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Live Tick

Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3

Release Date: 2006
Live Tick
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  • Live Tick
  • Live Tick

Album Notes:

Filmed and recorded on November 5, 2005, in Germany.

Released on June 16th, 2006.

Physical Version currently out of print

Physical Version includes:

- 2 CDs

- 1 DVD

Track Listing

Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1Death Valley Rain Death Valley Rain
2Cindy, It Was Always You Cindy, It Was Always You
3Blind Willie McTell Blind Willie McTell
4Bruises Bruises
5Southern California Line Southern California Line
6What Comes After What Comes After
7Stare It Down Stare It Down
8California Style California Style
9Your Secret Your Secret
10There Will Come A Day There Will Come A Day
11Wired Wired
12The Deep End The Deep End
13Killing Me Killing Me
14Nothing But The Shell Nothing But The Shell
15Thats What You Always Say Thats What You Always Say
16Amphetamine Amphetamine

Track Listing

Item 2: cd
# Track Title Play
1No Tomorrow No Tomorrow
2When The Curtain Falls When The Curtain Falls
3500 Girl Mornings 500 Girl Mornings
4The Days Of Wine And Roses The Days Of Wine And Roses
5John Coltrane Stereo Blues John Coltrane Stereo Blues
Item 3: dvd

Full live show on DVD! (Physical Version Only)

Album Press

  • Harp Magazine

    Live Tick was recorded in Germany in November on the tick...tick...tick tour, although due to scheduling logistics, regular bassist Dave DeCastro couldn't make the European trek, so stepping in temporarily was Eric Van Loo (Willard Grant Conspiracy). Admittedly, DeCastro's low-end rumble and looming presence are key ingredients of the M3, so he's missed somewhat. Van Loo steps up to themore
    posted: 2006-12-00
  • A long and bitter suicide

    ...Wynn and Victor's guitars weld with the drums and work together to pound the listener into submission...
    ...Pitmon's drumming throughout is marvellous...
    with the Miracle 3 sounding as thrillingly vital as the Dream Syndicate did...This is a landmark live release this side of the punk divide, and comes highly recommended.more
    posted: 2006-09-02

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