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Live In Bremen

Steve Wynn

Release Date: 2008
Live In Bremen
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  • Live In Bremen


Track Listing

Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1The Medicine Show The Medicine Show
2My Favorite Game My Favorite Game
3Down Down
4Sweetness And Light Sweetness And Light
5Why Why
6Crawling Misanthropic Blues Crawling Misanthropic Blues
7Definitely Clean Definitely Clean
8Lay Of The Land Lay Of The Land
9Death Valley Rain Death Valley Rain

Track Listing

Item 2: cd
# Track Title Play
1Nothing But The Shell Nothing But The Shell
2Maria Maria
3What Comes After What Comes After
4One Less Shining Star One Less Shining Star
5California Style California Style
6Maybe Tomorrow Maybe Tomorrow
7Southern California Line Southern California Line
8Tuesday Tuesday
9Merrittville Merrittville
10The Days Of Wine And Roses The Days Of Wine And Roses
11There Will Come A Day There Will Come A Day
12When You Smile When You Smile
13Now I Ride Alone Now I Ride Alone
14500 Girl Mornings 500 Girl Mornings

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