Steve's Tour Diary

  • Oostende, Belgium

    2012-11-12: Last night was the first show of my 17-city tour of Belgium with comedian (and my longtime friend) Piv Huvluv. And guess what? It worked. Really well, in fact. It's almost like we were somehow combining Vaudeville and the United Nations. He did his very funny comedy routine (click here to see clip--it's even funnymore
  • Dream Syndicate Tour Diary

    2012-10-15: Funny how these things work out. Early last summer, my friend Mikel Renteria asked me if I would return to play the second annual Walk On Project (WOP) charity festival that he was putting together in Bilbao. I had a great time there last summer and he raised a lot of money for his cause so I was definitely upmore
  • Our Work Here is Done

    2012-04-29: Well, that's it. The Dig It Up festival is over. All of the bands have scattered in various directions. Some are still touring. The Hoodoo Gurus, Redd Kross and Fleshtones played in Perth last night. But Linda and I remain, like some stubborn settlers, holding firm on our new land like settlers here in timesmore
  • Southern Aggression

    2012-04-25: It's good to take some time and look at the map of Australia. Everybody open your textbooks to page 32. Very good. Notice how a 2-city tour of this country (and both of my tours of this country have indeed been limited to the two biggest cities), firmly places you in a pretty small quadrant, name themore
  • Battle of the Bands, Indeed

    2012-04-23: I will say this for the Hoodoo Gurus. They really put together a festival of bands that know how to put on a live show. There are many bands who are great on record (and plenty more that aren't) who don't know what to do once they hit the stage. But it seems that every band onmore
  • The Cure For Jet Lag

    2012-04-21: And, really, there are many ways to adapt to a new environment and time zone. I've always chosen to just hit the ground running, spit in the face of chemistry and immediately bend to the new reality. We're staying in a neighborhood of Sydney called Surrey Hill on what my pal Robyn Hitchcock would call the "groover's strip,"more
  • Somewhere Over the Pacific Ocean

    2012-04-20: The last time I toured Australia was back in 1986. I was in the Dream Syndicate and we had just finished a tour of Europe which meant our flight from London to Melbourne was a whopping 27 hours (with stops in Dubai and Malaysia). 27 hours! As at least a few members of our band found out,more