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Static Transmission

Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3

Release Date: 2003
Static Transmission
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  • Static Transmission

Album Notes:

Steve Wynn's latest effort, released, Feb 24, 2003 in Europe and July 1st, 2003 in the US,

Static Transmission picks up where Here Come The Miracles Left off. It is recorded in the studio, with mostly the same band (Jason Victor replaced Chris Brokaw on guitar).

The Miracle 3 :

Linda Pitmon : Drums

Dave DeCastro : Bass

Jason Victor : Guitar

Chris Cacavas plays keyboard.

Track Listing

Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1What Comes After What Comes After
2Candy Machine Candy Machine
3The Ambassador Of Soul The Ambassador Of Soul
4Keep It Clean Keep It Clean
5Amphetamine Amphetamine
6California Style California Style
7One Less Shining Star One Less Shining Star
8Maybe Tomorrow Maybe Tomorrow
9Hollywood Hollywood
10Charcoal Sunset Charcoal Sunset
11A Fond Farewell A Fond Farewell
12If It Was Easy Everybody Would Do It (hidden track) If It Was Easy Everybody Would Do It

Album Press

  • MOJO

    "The latest outing from the former Dream Syndicate vocalist-guitarist has an engaging mix of edgy power-pop ('Amphetamine,'Candy Machine') and dreamy ballads ('Maybe Tomorrow'). Some of its best moments recall Lou Reed - like the melancholic, 'What Comes After' or brooding rocker, 'The Ambassador Of Soul.'"more
  • Q

    "Wynn is still fusing Dylan with the Velvet Underground, fashioning windswept vistas with lucid guitars and evocative, mini-screenplay lyrics. 'Static Transmission' pleasingly focuses Wynn's talents in a profusion of euphoric chord progressions ('Maybe Tomorrow'), amp-mangling sonics and intriguing narratives ('One Less Shining Star')."more
  • London Sunday Times

    "He has since perfected a dryly narrative approach that somehow outpaces the Lou Reed comparisons to break through to its own discrete creative space. Here, on the weary 'Maybe Tomorrow' or in the foot-to-the-floor escapism of 'Amphetamine,' Wynn proves that, far from being spent, he remains a force to be reckoned with and cherished."more
  • Seattle Weekly

    "...leave it to 43-year-old Steve Wynn to bring the proverbial heat, with two of the loudest, hardest, and most passionate sets of music in Austin all week. In town since before the festival, the former Dream Syndicate leader made a parade of appearances, but two of his final SXSW slots; his official conference bow at the Cactus Cafe on Fridaymore
  • No Depression

    "of his two latest records, 'Static Transmission' is perhaps the more vital, a trip the 43-year-old rocker has never taken before. It's at times contemplative, tender, vulnerable, even occasionally happy. ... [he has] churned out some of the most piercing songs of his career, bonded by a core theme of mortality. ...perhaps nothing on 'Static Transmission' is more monumental thanmore
  • Chicago Tribune

    "The ex-Dream Syndicate frontman's a veritable Ph.D. of timeless rock songcraft, and his strong new record 'Static Transmission' is a tuneful, intelligent collision of post-punk fury, stylishly measured balladry and mature rock hook-smithing."more
  • USA Today

    ..offers a raw and seasoned alternative to top 40's processed junk food... more
    posted: 2003-07-20
  • The Sun Herald

    There are some great songs here as well as some interesting experiments.more
    posted: 2003-06-05
  • Q

    ...Less patchy than his previous seven solo albums, Static Transmission
    pleasingly focuses Wynn's talents in a profusion of euphoric chord
    progressions (Maybe Tomorrow), amp-mangling sonics and intriguing narratives
    (One Less Shining Star)....more
    posted: 2003-03-00
  • Bucketfull of Brains

    "There's currently almost no live experience to top Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3. There will be few records this year to top 'Static Transmission.' In the same way as Lucinda Williams, Steve creates vital work in his maturity. It's a mystery why he doesn't achieve a similar recognition."more
  • DIY

    "If you're looking for hype, don't look to Steve Wynn. He's taken for granted because he's lived most of his life in Los Angeles and New York, leaving him without the halo that surrounds some rumor from Obscure, Oklahoma. All Wynn offers is an evening of intelligence and entertainment. Plus free drinks, sex, drugs and gunplay. At least inmore

    "'Static Transmission' is a balanced recording. It has a perfect flow between thoughtful and playful; it works comfortably within its manytextures; it is a record of grace and agitation, energy and exhaustion, serenity and quiet rage. It is a rarity in its completeness. It is a joy in its spiritual quality. And it is a miracle of its own earnestmore
  • St. Louis Riverfront Times

    "Wynn is as terrific a performer as he is a songwriter, and right in front of the stage is the best place to catch the feedback."more
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    "...his set was so blisteringly great..."more
  • Chicago Reader

    "Wynn sounds like a man reprieved; he never runs in place, and he knows how to use pale feedback to supernatural effect. His stories of the hopeful and the doomed are more like miniature novels..."more

    ...That said, Wynn and his band, despite emetic "classic rock" comparisons, make music as contemporary and cool as anything that isn't (but should be) playing at the moment on local radio stations....
    posted: 2007-05-27

    Certainly this album is one you will be listening to regularly for years to comemore
    posted: 2003-11-22
  • Mansfield News Journal

    Perhaps unknown in mainstream circles, consider "Static Transmissions" an excellent starting point for those discerning rock fans who haven't had much to rock to of late. more
    posted: 2003-07-31
  • Kansas City Star

    In sports the great ones make it look easy. Steve Wynn peforms a similar deception. more
    posted: 2003-08-01
  • Chicago Tribune

    "...The ex-Dream Syndicate frontman's a veritable Ph.D. of timeless rock songcraft, and his strong new record 'Static Transmission' is a tuneful, intelligent collision of post-punk fury, stylishly measured balladry and mature rock hook-smithing."more
  • Playback St. Louis Review

    It's a disc worth savoring. Wynn's work, in its wit and maturity, invites comparison to that of Bob Dylanmore
    posted: 2003-07-00
  • Penny Black Music

    These are songs to live your life too. Long may you rock, Mr. Wynn.
  • NetRhythms.COM

    ...But, in the end, he reckons, what the hell, he'll walk into the light, not afraid of light. When he does, he'll leave behind one hell of a legacy, this up there at the top of the pile. more
  • DoneWaiting.COM

    Seriously, the days of Steve Wynn as a whiny singer-songwriter are long gone. Now he's back doing a darker and heavier sound that, in my opinion, features a little bit of that late 60's/early seventies LA sound: sometimes loud, sometimes quiet - but always rocking with just a little bit of that..." something" that keeps it fresh and makes you wishing you lived in California. more
    posted: 2003-07-08

    ...The disc finally picks up momentum with the appropriately titled "Amphetamine", an old-school Yo La Tengo-style rocker that highlights Wynn and Victor's outstanding guitar interpla...more
    posted: 2003-07-03
  • AllMusic.COM

    ...No contemporaries make classic rock records like Wynn; he's what bands like the Wallflowers wish they could be...more
    posted: 2003-07-10
  • Power Of Pop

    ... it seems that they have managed somehow to continue in the scorching essence of Miracles and why not, when such stimulating and passionate music is the end result. Truly amazing and a tremendous boon to fans of this great rock "n"roll marvel.....more
    posted: 2003-06-00
  • Americana UK

    ...There's lots more in between to enjoy on 'Static Transmission' and Wynn successfully blends a mix of rock rebellion with grown up musical sophistication throughout. And just in case you think the poignant last track 'Fond Farewell' is a personal artistic statement after such a distinguished musical career then stick around for the 'hidden track' which is a glorious Dylanesque acoustic/harmonica jam...more
    posted: 2003-03-00
  • PopDepression

    April 11th - April 18th 2003.
    Album Of The Week Steve Wynn Static Transmission

    posted: 2003-04-11

    Amphetamine plays like only a song called Amphetamine about burning rubber on the highway to possible hell possibly can, slide guitar tearing through the desert with the devil on its tail. It's like Jason and the Scorchers taken to the max.
    posted: 2003-03-11
  • Sunday Times (UK)

    Wynn proves that, far from being spent, he remains a force to
    be reckoned with and cherished. more
    posted: 2003-03-09
  • Penny Black Music

    ... Steve's managed to create a trulydifferent and startling piece of work from the same raw materialsmore
    posted: 2003-02-13
  • HomeOfRock.DE

    Was gibt's Neues im Sound-Universum des umtriebigen Steve Wynn?Fast alles beim Alten, kommt einem vorschnell über die Lippen. Auf gewohnt hohem Niveau verwöhnt uns Steve auch diesmal wieder mit einem durch die unterschiedlichen Stilarten wandernden Songreigen.Seit zwanzig Jahren versorgt uns der ehemalige DREAM SYNDICATE bzw. GUTTERBALL Gitarrist und SÄnger nun schon mit mehr oder minder guten Songs aus seinem Klangkosmos,more
    posted: 2003-03-20

    .. It's about the dark side, changing moods and a country heading to the trenches....more
    posted: 2003-03-08
  • OK magazine (Serbian)

    ...With every new album, Steve Wynn is heading to the panteon of the greatest rock and roll heroes...
    Static Transmission" is similar to "Here Come The Miracles", primarily because of sound of it in general and for the equally strong inspiration
    From every word and every tone which Wynn and his crew produce there is evident experience that's coming out of it, which brings innevitable resignation with calm down wisdom also...
    Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan don't have to worry about descendant.more
    posted: 2003-05-00
  • Kindmuzik.NET

    Static Transmission is beslist geen overrompeld meesterwerk, daarvoor vervalt Steve Wynn met weinigzeggende rocksongs als ?Candy Machine? en ?Amphetamine? teveel in de middelmatigheid. more
  • Politken (Danish)

    If you consider Steve Wynns impressive, even frightening pase, he maintains an unbeleivable quality. This also holds true for 'Static Transmission' which is one of the most sterling/fulfilled albums from the former leader of the desert rockers in Dream Syndicate.more
    posted: 2003-03-07
  • Jyllands Posten (Danish)

    ..mostly it is straight on, flossy and naivistic. There has always been something honest and direct about that man...more
    posted: 2003-02-24
  • Berlingske Tidende

    .. as if Lou Reed had grown up in the country, and not read too much up on the litterature classics....more
    posted: 2003-02-23
  • Aftonbladet (Swedish)

    ...Those who doesn't like the way Lou Reed is sounding these days, will probably find a good deal here, not least in the oustanding opening track "What Comes After"...more
    posted: 2003-02-21
  • KindaMuzik

    posted: 2003-02-21
  • NightLoop (German)

    "Static transmission" is a marvelous plate, fully perfect Songs. An album, which tumbles between gentle Retro-60-ties ("What Comes after"), over dark-oppressing, somewhat tough pieces in the style of Lou Reed of the 70's ("Keep It Clean") up to driving classical skirt ("Amphetamine"), which is not peppered also always with one to importunate shot Retro.more
    posted: 2003-02-21
  • Trondheim Impuls

    ...Steve Wynn returns to his roots, and thereby he sounds completely modern...
    posted: 2003-02-20
  • SupernovaPop

    ...the sound is more personal than ever, in which it reaches an own and absolutely reconocible style ... more
    posted: 2003-02-24
  • Mescalini.IT

    Ogni disco è un mettersi alla prova, a maggior ragione se il precedente ha avuto riscontri positivi. Questo vale per qualunque artista, indipendentemente dal suo successo commerciale, e quindi anche per Steve Wynn, che, con "Here comes the miracle", aveva rilanciato verso l'alto la sua carriera."Static transmission" viene dopo due anni, dopo parecchi concerti, e, soprattutto, dopo i fatti dell'11more
    posted: 2003-02-22
  • Svenska Dagbladet

    Wynn rör sig lika obehindrat mellan Velvet Underground-liknande låtar som klassisk country.more
    posted: 2003-02-20

    ....Als je schoon genoeg hebt van de kou en de winter, koop gewoon deze plaat en de zon gaat schijnen. more
    posted: 2003-02-19
  • Gaffa

    ... with six minute tour de force on Amphetamine with double guitar solo in best Thin Lizzy style, Wynn is sniffing the deep well of Rock. ...
    ...The Ambassador Of Soul, Maybe Tommorow and Charcoal Sunset, shows his format as a songwriter....more
    posted: 2003-02-21

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