  • No Depression

    Wynn fires back with both barrels blazing....Wynn's nineteen-song cycle of
    a Southern California suspended between the millennium and the apocalypse
    infuses his literary aspirations with rock 'n' roll smarts, as if he's
    fronting Raymond Chandler's supercharged garage band.

    Steve Wynn’s lengthy discography includes recordings by Dream Syndicate, his influential, guitar-centered ’80s band; Gutterball, a raucous ’90s group that featured members of House of Freaks and the Silos; his latest band, Miracle 3; and, with the arrival of Crossing Dragon Bridge, 14 solo albums.Crossing Dragon Bridge, mostly recorded in Slovenia, is characteristically guitar-based, but it also features a Czechmore
    posted: 2008-09-19
  • PopMatters

    This is late night music, for evenings when even familiar surroundings seem foreign and memories take on greater weight and meaning than the day-to-day. You could drown in your own rhapsody with Crossing Dragon Bridge as background or learn to swim in it as gracefully as Wynn.

    posted: 2008-09-09

    According to his liner notes, when Steve Wynn went to Ljubljana, Slovenia to make a record with producer Chris Eckman (songwriter, guitarist, and founder of the Walkabouts who also does work for Slovenian television) at the latter's studio, he never expected to be told he had to do everything himself. Wynn had some songs for this collaboration, but others weremore
    posted: 2008-09-09
  • Pop Matters

    Living for any length of time in a foreign country—particularly one where you don’t speak the language—is a curiously detaching experience. You watch people you don’t know, events you’re not connected with, like a film without a soundtrack, almost a series of abstract images. Moreover, you are thrown back on your own life and memories in a way that simplymore
    posted: 2008-09-08
  • Phoenix New Times

    Long before steroids scandals, routine strikes (hey, it's hard living on 175 grand a year), and the high jinks of Pete Rose and Darryl Strawberry made national news, baseball was considered America's great national pastime. As near-religious zeal for Abner Doubleday's invention cuts across generational lines, it's only natural there'd be rock 'n' roll songs on the subject, and somemore
    posted: 2008-08-28
  • Pop Matters

    the retro/heartland rock provided by The Baseball Project is so outstanding and so catchy, it would be possible to catch yourself singing along (thus learning) about poor Harvey Haddix’s fate before you even realize it.more
    posted: 2008-09-05
  • Hybrid Magazine

    24 years after The Dream Syndicate burst onto the LA Paisley Underground scene, Steve Wynn is still going strong as a great American singer/songwriter. Since 1990 he's been putting out records as a solo artist, and has amassed an unrivalled body of work that draws inspiration from the decades of guitar rock that inspired him and then takes it tomore
    posted: 2008-09-04
  • AccessAtlanta

    In the post-Watergate era, when most high school journalists were trying to emulate Woodward and Bernstein, I had a more immediate goal. I just wanted to be as good as Steve Wynn.Wynn and I were friends and classmates at University High School in West Los Angeles (class of 1977). Neither of us quite gained the acclaim of Marilyn Monroe, whomore
    posted: 2008-07-14
  • SportingNews

    Put together some musicians on a side project whose sole mission is to write songs about our national pasttime, and it's easy to be wary of the aforementioned disc sliding towards novelty. Even if those artists have the pedigree of Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate, Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3), Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows, Minus Five, R.E.M), Linda Pitmonmore
    posted: 2008-08-08
  • Jezebel Music

    There are few things I love more than baseball and music. I love both for many of the same reasons; to paraphrase the great Tim Kurkjian, every day there is the ability to see something that you have never seen before and will never see again in every single baseball game; in a similar way, every new record has themore
    posted: 2008-08-16
  • Allmusic

    This isn't a set based on nostalgia, exactly, but is instead a full-blown piece of jangly modern folk-pop, and each song plays like it's an individual piece cut from the same quilt. The songs are witty, varied, and full of more authentic baseball detail than a month of Sunday sports sections, and McCaughey and Wynn are also keenly aware ofmore
    posted: 2008-07-08

    The world of indie rock n’ roll does not lack for baseball fans. Stephen Malkmus has been known to fret over his fantasy baseball team just as much as the arrangements on any Jicks album, and the softball team comprised of Matador staffers is reportedly formidable. The Silver Jews’ David Berman admitted in these pages that he cares deeply aboutmore
    posted: 2008-08-16
  • Uncut

    Concept albums about American baseball? On the surface, it’s an unlikely, fairly unappetising premise. Yet Scott McCaughey, lately of REM and Minus 5, and ex-Dream Syndicate leader Steve Wynn thought it a capital idea. And having bonded over drinks at an REM bash, the pair spent a week in Portland hammering out the details, joined by Wynn’s drummer Linda Pitmonmore
    posted: 2008-08-09
  • Blender

    Despite its popularity with boozy rock & rollers, baseball has never inspired many good songs—Bob Dylan’s “Catfish,” ’90s indie rocker Barbara Manning’s “Dock Ellis” and that’s about it. The Baseball Project sets out to change that, with R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck joining old pals like Dream Syndicate singer Steve Wynn and Scott McCaughey of the Young Fresh Fellows for amore
    posted: 2008-07-08
  • Pitchfork

    Baseball is unquestionably the hipster sport de rigueur, its clean mathematical order and heavy reliance on neatly sortable statistics engenders the type of nerdy admirers who probably share psychological profiles with record obsessives. The game boasts more esoteric lore than the combined histories of the Residents and Jandek, and has given us more colorful characters than Elephant 6. It sometimesmore
    posted: 2008-08-12
  • Each Note Secure

    And so when Peter Buck of R.E.M., Scott McCaughey (The Miracle 3, Minus 5), Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate), and Linda Pitmon put their stamp of approval on this album about baseball, I lept to the top of my stack. Then I remembered that there are hardly any good songs that are not straight up parody driven crap that have comemore
    posted: 2008-06-26
  • Chart Attack

    Crossing Dragon Bridge, Steve Wynn's first solo studio album since 2001's Here Come The Miracles, will receive a North American release through Rock Ridge Music on Sept. 9.The album, which came out in Europe earlier this year, was recorded in producer and Walkabouts member Chris Eckman's home studio in Ljubljana, Slovenia during three weeks last September. A Slovenian women's choir,more
    posted: 2008-07-14
  • Leaky Sparrow

    To quote directly from Steve Wynn’s self-written liner notes from Crossing Dragon Bridge: “It’s a snapshot, a dream, an acid flashback, a tourist guide, a midnight snack, a morning cup of coffee” and I couldn’t agree more. Bringing all of his considerable talents and 25-year history of record making to bear, this fine musician has really come up with amore
    posted: 2008-06-13
  • Caught in the Carousel

    Somewhere in Slovenia, Steve Wynn drank a cup of coffee.Or, more specifically, somewhere in Ljubljana, Steve Wynn was searching for a cup of coffee while observing the vendors in the open market flash their goods in big bursts of color and commerce. Far away from his adopted home in New York City, Wynn's mission to find good coffee was secondarymore
    posted: 2008-08-20
  • Blog Critics Magazine

    As the story goes, in 1992 Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate) and Scott McCaughey (Minus 5 and Young Fresh Fellows) met for the first time in the bathroom of a concert venue in Seattle. They eventually discovered a shared interest in baseball and planned to create an album that focused on the sport’s history and players. Of such chance and borderlinemore
    posted: 2008-08-18

    The maturity and complexity of the songwriting and the arrangements show
    Wynn as a rare performer who has aged like a fine wine. ...if you buy just
    one CD this year, for God's sake, make it this one.
  • Magnet

    Straight outta Ljubljana, baby. When Steve Wynn dropped in on his old pal Chris Eckman (Walkabouts) in Slovenia last year, he probably didn't realize he'd return home to New York City with an ambitious, lush-with-strings solo album in his suitcase. Crossing Dragon Bridge is a striking departure from his work with the Miracle 3 (don't worry, fans, Wynn's bandmore

    For his latest album, former Dream Syndicate mastermind Steve Wynn not only went outside his comfort zone, he went half a world away, leaving his Miracle 3 bandmates (save drummer Linda Pitmon) back home. Working with producer Chris Eckman in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the basic framework of Crossing Dragon Bridge was built entirely with Wynn shouldering the load, playing acoustic guitarmore

    The title of Crossing Dragon Bridge was inspired by the landmark that Steve Wynn regularly traversed during a recent three-week stay in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where the founder of '80s alternative-rock pioneers The Dream Syndicate recorded his first solo album since 2001.? Most of these 13 songs, initially stripped down to just Wynn and his acoustic guitar, were later enhanced withmore
  • MOJO, UK

    While Wynn's band Dream Syndicate was leading LA's Lou Reed-inspired Paisley Underground, up in Seattle with The Walkabouts his (now) Slovenian-based producer Chris Eckman took the first steps towards grunge. But neither of them got to be big stars so, er...they wound up recording in Ljubljana. With basic vocals and guitar hammered through in three days, then stringmore

    For all their merits, Steve Wynn's most recent works have sometimes felt like those of a man privately indulging his garage-punk youth. Ditching his Miracle 3 troupe, this eighth solo LP finds the prolific Californian turning down the volume and embracing his inner folkie. Produced by the Walkabouts Chris Eckman in Slovenia, the songs are mostly stripped tomore
  • Soundsxp

    Think of it as a postcard from the more mature sort of tourist, one who's given up the beach for an art gallery.more
    posted: 2008-05-05
  • Gaffa

    "naked and vulnerable"more
  • Bugs & Cranks

    "the best pile of baseball songs I've ever heard",...,"it'll have to be the soundtrack of the second half of the 2008 season"more
  • Sound & Vision

    ...this ambitious two-disc set -- with all the expected Bob Dylan, Lou
    Reed, and Neil Young influences intact -- is probably his most consistent
    effort, thanks to a sympathetic band and exceptionally sharp songwriting.
  • USA Today

    ..."this is dense, literary, even somewhat sabermetrically sound material, rich with legend and lore, and thoroughly enjoyable musically even if you are one of those sad souls who worships only the gridiron, the rink, the court or the racetrack."more
    posted: 2008-05-15

    "melodic, playful, charming".."If you are not charmed, it is you who have a problem".more
    posted: 2008-04-29

    "An excellent result"...."A perfectly encapsulated by Chris Eckman"more
    posted: 2008-04-30
  • GD.NO

    "A record that grows with time"more
    posted: 2008-04-24
  • Hamar Arbeiderblad

    "Music for those who likes The Walkabouts, Minor Majority and Leonard Cohen"more
  • ABC Nyheter (Norway)

    "one of Steve's best albums so far",,,"deserves a place on the shelfes at anyone who values good music higher than sale numbers and spotlight"more
    posted: 2008-04-29

    "Cohen like voice"..."Magnificent"..."lovely"more
    posted: 2008-04-23
  • Ox-Fanzine / Ausgabe #77

    "Wynn here with strings, acoustic guitar and electronic sounds wonderfully melancholy"..."A ver excellent record"..."Manhattan Fault Line is one of the best songs of his entire career"more
    posted: 2008-04-22

    "Wynn dares to "Dragon Crossing Bridge" to step away from hard rock"..."variety is still one of its strengths"...""more
    posted: 2008-04-18
  • Soundslike

    "beauty in simplicity".."organ sliding up and down the hills"..."intimacy"..."pleasure"more
    posted: 2008-04-22
  • Columbus Alive

    'Here Comes the Miracles' is an album that not every artist has in them.
    Thankfully Wynn did.
  • Bucketfull of Brains

    "There's currently almost no live experience to top Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3. There will be few records this year to top 'Static Transmission.' In the same way as Lucinda Williams, Steve creates vital work in his maturity. It's a mystery why he doesn't achieve a similar recognition."more
  • DIY

    "If you're looking for hype, don't look to Steve Wynn. He's taken for granted because he's lived most of his life in Los Angeles and New York, leaving him without the halo that surrounds some rumor from Obscure, Oklahoma. All Wynn offers is an evening of intelligence and entertainment. Plus free drinks, sex, drugs and gunplay. At least inmore

    "'Static Transmission' is a balanced recording. It has a perfect flow between thoughtful and playful; it works comfortably within its manytextures; it is a record of grace and agitation, energy and exhaustion, serenity and quiet rage. It is a rarity in its completeness. It is a joy in its spiritual quality. And it is a miracle of its own earnestmore
  • MOJO

    "The latest outing from the former Dream Syndicate vocalist-guitarist has an engaging mix of edgy power-pop ('Amphetamine,'Candy Machine') and dreamy ballads ('Maybe Tomorrow'). Some of its best moments recall Lou Reed - like the melancholic, 'What Comes After' or brooding rocker, 'The Ambassador Of Soul.'"more
  • Q

    "Wynn is still fusing Dylan with the Velvet Underground, fashioning windswept vistas with lucid guitars and evocative, mini-screenplay lyrics. 'Static Transmission' pleasingly focuses Wynn's talents in a profusion of euphoric chord progressions ('Maybe Tomorrow'), amp-mangling sonics and intriguing narratives ('One Less Shining Star')."more
  • London Sunday Times

    "He has since perfected a dryly narrative approach that somehow outpaces the Lou Reed comparisons to break through to its own discrete creative space. Here, on the weary 'Maybe Tomorrow' or in the foot-to-the-floor escapism of 'Amphetamine,' Wynn proves that, far from being spent, he remains a force to be reckoned with and cherished."more
  • St. Louis Riverfront Times

    "Wynn is as terrific a performer as he is a songwriter, and right in front of the stage is the best place to catch the feedback."more
  • Seattle Weekly

    "...leave it to 43-year-old Steve Wynn to bring the proverbial heat, with two of the loudest, hardest, and most passionate sets of music in Austin all week. In town since before the festival, the former Dream Syndicate leader made a parade of appearances, but two of his final SXSW slots; his official conference bow at the Cactus Cafe on Fridaymore
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    "...his set was so blisteringly great..."more
  • Chicago Reader

    "Wynn sounds like a man reprieved; he never runs in place, and he knows how to use pale feedback to supernatural effect. His stories of the hopeful and the doomed are more like miniature novels..."more
  • Iowa City Press Citizen

    ..Wynn's sprawling, 2-disc 'Here Comes The Miracles' may well be his
    finest, most consistent and convincing work ever.
  • No Depression

    "of his two latest records, 'Static Transmission' is perhaps the more vital, a trip the 43-year-old rocker has never taken before. It's at times contemplative, tender, vulnerable, even occasionally happy. ... [he has] churned out some of the most piercing songs of his career, bonded by a core theme of mortality. ...perhaps nothing on 'Static Transmission' is more monumental thanmore
  • Chicago Tribune

    "The ex-Dream Syndicate frontman's a veritable Ph.D. of timeless rock songcraft, and his strong new record 'Static Transmission' is a tuneful, intelligent collision of post-punk fury, stylishly measured balladry and mature rock hook-smithing."more
  • Independant Underground Sound

    "It's a mixture of the best of Americana and the best shag of your life. Yeah, that good, man"more
  • London Times

    "Songwriterly maturity merges with psychedelic power surges. But be warned: buy this record and prepare for an expensive outlay on Wynn's back catalogue."more
  • Cleveland Free Times

    "The best record of his solo career."more
  • No Depression

    "Wynn fires back with both barrels blazing....Wynn's nineteen-song cycle of a Southern California suspended between the millenium and the apocolypse infuses his literary aspirations with rock 'n' roll smarts, as if he's fronting Raymond Chandler's supercharged garage band."more
  • NY Rock

    "The short space here can't really give it the credit it's due, but if you buy one CD this year, for God's sake, make it this one."more
  • NY Press

    "Wynn has never abandoned the Neil Young influence, but this album easily smokes any Young offering since Freedom...this ambitious offering is 'atmospheric' enough to keep rebounding in my head all summer long."more
  • Time Out NY

    "...Wynn tears through the songs with great purpose and passion. He's always been a moody son-of-a-bitch but on this record he reaches moments of wisdom, introspection and spiritual enlightenment unexplored on his past albums. ...The songs are littered with grim scenes of self-destruction, booze, pills, fast cars, sad characters and other 'assorted miseries,' but the album concludes with a hopefulmore

    "The maturity and complexity of the songwriting and the arrangements show Wynn as a rare performer who has aged like a fine wine. ...if you buy just one CD this year, for God's sake, make it this one."more
  • Pulse of the Twin Cities

    Wynn's latest, the double CD 'Here Come the Miracles' (Down There Records),
    may be the finest of his reasonably prolific solo career. Shades of Dylan
    and Reed still haunt his voice, but his songwriting takes an outright
    catchy, hook-filled edge.
  • Sound & Vision

    "...this ambitious two-disc set -- with all the expected Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, and Neil Young influences intact -- is probably his most consistent effort, thanks to a sympathetic band and exceptionally sharp songwriting."more
  • San Francisco Bay Guardian

    "...'Here Come The Miracles,' the masterful new double album from ex-Dream yndicate leader Steve us an L.A. soaked with grime, skank, and growl. Wynn's Los Angeles is a Byrds- and X-haunted mecca for squinting, imperfect souls who are buying time but, as Wynn sings on 'Death Valley Rain,' 'got no place to put it' and who have themore
  • Village Voice

    "Mr. Wynn, who's been bringing his brainy, pop-fueled songcraft to the minimasses since his days in the Paisley Underground with Dream Syndicate, has a groovy new album out, 'Here Come the Miracles.'"more
  • Time Out London

    "A work of grit and grind and pith and pop, pretty jangle and beauty bomp, shifting structure and melodic suss. Great songs, gloriously delivered. This is likely Wynn's masterpiece.... just get this, get this, get this."more
  • Q

    "...Wynn's sprawling, 2-disc 'Here Comes The Miracles' may well be his finest, most consistent and convincing work ever." - Iowa City Press Citizen "He's rarely sounded more driven... dusting off his best Lou Reed/Neil Young/Bob Mould moves, it's an airtight collection of jagged guitar manoeuvres..."more
  • Philadelphia City Paper

    "The wide-ranging double CD... surges and sputters like a rattletrap speeding through the desert, praying for one more gas station past the last chance.'s an exhilarating ride. Just close your eyes, throw your head back and smell the dust as it whips through your hair."more
  • Chicago Sun-Time

    "...his strongest album in a decade..."more
  • Pulse of the Twin Cities

    "Wynn's latest, the double CD 'Here Come the Miracles' (Down There Records), may be the finest of his reasonably prolific solo career. Shades of Dylan and Reed still haunt his voice, but his songwriting takes an outright catchy, hook-filled edge."more
  • Cincinnati CityBeat

    "...perhaps the greatest neo-psychedelic record in eons, 'Here Come the Miracles' [is] a work of fuzzed-out beauty..." - Minneapolis City Pages "...'Miracles' is a sprawling, squalling AltRock epic, at once a validation of everything Wynn has attempted in his solo career, as well as an expansion upomore
  • Columbus Alive

    "The music... is forward-thinking. Wynn claims this was the most fun he ever had making a record, and it shows. The songwriting and production quirks are the most ambitious of his career." - Columbus Dispatch "'Here Comes the Miracles' is an album that not every artist has in them. Thankfully Wynn did."more
  • Q

    He's rarely sounded more driven... dusting off his best Lou Reed/Neil
    Young/Bob Mould moves, it's an airtight collection of jagged guitar
  • Phoenix New Times

    The culmination of four decades of music making, "Miracles"is a grand,
    sumptuous statement, simultaneously forward looking and anchored by
    nostalgia. It is, quite simply, the best album of the year... a sprawling,
    career-defining, double-disc opus...
  • Chicago Tribune

    "Sounding alternately combative and remorseful, Wynn flavors his tales with organ-fueled garage rock, sweet Brill Building pop, slinky R&B grooves, Neil Young crunch, Lou Reed noise and Dylan-esque brooding. Whatever the style, though, Wynn approaches it with the energetic abandon of his first musical love."more
  • Chicago Tribune

    " impressively consistent 2-CD set that ranks with his very best. Rather than forge new ground, Wynn casts a wide-angle spotlight on his considerable skills, from his tuneful, classically resonant songwriting to his thoughtful arranging to his multifaceted guitar playing. ...'Here Come the Miracles' proves that Wynn's a genuine rock renaissance man."more
  • Billboard

    " ambitious new entry in his discography."more
  • Boston Phoenix

    "It's his most assured work in years, a dazzling display of inspiration, intent, and execution that, from the opening garage-fuzz guitar notes of the title track, recalls the nocturnal grandeur of Dream Syndicate's 1982 landmark LP, 'The Days of Wine and Roses.'"more
  • Pitchfork

    Although Steve Wynn's former band Dream Syndicate was one of the most influential and terminally underrated groups to emerge from the nascent American independent rock movement of the early 1980s, the title to this collection of Wynn solo material from the past 15 years seems like something of a wry joke. By this point, the length and productivity of Wynn'smore
    posted: 2005-03-18
  • Pitchfork

    Steve Wynn's new CD, Sweetness and Light, is the record he wanted and tried to record in the early 1990s. Back then, over two records, Kerosene Man and Dazzling Display, he enlisted the help of Peter Buck, John Wesley Harding and Johnette Napolitano, practitioners of a kind of music that was no longer very alternative at all. While Wynn's musicmore
  • CMJ

    A brief history lesson: The Dream Syndicate's Days Of Wine And Roses dropped out of the sky back in 1982, marrying Steve Wynn's traditional song structure and Karl Precoda's ferociously chaotic guitar work in a symbiotic tryst. With the departure of Precoda and Wynn's honing of his own songwriting craft, the group's music literally evolved into that of Steve Wynnmore

    Out on his own since the 1989 breakup of highly influential paisley underground act the Dream Syndicate, Steve Wynn spent the 1990s pursuing a solo career. While 1991's Dazzling Display found the singer incorporating both strings and horns into the mix, and 1994's self-produced Fluorescent seemed at times to head for the country, Melting in the Dark is a stylisticmore
  • CMJ

    Throughout the `80s, Steve Wynn gained notoriety as the guiding force behind Los Angeles' renowned Dream Syndicate. His third solo outing, the self-produced Fluorescent, only vaguely recalls that outfit's psychedelically-edged rock textures, and concentrates instead on a more stripped-down, focused and countrified approach. While Fluorescent certainly sounds well-mapped out, the songs that appear on the album are, for the mostmore
  • Billboard ambitious new entry in his discography.
  • CMJ

    If you were oblivious to the saga of new American rock in the '80s, witness it through the eyes of Steve Wynn. The original paisley cowboy was head honcho of the Dream Syndicate, the City Of Angels hopefuls who released one of the most heralded indie rock records of the decade, Days Of Wine And Roses. The band was sweptmore
  • Q

    4 stars out of 5 - "...Steve Wynn in fine songwriting form. His 80's band The Dream Syndicate specialized in cerebral yet visceral 6-string laments and, solo, he was more than able to further this tradition..."
    posted: 2000-05-01
  • Spin

    Recommended - "..Wynn's sweeping thematic and sonic range demands more of his songs than many of them can deliver...Wynn leaves no doubt that he's left his pure American guitar-rock days behind.."
    posted: 1992-06-01
  • Rolling Stone

    3.5 Stars - Good Plus - "..he sounds exhilaratingly close to having found his true voice...a shimmering pop album.."
    posted: 1992-07-09
  • CMJ

    Steve Wynn's goal for his second solo LP, Dazzling Display, was for the songs to have a cinematic feel, and in turn for those songs to give the record the pacing of a fine film. This resulting audio film that Wynn has created is lyrically and musically dense, owing to the cinematic and literary works that sparked his writing. Amore
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • Magnet Magazine

    It's anybody's guess what drugs fueled the other bands from Los Angeles"Paisley Undergound psych/pop scene of the "80's. Danny & Dusty - Dream Syndicate frontman Steve "Dusty" Wynn and Green On Red vocalist Danny Stuart - ran on nothing but alcohol when they cut Lost Weekend in 1985. Wynn has reunited with Stuart and recruited members of Gutterball and themore
    posted: 2007-07-23

    ...That said, Wynn and his band, despite emetic "classic rock" comparisons, make music as contemporary and cool as anything that isn't (but should be) playing at the moment on local radio stations....

    posted: 2007-05-27

    Like tribute discs, of course, benefit discs instantly spark suspicion; purity of motivation scarcely necessitates preeminence of music-the road to hell, et cetera.After Hurricane Katrina and the Bush regime conspired to turn much of the Gulf Coast into a monstrous aquarium, support of all sorts-a verb like this seems inescapable-poured into the region. That support continues with Graciously, A Gulfmore
    posted: 2007-05-26
  • The Chattanooga Pulse

    ... Highly recommended ....more
    posted: 2007-05-30
  • Harp Magazine

    ...So here we are, more than two decades after the Danny & Dusty summit, and hell hath frozen over:...more
    posted: 2007-03-13
  • Boston Phoenix

    It's his most assured work in years, a dazzling display of inspiration,
    intent, and execution that, from the opening garage-fuzz guitar notes of the
    title track, recalls the nocturnal grandeur of Dream Syndicate's 1982
    landmark LP, 'The Days of Wine and Roses.'

    "Will The Dream Syndicate ever reform?". That is the question. That is a question that Steve Wynn faces every now and then. Steve, fair enough, usually answers by posing another question: "Which version of The Dream Syndicate?". Another question that both media people and fans keep asking Steve is: "OK, how about a Gutterball reunion?". I don't know what can make a Gutterball reunion happen, after the tragic loss of their guitar maestro, Bryan Harvey, New Years Day 2006. I mean, few people have asked Steve about a possible Danny & Dusty new record. That's because everybody thought Danny & Dusty was sort of an one-off project, that rocked our mid-80's days in a magic dylanesque way, and was never bound to come back.
    Never say never. Steve knows how to suprise us. Dan Stuart is also very good at that. Not only Dan's band, the always exciting Green On Red, IS back, but Danny (Dan Stuart) and Dusty (Steve Wynn) have a brilliant new album, due to come out April 1st, 2007. How did that happen? According to Danny & Dusty's official MySpace page, "...Dan Stuart, upon hearing that Wynn had severely broken his ankle and was laid up at home, took it as a sign and wondered whether another record might be possible. Venturing uptown with guitar in hand, Danny found Dusty laying on the couch, watching baseball and chewing Vicodins. Surely not much had changed in two decades. After whiling away several afternoons picking and grinning, the duo decided that another album was in order and arrangements were made to record in Richmond, VA. Local ringers Johnny Hott (House of Freaks, Sparklehorse) and Bob Rupe (Silos, Cracker) were enlisted, along with Stephen McCarthy and Chris Cacavas from the debut album. Eclectic madman JD Foster agreed to produce".
    The result is "Cast Iron Soul', an album well worth the wait. Our radio show has already an adance copy of "Cast Iron Soul', and gives it heavy airplay.
    As if "Cast Iron Soul"wasn't enough of a surprise, Danny & Dusty take the long and winding road, in support of their new material. They'll play Thessaloniki, Friday, April 13. Nanoi, the fabulous locals, will open for them. Just as we're looking forward to Danny&Dusty's performance over here, Steve Wynn and Dan Stuart have honored us by answering our web-blog's questions, and by putting up our interview on their MySpace Page. So, here they are, brothers and sisters, the glorious Dan and Steve, in excellent shape (We all hope that another breaking of Steve's ankle won't be necessary for this band to record their third LP...):more
  • RockInfo.DE

    Am 30.3. erscheint das bis vor kurzem noch für undenkbar gehaltene neue Album von Danny & Dusty. Danny & Dusty, das sind Dan Stuart von Green On Red, und Steve Wynn. Zusammen mit Mitgliedern ihrer damaligen Bands (Chris Cacavas - Green On Red und Dennis Duck - The Dream Syndicate) sowie Mitgliedern einer weiteren damals Äußerst populÄren Truppe, The Longmore
  • New York Times

    ...A group chemistry this close to perfection doesn't come along every day....more
    posted: 1985-06-12
  • Have Fun Online

    3/10 : ..tick...tick...tick :
    Wynn is 45 years old, but he
    shreds guitar like he’s half that
    age during “Wild Mercury” and
    the Bo-Diddleying “Killing Me.”
    But behind all the impressive riffing
    and feedback are tuneful
    songs about creeping anxiety.
    Secret weapon: the rock-steady
    drumming of Linda Pitmon.more
    posted: 2007-01-08
  • Sun Herald

    1. "... tick... tick... tick," Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 (Down There Records): Steve Wynn's output over the past few years has been amazing., and this guitar-driven finale to his "Tucson Trilogy" is no exception.

    posted: 2007-01-06

    Criminally overlooked for the last twenty years, Wynn has never made a bad record (and he's made a ton of em). This one may be the best yet!more
    posted: 2006-12-05
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer

    "Bruises," Steve Wynn. Dream Syndicate vet picks himself up from the floor, rocks out like The Who.
    posted: 2006-12-12
  • Harp Magazine

    Live Tick was recorded in Germany in November on the tick...tick...tick tour, although due to scheduling logistics, regular bassist Dave DeCastro couldn't make the European trek, so stepping in temporarily was Eric Van Loo (Willard Grant Conspiracy). Admittedly, DeCastro's low-end rumble and looming presence are key ingredients of the M3, so he's missed somewhat. Van Loo steps up to themore
    posted: 2006-12-00
  • Toronto Star

    ..."No Tomorrow" is a two-part, eight-minute tour de force in which hooky pop is laced with slicing guitar digressions...more
    posted: 2006-11-01
  • A long and bitter suicide

    ...Wynn and Victor's guitars weld with the drums and work together to pound the listener into submission...
    ...Pitmon's drumming throughout is marvellous...
    with the Miracle 3 sounding as thrillingly vital as the Dream Syndicate did...This is a landmark live release this side of the punk divide, and comes highly recommended.more
    posted: 2006-09-02
  • Toronto Eye

    ...he came away with the record of his career. "Here Come The Miracles" is
    one of those rare records that grows more compelling with each run-through
    of its 19 songs.
  • PopMatters

    ...Tick ...Tick ...Tick is an early contender for one of the strongest rock records of 2006...more
    posted: 2006-03-15

    Take my word for it, ...tick...tick...tick is essential for lovers of the rock alternative, rock with heart and soul and for those who need to believe that rock "n"roll is still vibrant and relevant and yes, here to stay... more
    posted: 2006-03-09
  • Hybrid Magazine

    There's nary a less than stellar track on this whole record. It blasts out of the gate with "Wired"'s buzzsaw guitars and distorted vocals....more
    posted: 2006-03-09
  • Austin Chronicle

    With 11 tracks of rock goodness, it's difficult to point to highlights, but the Bo Diddley-on-acid "Killing Me," pure pop hooks of "Bruises," and melancholy "The Deep End" are three prime slices of what Wynn and the 3 are capable of. more
    posted: 2006-03-10
  • High Bias

    ...Wynn and the 3 find the beauty in chaos and shove it right in your face. Brilliant stuff...more
    posted: 2006-02-27
  • No Depression

    ...Highlights here are many, but the group is at it's best on the two-part album closer "No Tomorrow", a monster of a guitar extravaganza and the closest thing to hope heard on the record...more
    posted: 2006-03-01
  • http://www.columbiaspectator.c

    Prolific Musician Churns Out a New Album With the Miracle 3Cathartic (adj): 1. "The feeling just before everything explodes." An alternate definition could read, "...tick...tick...tick, the new album by Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3."Well, at least that's how Steve Wynn would define cathartic. "It's a pretty intense thrill-ride roller-coaster of a record," Wynn said."Wired," the opening track, mimics themore
    posted: 2006-02-17
  • Philadelphia Weekly

    Live MusicSat., Feb. 11, 9pm. $5. With Teenage Prayers. World Cafe Live... Tick ... Tick ... Tick just came out in the U.S., but the ex-Dream Syndicate frontman and his band have been pounding songs like jangle rock "Freak Star" and distortion-hazed "Killing Me" since a series of molten performances at last year's SXSW. All that practice-the band's been togethermore
  • Philadelphia Inquirer

    On Saturday, he held out hope that one day faith would be rewarded (and enemies avenged) on "There Will Come a Day" and confronted middle age while sounding none the worse for wear on "Bruises."more
    posted: 2006-02-13
  • Boston Globe

    The third in a trilogy of triumphs, ''tick" is a lit fuse of a record that recalls Wynn's Dream Syndicate days of wine and roses yet doesn't coast on nostalgia.more
    posted: 2006-02-02
  • Time Out NY

    ...Wynn tears through the songs with great purpose and passion. He's always
    been a moody son-of-a-bitch but on this record he reaches moments of wisdom,
    introspection and spiritual enlightenment unexplored on his past albums.
    ...The songs are littered with grim scenes of self-destruction, booze,
    pills, fast cars, sad characters and other 'assorted miseries,' but the
    album concludes with a hopeful message on the glorious closing track, the
    spiritual 'There Will Come a Day.'
  • AllMusic

    .Wynn's willful loss of total control has benefited him in spades....DeCastro's bass enters about a minute in, and propels the guitars as Pitmon accents every line as if it were the gospel truth...Victor is a guitar monster...guitar playing by Wynn and Victor sounds like an outtake of Television's "Marquee Moon," moving over the red line until it becomes its antithesis...more
    posted: 2006-01-31

    Certainly this album is one you will be listening to regularly for years to comemore
    posted: 2003-11-22
  • Toronto Globe and Mail

    The clock is ticking, but Steve Wynn sure doesn't sound like he's under any constraints, time or otherwise.....Seems like singer-guitarist Wynn is having the time of his life. more
    posted: 2006-01-31

    A quarter-century or so after achieving his highest profile as frontman for L.A.'s Dream Syndicate, Steve Wynn continues to show that there's life beyond the Paisley Underground. more
    posted: 2006-01-24
  • Metro Times / Detroit

    1. Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 ...tick... tick... tick (Blue Rose): Issued in Europe, this is a rock 'n"roll pipe bomb wrapped in plastique and dipped in gunpowder.more
    posted: 2006-01-04
  • Pulse

    An excellent addition to the Wynn catalog, a genuine gem of an album and a must-have for fans of music that gives a shit. Buy it!more
    posted: 2006-01-11
  • MusicBox Online

    ... in essence, it is the culmination of his own career resurgence ...more
    posted: 2006-01-00
  • Shepherd Express

    ... The man and his latest band, Miracle 3, seem to be on a roll again with
    ...tick...tick...tick ...more
    posted: 2006-01-19
  • Harp Magazine

    ultimately ...tick... tick... tick is more than the sum of its geographical parts. It's a frenzied primal scream, a rock 'n' roll IED set to blow through today's postmillennial unease. more
    posted: 2006-01-00
  • Chicago Sun Times

    ...his strongest album in a decade...
  • Americana UK

    ...this album will be lapped up by Wynn fans and for the songs "The Deep End" and "No Tomorrow" is well worth a purchase for fair weather followers.more
    posted: 2005-11-21
  • Rolling Stone

    Wynn has made his own kind of "Layla," with all of the scars showing.more
    posted: 2006-01-23

    Not something to drop on at a party, this record requires and deserves your full attention.more
    posted: 2006-01-19
  • Sun Herald

    Fans of radical guitar noise, thoughtfully cynical lyrics and carefully sculpted songcraft should snag "... tick... tick... tick." (4.5/5)more
  • The Celebrity Cafe

    Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 is a great match; Steve found a band that compliments his style perfectly. more
  • Americana-UK

    Opening with "Wired" the band blister through a punked up Dylanesque frenzy, two minutes of amphetamined rock energy. "Killing Me" has a killer Bo Diddley beat driving Wynn's lyrics which again have a Dylanesque quality although on this occasion it's Dylan as seen through Kim Fowley's mondo vision.......more
  • BT.NO

    The closest thing Steve Wynn comes to his own past with in the Dream Syndicate.more
    posted: 2005-10-26
  • TubaRec

    ... Some of the best work Steve Wynn has ever done ...more
  • BiB

    The ex-DREAM SYNDICATE chief with grand (and loud) completion of his ' Desert' Trilogie.more
  • Cincinnati City Beat

    ...'Miracles' is a sprawling, squalling AltRock epic, at once a validation
    of everything Wynn has attempted in his solo career, as well as an expansion
    upon it.

    Steve Wynn maakt nog steeds geweldige soloplaten. Weliswaar is zijn gitaargeori?nteerde popsound vandaag de dag lang niet zo baanbrekend als in zijn tijd met The Dream Syndicate, toen hij een van de belangrijkste vertegenwoordigers van de zogeheten paisley underground-stroming was. Die tijd is zo goed als voorbij en Steve Wynn is nu vreemd genoeg een gevestigde naam in de kleinemore
    posted: 2005-10-23
  • Svenska Dagbladet

    Steve Wynn and his Miracle 3, makes noise when demanded.[in swedish]more
    posted: 2005-10-19
  • musikexpress

    Straight noise with heart ripping melodies! ... at least as hot as the front cover chili ... sounds as if Neil Young had been playing with Velvet Underground, than again as if the Queens Of The Stone Age would have surprisingly started writing and playing songs ...more
  • Rock - Das Magazin

    ...Für Steve Wynn-Fans ist klar, dass man diese Tribute-CD im Regal haben muss....more
    posted: 2010-06-20
  • Uncut

    ..Compiled by good friend Jaap Bos, this twin-CD set has plenty of decent moments and more than a few outstanding ones...more
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • Chicao Sun-Times

    Tunes such
    as "Gospel," "Anthem" and "Something to Remember Me By" are incredibly
    powerful, even in these minimalist arrangements, and taken together,
    the two CDs make a convincing argument that Wynn is a significant and
    still-vital talent deserving of a much broader audience.
    posted: 2005-04-15
  • NYCD Online

    An excellent 17 track overview of the Dream Syndicate founder's solo career to date, plus a second disc with re-recordings of 14 tracks using only voice and piano. A fine introduction to a great songwriter and performer. 2005 release.
  • Pitchfork Media

    ...serve as a valuable introduction for latecomers but also as evidence that Wynn's near future may very well prove as valuable as his recent past.more
    posted: 2005-03-18

    .... rock in in purest form ....more
    posted: 2005-08-20
  • Minneapolis City Pages

    ...perhaps the greatest neo-psychedelic record in eons, 'Here Come the
    Miracles' [is] a work of fuzzed-out beauty...
  • Thrilling Detective

    posted: 2004-06-00
  • Mansfield News Journal

    Perhaps unknown in mainstream circles, consider "Static Transmissions" an excellent starting point for those discerning rock fans who haven't had much to rock to of late. more
    posted: 2003-07-31
  • Kansas City Star

    In sports the great ones make it look easy. Steve Wynn peforms a similar deception. more
    posted: 2003-08-01
  • Rolling Stone

    "'Miracles' is a nineteen-song bundle of what you've been missing: snarling prairie-wolf guitars circling Wynn's cutting yowl in the title bullet; roaming-dog blues like 'Sunset to the Sea' that sound like Townes Van Zandt hitchhiking with Crazy Horse.....If there is any justice left in rock, Miracles will be (Wynn's) big payback"more
  • Chicago Tribune

    Sounding alternately combative and remorseful, Wynn flavors his tales with
    organ-fueled garage rock, sweet Brill Building pop, slinky R&B grooves, Neil
    Young crunch, Lou Reed noise and Dylan-esque brooding. Whatever the style,
    though, Wynn approaches it with the energetic abandon of his first musical
  • Chicago Tribune

    "...The ex-Dream Syndicate frontman's a veritable Ph.D. of timeless rock songcraft, and his strong new record 'Static Transmission' is a tuneful, intelligent collision of post-punk fury, stylishly measured balladry and mature rock hook-smithing."more
  • Playback St. Louis Review

    It's a disc worth savoring. Wynn's work, in its wit and maturity, invites comparison to that of Bob Dylanmore
    posted: 2003-07-00
  • Penny Black Music

    These are songs to live your life too. Long may you rock, Mr. Wynn.
  • NetRhythms.COM

    ...But, in the end, he reckons, what the hell, he'll walk into the light, not afraid of light. When he does, he'll leave behind one hell of a legacy, this up there at the top of the pile. more
  • DoneWaiting.COM

    Seriously, the days of Steve Wynn as a whiny singer-songwriter are long gone. Now he's back doing a darker and heavier sound that, in my opinion, features a little bit of that late 60's/early seventies LA sound: sometimes loud, sometimes quiet - but always rocking with just a little bit of that..." something" that keeps it fresh and makes you wishing you lived in California. more
    posted: 2003-07-08
  • Gadfly Online

    ...Here Come The Miracles is possibly the best thing he's done since The Days Of Wine And Roses....In a just world, the anthemic "There Will Come A Day" would be a hit single...more
    posted: 2002-00-00
  • USA Today

    ..offers a raw and seasoned alternative to top 40's processed junk food... more
    posted: 2003-07-20

    ...The disc finally picks up momentum with the appropriately titled "Amphetamine", an old-school Yo La Tengo-style rocker that highlights Wynn and Victor's outstanding guitar interpla...more
    posted: 2003-07-03
  • AllMusic.COM

    ...No contemporaries make classic rock records like Wynn; he's what bands like the Wallflowers wish they could be...more
    posted: 2003-07-10
  • Power Of Pop

    ... it seems that they have managed somehow to continue in the scorching essence of Miracles and why not, when such stimulating and passionate music is the end result. Truly amazing and a tremendous boon to fans of this great rock "n"roll marvel.....more
    posted: 2003-06-00
  • Columbus Dispatch

    The music... is forward-thinking. Wynn claims this was the most fun he ever
    had making a record, and it shows. The songwriting and production quirks are
    the most ambitious of his career.

    .. It's about the dark side, changing moods and a country heading to the trenches....more
    posted: 2003-03-08
  • Americana UK

    ...There's lots more in between to enjoy on 'Static Transmission' and Wynn successfully blends a mix of rock rebellion with grown up musical sophistication throughout. And just in case you think the poignant last track 'Fond Farewell' is a personal artistic statement after such a distinguished musical career then stick around for the 'hidden track' which is a glorious Dylanesque acoustic/harmonica jam...more
    posted: 2003-03-00
  • PopDepression

    April 11th - April 18th 2003.
    Album Of The Week Steve Wynn Static Transmission

    posted: 2003-04-11
  • The Sun Herald

    There are some great songs here as well as some interesting experiments.more
    posted: 2003-06-05
  • CMJ

    ... offers the Out Of The Grey version of "50 In A 25 Zone" as well as a "whodunit mix" which, with its stripped-down accent on big drum beats and Steve Wynn's vocals, should qualify for club play...more
    posted: 1987-02-27
  • CMJ

    The bulk of the tracks fea-tures the augmented lineup with Chris Cacavas on keyboards, adding a more earnest, rootsy, bar-band timbre to the Syndicate's sound, making it a worthy addition to the canon of one of the most enduring American bands of the `80s. more
    posted: 1996-09-30
  • CMJ

    ...They're so good, it's scary. more
    posted: 1988-08-26
  • CMJ

    ...Central to the Syndicate's new approach is guitarist/producer Paul Cutler (ex-45 Grave) whose steady, masterful hand replaces the flash and fury of Karl Precoda. Dream Syndicate is still one of the coolest, and best, rock `n' roll has to offer. more
    posted: 1986-06-06
  • CMJ

    ...Exquisitely recorded and performed, and it all sounds great...more
    posted: 1984-11-12
  • CMJ

    Unquestionably one of the records of the year ... A masterpiece.
    posted: 1984-05-07
  • San Francisco Bay Guardian

    ...'Here Come The Miracles,' the masterful new double album from ex-Dream
    Syndicate leader Steve us an L.A. soaked with grime, skank, and
    growl. Wynn's Los Angeles is a Byrds- and X-haunted mecca for squinting,
    imperfect souls who are buying time but, as Wynn sings on 'Death Valley
    Rain,' 'got no place to put it' and who have the 'Crawling Misanthropic
    Blues' because they want to be free but can't be.
  • Rolling Stone

    'Miracles' is a nineteen-song bundle of what you've been missing: snarling
    prairie-wolf guitars circling Wynn's cutting yowl in the title bullet;
    roaming-dog blues like 'Sunset to the Sea' that sound like Townes Van Zandt
    hitchhiking with Crazy Horse.....If there is any justice left in rock,
    "Miracles"will be [Wynn's] big payback.
  • AQUARIUM DRUNKARD-- The Baseball Project; Frozen Ropes and Dying Qualis

    It's a well-known fact that there has never been a bad song recorded about baseball. Not one. I'm even willing to include John Fogerty's synth-clapping "Centerfield" (ed. brave) and every last one of those jazz songs about Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle that came out when my dad was a kid. Whatever the case, something about baseball has historically lentmore
    posted: 2008-06-16
  • REUTERS: Songwriters devote album to baseball

    Dusk is setting on a cool evening at Yankee Stadium, as Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte sets down the San Diego Padres. Steve Wynn and Scott McCaughey, two songwriters behind new band The Baseball Project, are doing what they love: sipping beer and talking baseball and music.The Baseball Project is celebrating the release of its first album, "Volume 1: Frozen Ropesmore
    posted: 2008-07-21
  • SO MUCH SILENCE--Q&A with Steve Wynn of the Baseball Project

    I had the good fortune last week to talk with Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate, Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3) about his newest group: The Baseball Project (see previous post).We talked music and baseball what could be better? and about the origins of the group, which includes Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows, the Minus 5), Peter Buck (R.E.M.)more
    posted: 2008-07-06
  • TORONTO GLOBE AND MAIL--A championship season for baseball songs

    Here's to you, Campy Campaneris? While Hockey Night in Canada deals with the loss of its signature theme jingle, the song canon of baseball is having the year of its life. The hit parade began eloquently in late 2007, with the release of Joe Henry's Our Song, which has Willie Mays in a suburban shopping mall pondering America's lost honour.more
    posted: 2008-07-12
  • WALL STREET JOURNAL--Baseball's Greatest Hits

    By ALLEN ST. JOHNJuly 11, 2008; Page W4"Writing a song about Harvey Haddix or Curt Flood didn't seem like much of a stretch for us," explains ex-Dream Syndicate frontman Steve Wynn, who joined with REM guitarist Scott McCaughey last year to form The Baseball Project. Their first album, Vol. 1: Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails, released on Yep Roc thismore
    posted: 2008-07-11
  • MLB.COM--The Baseball Project swings for fences

    A typical rock-star meeting turned into a very atypical rock record when the members of the new band The Baseball Project came together in 2007.The occasion was R.E.M.'s pre-Hall of Fame induction party in New York, and Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows, Minus 5, R.E.M.) and Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate, Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3) were knocking back amore
    posted: 2008-06-24
  • BUGS AND CRANKS--Steve Wynn of The Baseball Project

    Steve Wynn of the Baseball ProjectThe album's out in July and, while no tours are scheduled (you might have heard that Buck's "other" band is in the midst of a little tour), the Baseball Project is booked for an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman later this month.Steve Wynn, who's made some of my favorite records of themore
    posted: 2008-06-12
  • CMJ--Baseball Project Calls Its Shot

    The Baseball Project, a new collaboration between R.E.M.'s Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck, Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate, Gutterball) and Linda Pitmon (Miracle 3) marries a love of America's favorite pastime with college rock for 13 tracks about the summer sport on Volume 1: Frozen Ropes And Dying Quails, due out July 8 via Yep Roc. Though they aren't donning stirrupsmore
    posted: 2008-05-14
  • BUGS AND CRANKS--Steve Wynn, the cult rock musician

    Although he secured himself a status of the cult author with the band "Dream Syndicate", Wynn's solo career is even more impressive, with 11 studio albums and virtually never-stopping tour, almost like Bob Dylan himself, one of his heroes. His new album "Crossing Dragon Bridge" is supposed to be released in late April, which was recorded last year in themore
    posted: 2008-03-24

    WYNN DREAMS COME TO LIFEor, another stupid title for a Steve Wynn storyBy Jeff ClarkThe first thing you notice about Steve Wynn is that he seems a little...high-strung. Like he's just downed a half-dozen cups of coffee on a stomach that's otherwise empty besides the package of No Doz stewing on the bottom."Yeah!" he quickly agrees. "And I'm in themore
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • POP MATTERS--20 Questions with Steve Wynn

    * Share o Email o o Digg o Reddit o Newsvinemore
    posted: 2008-03-10
  • KEXP BLOG--Steve Wynn and the Minus 5 team up for an entire record of baseball songs

    It may be bleak and cold now — depending on where you're reading this, of course — but in just a few weeks baseball players begin training for the upcoming season. Somehow that's always a very welcome reminder that summer will, eventually, show up.Getting an even earlier jump on the 2008 season are guitarist/songwriter Steve Wynn, ex-Dream Syndicate frontman nowmore
    posted: 2008-01-24
  • ITHICA JOURNAL--The best shows of 2007, The Jimmie award

    1) Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3, Nov. 9, Castaways. This is a first for the Jimmies: a repeat "Best Show" winner from the previous year. I wrote that Dream Syndicate founder Wynn's 2006 show was one of the best I had ever seen. But he actually managed to top it this time around with an encore of "The Daysmore
    posted: 2007-12-27
  • BLENDER--The 100 Greatest Indie-Rock Albums Ever

    99. Dream Syndicate, The Days of Wine and Roses, Ruby/Slash, 1982These L.A. amp torturers loved druggy late-'60s rock, but their pouty new-wave aspect made the throwback seem cool.more
    posted: 2007-11-29
  • VILLAGE VOICE--Possibly 4th Street: Steve Wynn in a Dog Park

    Possibly 4th Street: Steve Wynn in a Dog Parkposted: 10:30 AM, October 30, 2007 by Camille DoderoCouple weeks ago, we introduced Possibly 4th Street, a regular SOTC feature in which writer Rob Trucks invites musicians he likes to play anywhere, somewhere, in public. So far, he's messed around with the Fiery Furnaces and Oakley Hall, but here's the real thing:more
    posted: 2007-10-30
  • PHILLY BLURBS--Steve Wynn Rocks Moorestown

    What a phenomenal night of music at Jen and Dave's House Concerts Friday night in Moorestown. Legendary singer-songwriter Steve Wynn, former Dream Syndicate and Gutterball leader and one of the original Paiseley Underground stars, performed for two hours accompanied by Jason Victor, his guitarist in the Miracle 3.Drawing on material spanning his career, Wynn left the crowd spellbound. Highlights weremore
    posted: 2007-10-22
  • JAVNO.COM (CROATIA)--Steve Wynn, Chris Eckman Perform in Zagreb

    The American singers thrilled the Zagreb audience once again.When people sti at concerts, that is usually not a good sign. Either they were not caught up in the rhythm or the musician is still tuning up. Who else, since the time of the Beatles, plays in a theatre?Look at the PHOTO GALLERY of the concert.Audience like in a theatre Butmore
    posted: 2007-10-07
  • RETROPHOBIC--Steve Wynn talks about The Days Of Wine And Roses

    1) Hello Steve and welcome to our website. As previously agreed this should be a sort of chat about Dream Syndicate's masterpiece "The days of wine and roses"... the first thing I'd like to know about the birth of the songs is something surrounding such an important moment as band reharsals... when and where did you reharse? What were youmore
    posted: 2007-07-29
  • HARP--Danny & Dusty Back in the Saddle Again

    Among americana aficionados, 1985's The Lost Weekend, by Danny & Dusty, is one of those classic under-the-radar epistles of twang. A booze-soaked collaboration between Green on Red's Dan Stuart (Danny) and the Dream Syndicate's Steve Wynn (Dusty), plus members of GoR, DS and the Long Ryders, it spawned a total of three gigs then passed (out) into legend. Now, though,more
    posted: 2007-07-17
  • GAESTELISTE--10+10 [German Danny & Dusty interview]

    DANNY & DUSTYDanny & DustyMal ehrlich: Wer würde sich denn wohl eine Scheibe von einem Act namens Danny & Dusty kaufen, wenn er nicht wüsste, dass es sich hierbei um niemand anderen als Dan Stuart & Steve Wynn handelt? Wir schreiben das Jahr 1984. Das erste Mal seit Punk und New Wave hat sich in Kalifornien eine neue Szene unerschrockenermore
    posted: 2007-03-31
  • About the UK2000 tour

    Steve Wynn just finished a 10 show solo-acoustic tour of the U.K with his longtime friend and collaborator Johnette Napolitano, any of you lucky enough to have attended one of these can attest to the power of these unique and talented performers. At the end of the tour he decided it would be fun to bring his electricmore
    posted: 2000-06-01
  • THE BRINK--Cast Iron Soles

    On the eve of the release of a new Danny and Dusty album, "Cast Iron Soul" on Blue Rose Records, I caught up with the enduring twosome (A.K.A Dan Stuart and Steve Wynn), who were happy to talk about their revitalised songwriting partnership, taking up the reins from "The Lost Weekend" way back in 1985. Chris Cacavas and Stephen McCarthymore
    posted: 2007-03-31
  • HITCH HYKE (GREECE)--Danny & Dusty Interview

    Dear Danny and dear Dusty,1. It was more than a pleasant surprise to hear the news of the reforming of one of the most legendary projects of the US alternative scene. How did you decide to record again, and even tour?Danny: Fate intervened when Dusty broke his ankle and I took it as a sign... as far as touring it'smore
    posted: 2007-03-11
  • DIAMONDS (GREECE)--diamonds interviews Danny & Dusty

    diamonds: There's an undeniable, unbeatable chemistry between you two, and this new record of yours proves that this chemistry stood the test of time, and can still work, no matter how long you haven't played together. Is that so?Danny: Like pizza and beer.Dusty: Yeah, it's just like riding a bicycle-while you're delivering pizzas after drinking six beers.Stuart & Wynn. Nomore
    posted: 2007-03-18
  • MY RARE GUITARS--Under the RADAR; The Dream Syndicate

    So, we're all guitar geeks here, right?And this quest for tone we're all on is (or should be, at any rate) about the music that comes out at the end of the search. So, this month, I wanted to add to my normal column about great guitars and amps full of tone that have slipped under the mondo-expensive collectors' radarsmore
    posted: 2007-03-01
  • HAVE FUN-- top 10 list of 2006

    And this year was wonderful.Great music often comesout of times of great tumult,with the 1960s as an example.Well, 2006 was turbulent, aswell, with an unpopular IraqWar, voter dissatisfaction leadingto apowerchange inWashington,and the aftereffectsofHurricaneKatrina stilllooming.Some years I've had troublefinding even 10 good albums fora best-of list. But in 2006 therewere at least 25 CDs that couldhave made my Top 10. Here'smore
    posted: 2007-01-01
  • THE GUARDIAN (LONDON)--'I hate that, is it music?'

    'I hate that. Is it music?'The veteran US art-rock group Yo La Tengo are famed for their encyclopedic knowledge of every kind of music under the sun. Matt Allen played Name That Tune with them to find out moreFriday September 8, 2006The Guardian Yo La Tengo'We're known for covering 1960s obscurities' ... Yo La Tengo. Photograph: Michael Levine Bruce Springsteen: Themore
    posted: 2006-09-08
  • Dream Syndicate Interview

    posted: 1987-10-01
  • Force of Nature - Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 May Be the Best Band You've Never Heard

    Force of NatureI can't often say that every single time I see a certain band, I'm speechless with awe, and moved on a variety of physical and emotional degrees. R.E.M. used to do that for me, in their early years. Not always, but more often than not, Neil Young has had that effect. In recent years Alejandro Escovedo and themore
    posted: 2006-08-01
  • Steve Wynn (Hell's Ditch Dozen)

    So, Steve Wynn, imagine that you're travelling across wild country on the way home from a gig. You're travelling alone, and when your vehicle (inevitably) breaks down you have yourself for company. Assume that you have a CD player or record player which still works, and that you expect to be rescued fairly soon, it's a questionnaire, not a horrormore
    posted: 2005-00-00
  • Steve Wynn (Part 1)

    Trout: First of all thanks for agreeing to do this. Your music has meant a great deal to me for 20 years and it's an honor and a true reward to be able to interview you. You are about to celebrate your 25th year in music. I recently read an article naming the Velvet Underground, Stooges, REM and Dream Syndicatemore
    posted: 2006-05-11
  • A stubborn Chef

    It's Friday, May 2, 4.30 pm. I'm sitting at Musiccafeen in Aarhus, Denmark, waiting for Steve to show up to do the soundcheck for tonight's acoustic show. But he doesn't. I turn to the staff only to find out that they don't know where he is, when he will be here and how to reach him. What a drag! Imore
    posted: 1997-05-02
  • Just Say Wynn - A free-spirited guitarist forges a distortion-drenched legacy.

    "More distortion pedal, less chorus."Steve Wynn is describing his preferences in the British shoegazer bands that followed in his Velvet Underground-inspired footsteps after the breakup of his seminal '80s L.A. band, Dream Syndicate. He might just as well be describing his own maverick ways since going solo in the early '90s. Like his hero Neil Young, Wynn has explored amore
    posted: 2006-03-22
  • Guitar-based rockers Wynn and Rizzo make new magic

    Every time the naysayers announce that there's nothing more to be said with bass, drums and a really loud guitar, a record or two comes along to prove them wrong.There's nothing particularly fancy about the latest releases from Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3, "Tick . . . Tick . . . Tick" (Redeye), and Eleventh Dream Day, "Zeroes andmore
    posted: 2006-03-19
  • Tell me - a little Q and A

    Steve Wynn and the Miracle Three are a cathartic collision of unbridled punk energy and monstrous chops, laid over the lyrics of a prolific penman that looks between the lines. Their sonic vortex is a flurry of shattered styles, all within view but none sticking around long enough to pin down. The Los Angeles-raised and New York-based Wynn, who firstmore
    posted: 2006-03-17
  • There are good reason American songwriters don't like Joe Liberman

    Since voicing my original objections to Joe Lieberman's bullshit about only having one little itsy bitsy disagreement with Connecticut Democrats-- namely that he supports the continued occupation of Iraq (and lies about it constantly) and everyone else in the Connecticut Democratic Party opposes it and thinks it's time to be truthful-- I have been deluged with e-mails from people pointingmore
    posted: 2006-03-11
  • Steve Wynn Interview

    One of America's most consistently excellent singer/ songwriters and leader of legendary cult bands THE DREAM SYNDICATE and now THE MIRACLE THREE, STEVE WYNN has a back catalogue that most performers would give their right arm and trade significant family members for.Brilliantly, unlike many of his LA contemporaries from the early 1980s, Steve has maintained a prolific and quailty-first outputmore
    posted: 2006-01-19
  • Vor der Explosion ist nach der Explosion

    Was hat Steve denn seit seiner letzten Tour so gemacht? "Das ist fast schon zwei Jahre her, nicht?", fragt er, "nun, ich habe neue Songs geschrieben, ich habe letzten Sommer eine neue Scheibe mit Paco Loco, dem Typen von Australien Blonde in Spanien aufgenommen. Es war also kein inaktives Jahr für mich." War denn eine Auszeit in diesem Sinne notwendig,more
    posted: 2005-10-00
  • Cucmonga Interview

    Wired, de patat waarmee ...tick...tick...tick opent, dat is de gloednieuwe cd van SteveWynn & The Miracle 3. En het eerste wat opvalt, is de hoes: een helrode peper diedoet denken aan de banaan op het debuut van The Velvet Underground. En inderdaad,er zit een verwijzing in. De idee kwam trouwens van zijn vaste graficus JürgenPeschel, zegt Steve Wynn.STEVE WYNN: Itmore
    posted: 2005-09-19
  • Living In Syndication

    For many, Steve Wynn may be the epitome of a cult icon. As a solo artist, and with his vastly influential group The Dream Syndicate before that, Wynn has managed to sustain a career that sees frequent international tours, critically touted new recordings and a steady but growing fanbase.While other artists would view Wynn's career position as a place tomore
    posted: 2005-02-01
  • At Khyber, a Wynn is a win is a win

    If you've heard of Steve Wynn, you probably think he's the guy who builds really expensive casino-hotels in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.The Steve Wynn who drew several dozen fortunate, impassioned fans to the Khyber on the coldest night of the year is not that guy. This Steve Wynn is the former leader of the Dream Syndicate, the Los Angelesmore
    posted: 2005-01-29
  • Hard Boiled Bard : The pulp legacy of Steve Wynn

    There's nothing funny about a man burning alive, cracking up, or exploding. Except perhaps, sometimes, in the songs of Steve Wynn, who just happens play guitar that way: fucked-out feedback that burns, cracks, explodes.Lou Ford and Kevin Kid Collins, just a few ticking time bombs who populate the work of psycho-dramatist Jim Thompson, are not characters we often seemore
    posted: 2004-07-00
  • Steve Wynn interviewed.

    I really didn't have any big plans. I figured at that point I was through with music. I still had my guitar but I didn't think I'd be doing it for much longer. I Thought I'd go and finish school and see what to do next, becoming an english teacher or something. I had no idea.(Steve Wynn on the timemore
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • Rock's Steve Wynn defies the laws of (musical) nature

    It's not supposed to happen this way. Rock 'n' rollers whose moment has passed -- at least according to the dictates of mainstream tastes and marketplace -- are supposed to either ride the money-go-round on the nostalgia circuit or fade into a kind of cultish obscurity. But in the case of Steve Wynn, an architect of 1980s punk and undergroundmore
    posted: 2004-05-05
  • Out Of Syndication

    Steve Wynn could have disappeared from the face of the Earth upon the release of The Days Of Wine And Roses, the 1982 debut album by his former band the Dream Syndicate, and his small piece of rock lore would have been etched in the stones and soil left behind. The album, a mix of manic drama with an anarchicmore
    posted: 2003-07-00
  • Steve Wynn: Music for Troubled Souls

    "I wanted to have written a novel more than I want to write a novel," said veteran singer/songwriter Steve Wynn. "I think I will someday. It's a whole different discipline." Given his knack for writing introspective moody songs in a journalistic fashion, it would only make sense that he wrote a tome. If he ever decides to do that, hemore
    posted: 2003-00-00
  • Steve Wynn : A New Yorker At Last

    STEVE WYNN : A New Yorker At LastBy Jud Cost, 1986Fast-walking (and even faster talking) Steve Wynn is a New Yorker at last. In body as well as in spirit. And he loves it. Wynn - whose recent Zero Hour solo album, Melting In The Dark, comes pretty close to exorcising noisy old demons left lurking in the closet bymore
    posted: 1996-00-00
  • Featured artist at Magnet Magazine

    You've mentioned Static Transmission was conceived as kind of a companion piece to the last record.It's a deeper, more soulful album than Here Come The Miracles. Miracles was very arrogant, over-the-top confident, extroverted showoff of a record—which I loved. This record is more like its weirder, moodier, freakier little brother. It's trying hard and it's lovable, but a little bitmore
    posted: 2003-09-00
  • SplendidZine Feature

    Steve Wynn may be the happiest guy in rock and roll. Sure, he works hard, playing more than 150 shows a year. Yes, he could be richer, more famous, more powerful. But as he says, "I live for music. I travel a lot, eat crazy foods, meet interesting people... and make the music that I want when I want to."more
    posted: 2003-09-14
  • Steve Wynn Live At The Knitting Factory, New York, JULY 17, 1997

    The NY line up was:Steve Wynn                   vocals and rhythm guitarRich Gilbert                  lead guitarArmistead Wellford       bassLinda Pitmon                 drums and backing vocals(we missed Joe McGinty...) The hall was not a full house which made it possible to enjoy the gigin a good atmosphere with a more "quiet", and I guess also mature, audiencethan to which the Knitting Factory is usually accustomed to, and with thisI meanmore
    posted: 1997-07-17
  • Steve Wynn's conversation with George Pelecanos

    G : George PelecanosS : Steve WynnG: I was in Greece a couple months ago, doing a book thing and everywhere I went ... I guess they had an advance of Here Come The Miracles. They were more impressed with that then anything, my just being associated with you.S: No kidding!G: You're like a God over there...S: Glad to helpmore
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • Interview

    PB : You released your very first single, 'That's Why They Always Say' with the band, the Suspects, in 1979. Who were they ?SW : I grew up in Los Angeles. I was born and brought up there and, when I was 17, I went away to college in Davis, California to study rhetoric. I hoped to become a sportwriter.more
    posted: 2003-00-00
  • Interview

    PB: I have been into your music now since 'The Sure Thing E.P.' in 1982.SW: Wow, that's the beginning, yeah.PB: I believe you did some demos before that as the Suspects?SW: That was the first Dream Syndicate record. It consisted of : 'Last Chance For You' and an early version of 'That's What You Always Say'PB: Was that with Kendramore
    posted: 2002-00-00
  • Psterei Interview (Norwegian)

    Pstereo har snakket med Steve Wynn om turnlivet, de gamle demonene, "Medicine show", "Static transmission", Mulholland Drive, bker, New York, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan og Neil Young. Dessuten ga vi ham i oppdrag velge ut sine fem favorittplater gjennom alle tider.Steve Wynn var p ttitallet frontfigur i legendariske The Dream Syndicate. Gruppa ga blant annet ut "The days ofmore
    posted: 2003-05-06
  • Fem Favoritter - Steve Wynn (Norwegian)

    Pstereo ga Steve Wynn i oppdrag velge ut sine fem favorittplater gjennom alle tider. Amerikaneren trengte ikke lang betenkningstid.- Jeg har gjort dette mange ganger fr, og det er alltid like morsomt. Lista forandrer seg stadig, men akkurat n ville den ha sett slik ut:1. The Rolling Stones - Exile on main street Dette albumet fanger inn en heltmore
    posted: 2003-05-05

    I actually managed to get in touch (via e-mail) with the subject of our attention - singer-songwriter extraordinaire Steve Wynn and he graciously agreed to answer certain queries I had to make this edition of THE POWER OF POP INTERVIEW a special one indeed! Wynn is perhaps best known for fronting the seminal alternative rock outfit The Dream Syndicate, whichmore
    posted: 2000-00-00
  • Das weiße Rauschen

    "Static Transmission" heißt das neue Album von Steve Wynn - was soviel bedeutet, wie das Rauschen, das man im Radio empfängt, wenn man keinen Sender bekommt. Wie immer bei Steve Wynn-Scheiben ist dies vor allen Dingen einfach nur ein Titel - ohne jeden Hintersinn. "Der letzte Interviewer hat auf diesem Thema herumgeritten", bemerkt Steve, "aber es gibt nichts dazu zumore
    posted: 2003-00-00
  • Wasser zu Wein (german)

    Nun ja, wirklich Wunder wirken kann Altmeister Steve Wynn nach wie vor nicht. Wer aber seine Platte "Here Come The Miracles" nennt und dann auch noch ein Doppelalbum abliefert - was ja schon etwas Besonderes ist, muß sich ja was dabei gedacht haben. Die 19 neuen Songs, die letzten September innerhalb einer Woche im Studio von Howe Gelb in Tucsonmore
    posted: 2001-00-00
  • The Dream Syndicate at Roskilde

    The Dream Syndicate made their debut in Denmark at a surprise appearance at the Roskilde Festival on July 5th. The Cult had been scheduled to play at 10pm on Saturday night and a crowd of 45,000 people had gathered in the pouring rain for the show.A few minutes before the Cult were supposed to come out, a guys comes outmore
    posted: 1996-03-01
  • STEVE WYNN Interview

    GENE GREGORITS: George Pelecanos is a widely published crime writer who wrote your bio?.how did that come to be?STEVE WYNN: He was always a fan of mine. There was a scene in one of his books where the characters are talking about The Medicine Show. They're doing coke and talking about The Medicine Show.GG: So they went into detail then,more
    posted: 2003-02-20
  • Dream On

    DREAM ON: In 1982, a group of scrappy young Los Angelinos released a landmark recording that, like their primary influence, the Velvet Underground, never shifted a lot of units, but had a direct and profound impact on all who were lucky enough to hear it. The Dream Syndicate's The Days of Wine and Roses (originally released on Slash, now availablemore
    posted: 2002-10-03
  • Steve Wynn Relives Dream

    LOS ANGELES (AP) - When Steve Wynn and his Dream Syndicate set out to reclaim rock & roll in 1982, the airwaves were packed with icy, synth-pop bands like A Flock of Seagulls and the Human League. But by year's end, Dream Syndicate and a crop of American post-punk groups -- from Los Angeles to Minneapolis to Athens, Georgia --more
    posted: 2001-09-20
  • The Defiant One

    ">WHO SAID THERE ARE no second acts in American life?or at least none that are any good?Reports of Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 at this year's South by Southwest conference found more than a few critics on bent knees before the quartet's scorched-earth policy. No less than Seattle Weekly's music editor, Bob Mehr, reported that Wynn and co. performedmore
    posted: 2003-05-28
  • In Conclusion

    History, as we've seen time and time again, turns on small moments. And human nature being what it is, we find it impossible to think about history without imagining its mirror image, the shadowy things that could have been. Science fiction is rife with stories about altering the future by altering the past. We are a species that pathologically definesmore
    posted: 2001-08-00
  • Expanding on a dream

    Senior Vice President of A&R Gary Stewart tells ICE, "The Dream Syndicate is, in many ways, the first college rock band. Days of Wine came out in 1982, just when an album could get prominence on college radio and through grass roots touring. This was possibly the first record to top the college radio charts coming from a relatively independentmore
    posted: 2000-00-00
  • Steve Wynn interview (French)

    " Ce serait gnial que mes amis et moi-mme puissent tre reconnus comme une source d'inspiration, de voir les kids pouvoir parler de nous, dans 20, 30 ou 40 ans. C'est important de ne pas tre oublis " ! Quant la guitare, c'est encore et toujours pour lui, un manifeste. " La guitare est essentielle ! Parmi tous lesmore
    posted: 2000-03-00
  • Danny & Dusty - The Lost Weekend Review

    While "Jo-Ann," recorded by the Playmates in 1958, still stands as my all-time favorite rock and roll single, a girl and a song (and a girlsong) so formidable that I once devoted an entire chapter in a book to it, my musical sensibility cannot be fully appreciated unless the appropriate reverent nod be given also to 'The Hungry Dogs ofmore
    posted: 1985-11-00
  • Miracle Worker

    When Steve Wynn's grandfather Matthew immigrated to this country from Russia at the dawn of the 20th century, he harbored one great dream: to be a songwriter. Though a promising tunesmith -- legend has it that Irving Berlin offered him $50 for one of his songs -- the demands of supporting a young family beckoned. And so, at the tendermore
    posted: 2001-09-13
  • Dream On

    It's a favorite pastime of Memphis music boosters to count the ways in which all roads lead to Alex Chilton and Big Star, the Memphocentric sun of the pop-rock solar system. Well, get this story.Steve Wynn, frontman and founder of the acclaimed Eighties band the Dream Syndicate, was 21 and thinking that he was done with music for good, justmore
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • The Dennis Duck Interview

    This interview appears courtesy of the: Pat Thomas archives PO Box 411141 San Francisco, CA 94141-1141 USA see also :The Paul B. Cutler interviewDream Syndicate at Roskilde----------------------------------------------------------------------The Dennis Duck Interview Pat Thomas : How did you come up with the name"Dream Syndicate" - Are you a John Cale and/or LamonteYoung fan ?Dennis Duck : When I joined the band inmore
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • Steve Wynn: Static Transmission and Why I Rarely Read Much About Music Anymore

    I rarely read much about music anymore. I used to have a voracious appetite for writings about music, but - to borrow a phrase that AC/DC's Angus Young often uses when asked about the music he listens to - I pretty much stopped reading about music when I started writing about it. As if that matters to anyone out there...Butmore
    posted: 2003-04-00
  • Introducing Steve Wynn

    Johanna: Steve, you just released your new album "Static Transmission", what would you say about its essence to somebody who hasn't heard it yet?Steve: I tend to talk about the new album as a companion piece to my last album Here Come the Miracles especially as they were recorded in the same studio and city with mostly the same band.more
    posted: 2003-03-00
  • The days of Wynn & roses

    New York singer/guitarist Steve Wynn went to Tuscon, Ariz., last year to record a few songs with some friends. In what was projected to be a loose 10-day session, he came away with the record of his career.Thinking the best he could hope for was a bunch of B-sides he might use later, the former leader of seminal L.A. Paisleymore
    posted: 2001-11-10
  • I am inspired by the dark side - Steve Wynn interviewed.

    (Translated from Spanish using Google Lanuage Tools)For many he is an artist of cult, one of which many famous ones mention when enumerating the influences of their music, as it were the case of Kurt Cobain. He is somebody that takes more than to twenty years removing discs, and that can be allowed to do exactly what wants without pressures,more
    posted: 2003-03-13
  • Cucamonga Interview

    Candy Machine uit Static transmission, de nieuwe cd van Steve Wynn. Die Amerikaanse songschrijver, zanger en gitarist vergelijkt zijn platen graag met een film. Hij schrijft visueel en de cd's hebben een uitgesproken begin, midden en einde. Stel dat Static transmission ook echt een film was, wie had hem dan geregisseerd?==> Candy Machine from Static Transmission, the new cd frommore
    posted: 2003-02-23
  • Steve Wynn Interview

    Mescalina: Well, this record comes two years later from "Here comes the miracle" ... in between you had many shows, a live cd at Big Mama and also the 11th of September ...Steve Wynn: That's true ... certainly a lot of changes in my life and in the world since the last record was released. And I didn't set outmore
    posted: 2003-03-00
  • Cucamonga Interview

    Strange new world uit Here come the miracles, de nieuwe cd van Steve Wynn. Het is de tiende solorelease van deze Amerikaanse zanger en gitarist, die ooit nog lid was van The Dream Syndicate en platen maakte met Gutterball. Alles samen heeft dat zo'n 20 langspelers opgeleverd, absoluut niet slecht voor een veertiger. En getuige het feit dat Here comemore
    posted: 2001-02-19
  • Fredsaktivist og pratemaker

    - En antikrigskonsert i Oslo vil ikke forandre p det som skjer i Washington. For meg er det likevel viktig vise at det finnes andre ideer i USA enn de som er enerdende akkurat n. Mange amerikanere er imot krig, og skjnner ikke hvorfor landet deres absolutt m invadere Irak.Wynn har knapt slengt den slitne gitarkassen og seg selvmore
    posted: 2003-02-17
  • Steve Wynn creates "Miracles" with new release

    The name Steve Wynn will sound familiar to many. His name has been floating around the industry for more than two decades now. Wynn started the band The Dream Syndicate back in 1981 after leaving the Suspects and the Long Ryders behind. During a hiatus from The Dream Syndicate, Wynn formed the band Gutterball. These days he is focusing onmore
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • Interview with Steve Wynn

    Mescalina: Well, first of all how did the European tour go?Steve Wynn: Great. One of the best I've ever had. It was particularly nice that fans responded so well to the new album and we were able to play so many new songs every night without feeling like we were testing the patience of the audience.Mescalina: Which were the bestmore
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • The Paul B. Cutler Interview

    The Paul B. Cutler InterviewPat Thomas : How did you first get interested in music ? Paul B. Cutler :I first got interested in music by my parents giving me piano lessons at 5 years old. My introduction to popular music was around 8 or 9 by listening to those infernal radio transistor radios. If it wasn't of the inventionmore
    posted: 1996-03-01
  • Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 - Jumpin' - Tarzo (TV) 2.11.2001

    There are still a few artists which maintain themselves pure during years, humbly cutting out a slice of audience after their first deserved success. It's so for the English Peter Hammill ex Van Der Graaf Generator, or for the Italian Federico Fiumani, well known with the name of his group-project Diaframma. And it's so for the American Steve Wynnmore
    posted: 2001-11-02
  • Rocker And KDVS Alum Extends 20-Year Wynning Streak

    Well, let's see, as 2001 gives way to 2002, this is as good a time as any to take stock of what's happened with singer-songwriter-guitarist Steve Wynn in the last year or so.For starters, the former Dream Syndicate maestro released his latest solo record, "Here Come The Miracles"--a double-disc masterpiece that's probably received the best reviews of his career (whichmore
    posted: 2002-12-01
  • Neulich in New York

    Als ich mich letztes Jahr im Sommer mit Steve Wynn in New York traf, war er gerade dabei, mit Johnette Napolitano (ex-Concrete Blonde) ein Drehbuch zu schreiben. Es geht dabei um den Selbstmord eines Rock-Stars. Sowas macht der Mann im Urlaub. Da hatte er auch schon eine Spickliste mit den Titeln seiner neuen Platte in der Tasche. Die Stücke warenmore
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • Interview with Linda Pitmon of Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3

    1) What are you looking forward to the most on your second trip to the Horseshoe Tavern?Seeing some of great people we met the last time we came through, and getting a chance to fix up that dressing room. I'm thinking of making it bigger.Linda HorseshoeLinda Pitmon LinksDiving into DrumsDrummergirl2002 UK tour notes2) The Horseshoe Tavern is steeped in Torontomore
    posted: 2002-05-02
  • Under the Spell of the Dream Syndicate

    When I arrived in Los Angeles last September, one of the disappointments was that the Dream Syndicate weren't going to play any shows during my visit, in fact they weren't even in town but up in San Francisco recording their second album. As luck would have it, I made a flying trip up to that city by the bay andmore
    posted: 1984-00-00
  • Steve Wynn dreams on

    There's one burning question I feel obliged to lead off with: who is going to win the World Series?STEVE: Good question. Being a lifetime Dodger fan and a current New York resident, to be completely schizophrenic I'm kinda looking toward a Dodger/Yankee series. I'll put my money on the Yankees.Is it true that on the night of a gig youmore
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • Questions with Steve Wynn

    Rhino's Question: What was the first record you ever bought?Steve Wynn's Answer:"It Ain't Easy" by Three Dog Night. It was 1969.R: What's was the last record you listened to and what did you think of it?S: "Sweet Tea" by Buddy Guy and it absolutely blew my mind. One of the hardest, nastiest records I've heardmore
    posted: 0000-00-00
  • Steve Wynn

    Picture this:You want to record a new album. You're searching for a new creative motivation. You jet off to Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia in central Europe, taking in the people, the landscape, the culture. After all of this, you work with an amazing producer to accurately put it down on tape, and release an album that truly standsmore
    posted: 2008-09-30
  • TIRBD--Monday Interview: Steve Wynn

    Embarrassingly enough, I first heard Steve Wynn on his first solo album, Kerosene Man. I was writing for the college paper and, to date myself, received a promo copy of his debut on vinyl. "Caroline" was OK, but Nothing much else hooked me, and while I kept hold of it, I didn't spin it much.Fast forward a decade to 2001.more
    posted: 2008-08-04
  • BLURT--On Letterman, Ljubljana and Ted Fucking Williams: Wynn didn't invent rock ‘n' roll. He

    Whether scorching the Amerindie underground during his Dream Syndicate heyday, steering the mighty Miracle 3 in more recent years or pulling a solo move on the new Crossing Dragon Bridge album, Steve Wynn never puts forth less than 120 percent. Hell, the songwriter even found time in his busier-than-busy schedule to go moonlighting with Scott McCaughey and Pete Buck (onmore
    posted: 2008-08-04
  • CAUGHT IN THE CAROUSEL--Roll Over Beethoven

    I've always enjoyed when rock and pop musicians expand their sonic boundaries and ambitions beyond Marshall stacks and Ludwig 5-piece kits. One of the main reasons I was most excited about working with the Walkabouts' Chris Eckman on my latest album Crossing Dragon Bridge was that I knew that he knew his way around a string arrangement. I was notmore
    posted: 2008-08-01
  • STEVE WYNN -Interview

    1. Steve, your introductory sleevenotes with the Rhino edition really set the scene...what was the mood in the band at the time of recording "Wine and Roses"? Excitement?We were very excited but we also knew that we had only one six-hour session to capture all of our songs and deliver the music we had been making in the clubs overmore
    posted: 2002-09-01
  • Steve Wynn interviewed

    The Argentine writer, J.L. Borges, once noted that every writer creates their own precursors. We could perhaps paraphrase this to say that every solo artist creates the contexts through which they are then evaluated. Reading Lou Reed's solo work without hindsight of the Velvet Underground would provide a very different interpretation and Sting without the legend of the Police wouldmore
    posted: 2002-08-19
  • Robert Fisher, Steve Wynn and Walter Salas-Humara : Edinburgh Village, 11/7/2002

    The premise of this tour, labelled the 'Song Circle 2002', is a simple one. Four of America's best singer- songwriters-Willard Grant Conspiracy frontman Robert Fisher ; Deanna Varagona from Lambchop ; ex-Dream Syndicate member and solo artist Steve Wynn, and Walter Salas-Humara, vocalist with country blues trio, the Silos-have got together to play a unique three week series of showsmore
    posted: 2002-07-11

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