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October sure snuck up fast—6 weeks and 27 shows with those merrymakers in The Baseball Project over the last two months will do that to you.
But now it’s time to put the Fender electric in the case and switch over to the resonant Guild acoustic in time to hitch a flight over to Copenhagen to start my three-week solo acoustic tour of Scandinavia, Greece and Spain on Friday.
I’ll have a brand-new live CD with me at the shows, ready for signing and taking home as a souvenir of the evening. It’s called Journeyman and was recorded last May at the Music Star in Norderstedt, Germany. You can order a copy at my Bandcamp page or on the Blue Rose website if you’re not going to be anywhere along the tour path.
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It's been a quiet year for The Dream Syndicate, but we’ll be starting the year off with a bang with January shows in New York City and Los Angeles at the brand-new Knitting Factory at Baker Falls and the trusty old Troubadour, respectively. The shows will commemorate the DVD/CD/LP release of our documentary and accompanying soundtrack “How Did We Find Ourselves Here?” More on that later.
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Speaking of the documentary, I’ll be appearing at the Gimmer Shelter Film Festival in Athens, Greece for a screening, solo performance and also a Q&A with director Emiel Spoelder at the midway point of my solo tour.
Oh, and if you’re in North Carolina, come on out to Chapel Hill in November for another Nuggets 50th Anniversary jamboree featuring lots of heavy hitters including the guest of honor himself, Mr. Lenny Kaye.
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That’s all the news that’s fit to print---now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some strings to change and some new songs to learn. See you down the road.

Steve Wynn
Queens, NY (for now)

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