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Benedikt's Blues

Steve Wynn

Release Date: 2015
Benedikt's Blues

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Album Notes:

A Sonic Companion To Season 4 of Dag

October 2015
Kinkverk Records
Vinyl Only (with bonus, mp3 friendly CD enclosed).
Produced by Steve Wynn

Tracks 2, 3, 8, 10 recorded at Montrose Studios (Richmond, Virginia) May 2015. Engineered by Adrian Olsen
Steve Wynn-guitar, vocals
Stephen McCarthy-pedal steel, guitar
Josh Kantor-keyboards
Scott McCaughey-bass
Linda Pitmon-drums

Tracks 6 and 7 recorded at Montrose Studios, April 2010. Engineered by Adrian Olsen
Steve Wynn-guitar
Jason Victor-guitar
Stephen McCarthy-pedal steel
Dave DeCastro-bass
Linda Pitmon--drums

Tracks 1 and 4 recorded at The Jax (Jackson Heights, NY). Summer, 2015
Engineered by Steve Wynn
Steve Wynn-guitar

Track 5 recorded at Paco Loco Studios (Puerto De Santa Maria, Spain), March 2014 Engineered by Paco Loco
Steve Wynn-guitar, vocals
Paco Loco-guitar
Pablo Errea-bass, vocals
Esteban Perles-drums

Tracks 9 and 11 recorded at Wavelab Studios (Tucson, Arizona). 2005. Engineered by Craig Schumacher.
Steve Wynn-guitar, vocals
Craig Schumacher-keyboards
Dave DeCastro-bass, vocals
Jason Victor-guitar
Linda Pitmon-drums, vocals

Cover photo of Steve and Rolf Lassgard: photographer unknown-shot on the set of the Norwegian TV show Dag, January 2015
Design: Tor Martin Bøe
Mastering: Eirik Bekkeheien

Special thanks to Øystein Karlsen, Anders Tangen and everyone involved with Dag. Thanks also to Frode Stromstad, Trygve Kandval, Sindre Kartvedt, Trond and Kirsti Rangnes, Muni Camon, Bruce Olsen and, as always, Linda.

Track Listing

Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1Cinnamon Tweed (Wynn) Cinnamon Tweed
2You’re Halfway There (Wynn) You’re Halfway There
3Benedikt’s Blues (Wynn) Benedikt’s Blues
4Interlude (Wynn) Interlude
5Making Good On My Promises (Wynn/Loco) Making Good On My Promises
6On The Mend (Wynn) On The Mend
7Only A Dream (Wynn) Only A Dream
8Dead Roses (Wynn) Dead Roses
9All The Squares Go Home (Wynn/Pitmon) All The Squares Go Home
10Simpler Than The Rain (Wynn) Simpler Than The Rain
11And I Can’t Look Down (Wynn) And I Can’t Look Down

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