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Steve Wynn House Tour
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Hey Everyone,

It's wild whiplash month of touring ahead for me, barnstorming house concert folksinger action quickly morphing into get-in-the-van rock band touring with the Dream Syndicate. I'm looking at my living room right now-acoustic guitar in one corner and Fender Jazzmaster and noisy stomp pedals just a few feet away, both waiting their turn to shine, softly and loudly in consecutive weeks.

First up, it's an 11-day living room, back yard, storefront and bar run up and down the I-95 from Washington DC to Bow, New Hampshire and back again. I'll have my trusty Guild D-40 and tiny but powerful Fishman amp, a self-contained Monster of Folk machine. Check out the poster below for dates. And if you're not in the Northeast, (guitar) fret not-I'll be doing more of these in other parts of the country in the coming years. These shows are always a blast and so different from the typical clubgoing experience.

Steve Wynn House Tour Information

And then The Dream Syndicate resumes our two-set extravaganza tour we began on the West Coast in July with five shows starting in Cleveland and then moving, once again, up and down the east coast, hitting Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston before moving on to Europe for another few weeks of shows next month. We start the night with a mix of songs from our last four reunion albums, take a short break and then bust out of the gate with a performance of The Days of Wine and Roses start to finish, partying like it’s 1982.

Dream Syndicate Tour Information
Dream Syndicate Tour
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Tour Merch

Speaking of The Dream Syndicate, we still have shirts up on Bandcamp and we encourage you to save your shopping for Friday, September 2 when Bandcamp does their periodic waiving of commission fees. It’s a righteous move on their part and it helps artists selling on the site.

Dream Syndicate Tour Merch

So, that's about it for now. I hope to cross paths with you all at some point down the road in the next few months.

Live from Queens, NY

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