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Cast Iron Soul

Danny & Dusty

Release Date: 2007
Cast Iron Soul

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Some things just can't be rushed.

22 years after the release of their much-loved 1984 classic "The Lost Weekend" Steve Wynn and Dan Stuart brought 12 new songs down to Richmond, Virginia last December and recorded this new record with Johnny Hott (Gutterball, Sparklehorse, House of Freaks) and Bob Rupe (Silos, Cracker, Gutterball) as well as two holdovers from the first album: Stephen McCarthy (Long Ryders, Gutterball) and Chris Cacavas (Green On Red).

The record was produced by JD Foster and the first 5000 CDs include a full length DVD of a Danny & Dusty show at the Music Machine in LA back in 1986.

The deluxe package is available right here until it's GONE.

Track Listing

Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1The Good Old Days The Good Old Days
2Cast Iron Soul Cast Iron Soul
3Last Of The Only Ones Last Of The Only Ones
4Warren Oates Warren Oates
5Raise The Roof Raise The Roof
6Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day
7New York City Lullaby New York City Lullaby
8It's My Nature It's My Nature
9Hold Your Mud Hold Your Mud
10Let's Hide Away Let's Hide Away
11JD's Blues JD's Blues
12That's What Brought Me Here That's What Brought Me Here

Album Press

  • Harp Magazine

    ...So here we are, more than two decades after the Danny & Dusty summit, and hell hath frozen over:...more
    posted: 2007-03-13
  • Magnet Magazine

    It's anybody's guess what drugs fueled the other bands from Los Angeles"Paisley Undergound psych/pop scene of the "80's. Danny & Dusty - Dream Syndicate frontman Steve "Dusty" Wynn and Green On Red vocalist Danny Stuart - ran on nothing but alcohol when they cut Lost Weekend in 1985. Wynn has reunited with Stuart and recruited members of Gutterball and themore
    posted: 2007-07-23

    "Will The Dream Syndicate ever reform?". That is the question. That is a question that Steve Wynn faces every now and then. Steve, fair enough, usually answers by posing another question: "Which version of The Dream Syndicate?". Another question that both media people and fans keep asking Steve is: "OK, how about a Gutterball reunion?". I don't know what can make a Gutterball reunion happen, after the tragic loss of their guitar maestro, Bryan Harvey, New Years Day 2006. I mean, few people have asked Steve about a possible Danny & Dusty new record. That's because everybody thought Danny & Dusty was sort of an one-off project, that rocked our mid-80's days in a magic dylanesque way, and was never bound to come back.
    Never say never. Steve knows how to suprise us. Dan Stuart is also very good at that. Not only Dan's band, the always exciting Green On Red, IS back, but Danny (Dan Stuart) and Dusty (Steve Wynn) have a brilliant new album, due to come out April 1st, 2007. How did that happen? According to Danny & Dusty's official MySpace page, "...Dan Stuart, upon hearing that Wynn had severely broken his ankle and was laid up at home, took it as a sign and wondered whether another record might be possible. Venturing uptown with guitar in hand, Danny found Dusty laying on the couch, watching baseball and chewing Vicodins. Surely not much had changed in two decades. After whiling away several afternoons picking and grinning, the duo decided that another album was in order and arrangements were made to record in Richmond, VA. Local ringers Johnny Hott (House of Freaks, Sparklehorse) and Bob Rupe (Silos, Cracker) were enlisted, along with Stephen McCarthy and Chris Cacavas from the debut album. Eclectic madman JD Foster agreed to produce".
    The result is "Cast Iron Soul', an album well worth the wait. Our radio show has already an adance copy of "Cast Iron Soul', and gives it heavy airplay.
    As if "Cast Iron Soul"wasn't enough of a surprise, Danny & Dusty take the long and winding road, in support of their new material. They'll play Thessaloniki, Friday, April 13. Nanoi, the fabulous locals, will open for them. Just as we're looking forward to Danny&Dusty's performance over here, Steve Wynn and Dan Stuart have honored us by answering our web-blog's questions, and by putting up our interview on their MySpace Page. So, here they are, brothers and sisters, the glorious Dan and Steve, in excellent shape (We all hope that another breaking of Steve's ankle won't be necessary for this band to record their third LP...):more
  • RockInfo.DE

    Am 30.3. erscheint das bis vor kurzem noch für undenkbar gehaltene neue Album von Danny & Dusty. Danny & Dusty, das sind Dan Stuart von Green On Red, und Steve Wynn. Zusammen mit Mitgliedern ihrer damaligen Bands (Chris Cacavas - Green On Red und Dennis Duck - The Dream Syndicate) sowie Mitgliedern einer weiteren damals Äußerst populÄren Truppe, The Longmore

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